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Professor Fired Over Documenting Increases In Polar Bear Populations

The religion of Scientism infects Technocrats to substitute pseudo-science for real science and blame everyone else for the results. Polar bears do not face extinction because of man-made global warming as is claimed by climate hysterics. ⁃ TN Editor

Nobody has done more to sink the claim that climate change is endangering polar bears than zoologist Susan Crockford — and she may have paid for it with her job.

After 15 years as an adjunct assistant professor, Ms. Crockford said the University of Victoria rejected without explanation in May her renewal application, despite her high profile as a speaker and author stemming from her widely cited research on polar bears and dog domestication.

Ms. Crockford accused officials at the Canadian university of bowing to “outside pressure,” the result of her research showing that polar bear populations are stable and even thriving, not plummeting as a result of shrinking Arctic sea ice, defying claims of the climate change movement.

Her dismissal, which she announced Wednesday in a post on her Polar Bear Science blog, has spurred alarm over the implications for academic freedom and the rise of the “cancel culture” for professors and scientists who challenge climate catastrophe predictions.

“When push came to shove, UVic threw me under the bus rather than stand up for my academic freedom,” said Ms. Crockford, who earned a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies, specifically biology and anthropology, in 2004.

Ms. Crockford cited numerous instances of the university promoting her interviews and work, including her participation in a 2007 PBS “Nature” documentary about dog domestication and evolution, as well as her appearances at K-12 schools and adult groups for 10 years through the University of Victoria Speakers Bureau.

That supportive climate changed two years ago. In May 2017, her lectures were shut down after the speakers bureau received a complaint about her “lack of balance,”

“The speakers’ bureau incident made it clear the administration had no intention of protecting my academic freedom against complaints from outside the university,” Ms. Crockford said in an email to The Washington Times.

UVic Associate Vice President Michele Parkin responded with a letter challenging the assertion that Ms. Crockford was let go for “telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears.” She was referring to a recent headline in the National Post of Toronto.

“There is no evidence to suggest that Dr. Crockford’s adjunct appointment was not renewed for ‘telling school kids politically incorrect facts about polar bears,’” said Ms. Parkin. “The University of Victoria, in both word and deed, supports academic freedom and free debate on academic issues.”
The statement fell short of denying that Ms. Crockford’s dismissal was linked to her polar bear scholarship, which almost single-handedly blew up the climate change movement’s promotion of the bears as iconic victims of anthropogenic global warming.

Her books include “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened,” published in February, in which she said the bears are not threatened. She noted that the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s 2015 Red List of Threatened Species puts polar bear numbers at 22,000 to 31,000 despite a widespread belief that the population has dropped to a few thousand.



False Flag Alert- John Brennan Secretly Communicating With Black Ops Via Twitter & MSNBC


John Brennan’s tweet pretty much describes an administrative state coup – True Pundit

On Tuesday morning, in response to a tweet from President Donald Trump, former CIA Director and current NBC News/MSNBC intelligence analyst John Brennan described what many would see as a coup attempt. Twitchy reported that Brennan said we rely on unelected officials to “protect our liberties, freedom, & democracy.”

Brennan wrote in a tweet, “As in previous times of National peril, we rely on our military, diplomats, intelligence officials, law enforcement officers, & other courageous patriots to protect our liberties, freedom, & democracy.”

 Brennan then offered words of encouragement, “May they stay resolute & strong despite corrupt political headwinds they face.”

We’re not talking about a war or other national crisis. We’re talking about overturning the results of a duly conducted election. And Brennan is arguing that it’s up to unelected officials to “stay resolute” and help to overturn that election.

That’s exactly the point that conservatives have been making about this entire impeachment and scandal-du-jour process that has enveloped the Trump presidency since day one. The so-called “Deep State” is really the administrative state as envisioned by Woodrow Wilson. Unelected bureaucrats who think they know better than the American people. – READ MORE

via True Pundit


World War: Israel Closing All of It's Embassies Worldwide Effective Immediately -WWIII

It is almost unheard of that any country, even with financial authorizations lagging, closes its Embassies.  It just isn’t done.  Yet Israel is doing so.

