Thursday, February 19, 2009

FLASHBACK: Definition of “Anti-Semitism” expanded to include one’s personal preferences


The Jewish campaign to relegate everything to the “anti-Semitic” category because they refuse to be criticized is becoming increasingly ludicrous and more dangerous to free thinking Americans.

Now, they have determined that lack of tolerance for Israelis and Zionists is also considered anti-Semitic.

This is ridiculous! Furthermore, it is an insidious invasion of privacy in that Jewish defenders seem determined to gain access to non-Jewish minds in order to establish additional dictates regarding personal preferences, like and dislikes.

Well, I have a list of grievances for the Jewish people regarding “their” supremacist, self-righteous, racist behavior toward non-Jews.

Every Jew on the planet is an ANTI-GENTILE, however, no one not even the most devout Christian criticizes this kind of Jewish behavior. It is as if they are immune from all prosecution regardless of their actions bestowing upon them a kind of worldwide ‘Carte Blanche’ status in diplomatic immunity.

It appears perfectly acceptable for Jews to be anti-Gentile, even calling them ‘goyim’ or cattle occasionally in public. However, it is a downright abomination if one is anti-Semitic to the point that a person could lose a job, suffer ridicule and separation from their church and who are generally shunned in society, possibly forever. This glaring unfair double-standard, in my opinion, is downright anti-American!

So, why are we tolerating this behavior from Jewish Americans? Fear - is the answer.



The Lone Groover said...

Of course, you're completely impartial with no personal axe to gring, right?

Chimp said...

No axe here. Having lived and worked among Jews in New York City and Miami Beach, I find the above truthful.

Skeeter Sanders said...

There is a way to pieerce through that rhetoric. . . and that is to show how hypocritical the attempt to make all criticism of Israel "ant-Semitic" really is.

As far as I'm conserned many of Isreal's actions regarding the Palestinianians in recent years -- particularly the construction of "The Wall" and its bombardment of Gaza are a disgraceful mockery of the memory of the six million Jews who dies at the hands of the Nazis.

The Wall has created a Palestinian ghetto in the West Bank. How is that different from the Warsaw Ghetto imposed on Jews by the Nazis?

The bombardment of Gaza was far out of proportion to Hamas' rocket attacks on southern Israel. How is that different from the Nazis' total destruction of the town of Guidice in response to a lone person's assault on a Gestapo officer?

There is, shamefully, an entire generation that has forgotten the true horrors of the Holocaust -- including a generation of Machivellian Zionist zealots who believe that Israel can do no wrong. They are as devoid of conscience as the Holocaust deniers.

like flies on stink said...

Quoting:Chimpplanet "No axe here"
Your entire blog says you have an axe, dumbass! From the very word 'liberal'.

Chimp said...

Both above articles are crap. The greates con men were Cheney and Bush and the war will begin to end. Unfortunately, it is impossible to undo the crap Bush/Cheney did in 8 years.
Yes, I have an axe to grind against all those who commit crimes against humanity, including Israel and the US under Bush. And I belive my ass is very smart.