This is supposedly a Ministry of Finance issue but I’ve never heard of a nation closing ALL of it’s embassies, never. Not unless they’re going to war.

Breaking! Israel Closing All of Its Embassies Worldwide Effective Immediately


All Israeli embassies and consulates around the world shut down early Wednesday, 
The closure came into effect at 1 a.m on Wednesday morning Israel time.

The word coming out of Israel is that a dispute with the Finance Ministry over expense stipends paid to envoys, is the reason Israel shut down all it’s embassies world wide.

But if WWIII was about to begin, would they announce that, or would they mislead the civilian populations around the world as they prepare?

Considering this was announced just 9 hours prior to Israel shutting down it’s embassies, you have to question this action. Israeli embassies said to ramp up security amid fears of Iranian attack.

A report by the Kan public broadcaster Monday said that Tehran has been emboldened by its devastating attack on Saudi Arabian oil installations last month, and was plotting an attack against Israeli targets.

Kan said officials were concerned that Iran — now more “aggressive and creative” than before — might choose a target outside of Israel.

Israeli leaders in recent weeks have increasingly warned of a growing security threat from the Islamic Republic.

The media is full of lies and half truths. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions on this report. You and your loved ones lives may depend on it.

Is World WarIII about to errupt? Be prepared.

Image result for image of Israel Closing All of It's Embassies Worldwide

I found this over at Hal Turners Website.

The state of Israel is CLOSING all of its foreign Embassies, worldwide, effective immediately.  No consular services will be available and no persons will be permitted entry until further notice.

Ambassador Joel Lion, the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, says this is due to a Ministry of Finance decision, but history suggests something different: Something  HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE is about to take place.

Doctor Video)

Александр ЯневскийАлександр Яневский



Ambassador, do I understand you correctly that you are closing the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine for uknown period of time?

— Александр Яневский (@yanevskyy) October 29, 2019

Joel LionVerified account

Due to the decision of the Ministry of Finance to breach understandings and to alter a protocol that has been in place for several decades, we are forced to close our Embassy.
No consular services will be provided and no one will be allowed to enter.

— Joel Lion (@ambassadorlion) October 29, 2019

It is almost unheard of that any country, even with financial authorizations lagging, closes its Embassies.  It just isn’t done.  Yet Israel is doing so.

Is this part and parcel of the ALLEGED nuclear “false flag” said to be in the works against Seattle, WA and Los Angeles, CA for this Sunday, November 3?   Unknown.

Does this have something to do with Diplomatic Cables uncovered in the lair of ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi?   Diplomatic cables between Baghdadi and the US State Department were seized by US Special Operations Forces during the raid that killed Baghdadi over the weekend.  If Cables were found to the US State Department, were any others found to and from Israel?????

One off-the-wall claim are those rumors that Israel had a nuke stored in strategic embassy basements around the world as a blackmail option.  Will those nukes be detonated?  Unknown.

This is very unusual and very disturbing.  Clearly something very big is up.  Endeavoring to find out what it is.

Image result for image of Israel Closing All of It's Embassies Worldwide nuclear blast


Just a reminder.

We have two Aircraft Carries operational, one in Asia (based out of Japan) and one in the Arabian Sea. NOT A SINGLE OTHER US CARRIER can put to sea at the moment. 11 carriers and only two are capable of deploying at the present time.

If anybody is inclined to do something the timing is pretty good if they want to do it at the moment.
We are living in unprecidented times, the New World order is moving forward at light speed, do not under estimate their determination. prepare for the worst, pray to God for the best!

Renea Thomas The Truth Factor: Israel closing Embassies world wide for strike
This is SERIOUS.

There is something very sinister taking place around the world…


Former New York City Medical Examiner Believes Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy ‘Points to Homicide’

The circumstances under which financier Jeffrey Epstein died raised more than a few eyebrows, and now a forensic pathologist hired by his family has lent credence to everyone’s suspicions.
From the New York Times:
A forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother disputed the official finding in the autopsy of his death, claiming on Wednesday that the evidence suggested that he did not take his own life but may have been strangled.

The New York City medical examiner’s office concluded in August that Mr. Epstein had hanged himself in his jail cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

During an interview Wednesday on Fox & Friends, Dr. Michael Baden noted that the injuries Epstein incurred—among them three fractures of the hyoid bone in his neck—were “extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation.”

Citing his experience as a former New York City medical examiner, he added, “I think that the evidence points to homicide rather than suicide. I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case.”
However, once Dr. Barbara Sampson, the city’s chief medical examiner, caught wind of Baden’s presumption, she pushed back and stood by her ruling that Epstein’s death on Aug. 10 was a suicide.

“I stand firmly behind our determination of the cause and manner of death in this case,” Dr. Sampson said on Wednesday. “In general, fractures of the hyoid bone and the cartilage can be seen in suicides and homicides.”
Additionally, she noted that her office had completed a thorough investigation and made its determination after speaking with law enforcement officials.

“No one finding can be taken in isolation,” she said.
Prior to his death, Epstein was a financier and political donor with ties to Donald Trump and Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2008, thanks to his deep pockets and powerful connections, he was sentenced to only 13 months in jail after numerous teenage girls provided sworn statements to police alleging that Epstein had sexually abused them at his Palm Beach, Fla., mansion. The stipulations of his plea deal allowed Epstein to leave jail for 12 hours a day, six days a week.

In July, he was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and charged with sex trafficking. Numerous underage girls allege that he had lured them to homes he owned in New York City and Florida before coercing them to perform sexual acts with him in exchange for money.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

EXPOSED: Amazon caught selling all sorts of expired products, including beef jerky and baby food

(Natural News) If you’re a regular Amazon customer, you might want to pay close attention to the expiration dates on the foods you buy, as many of them are reportedly being sold well past their sell-by dates.

A CNBC investigation found that everything from beef jerky to baby food is being sold past their expiration dates – meaning they could be spoiled, and are thus dangerous.

Since Amazon has been transitioning into a more decentralized model with millions of third-party sellers providing goods rather than Amazon’s centralized warehouses, product quality has been declining, as we have previously reported. And food, it turns out, is no exception.

In addition to a plethora of counterfeit items, Amazon now has to contend with unscrupulous sellers peddling off unsafe food products that, were they being sold in regular grocery stores out of date, would probably result in many consumer phone calls to the local health department. But because it’s Amazon, little has been done thus far to address this growing problem.

In compiling its report, CNBC scanned all sorts of products in Amazon’s “Grocery & Gourmet” category, identifying consumer complaints about expired granola bars, hot sauce, and coffee creamer. In one review, an Amazon customer wrote that a pack of Goldfish crackers was six months past its expiration date.

“A data analytics firm that specializes in the Amazon Marketplace recently analyzed the site’s 100 best-selling food products for CNBC and found that at least 40% of sellers had more than five customer complaints about expired goods,” CNBC further reported.

Clearance, closeout, and liquidation food items should probably always be avoided on Amazon

A big part of the problem is that Amazon has very little oversight over the items being sold by its third-party sellers. Unlike Walmart and other retailers that are doing a much better job at this, Amazon has relegated all responsibility to these third-party sellers to self-regulate themselves, which is hardly working.

According to CNBC, after Starbucks announced back in 2017 that it was shuttering all of its Teavana concept stores, third-party Amazon sellers apparently snapped up all the discounted tea and tea-related merchandise and began to resell it, even though much of it was already expired.
“Today, you can find Teavana products such as rock sugar and fruit teas listed on Amazon even though they were discontinued two years ago,” CNBC explains.

When one Amazon seller who was doing this tried to contact Amazon for clarification about what is permitted to be sold past-date, he says he never received a response, despite “numerous inquiries.”
“It didn’t occur to me that you could even sell something that was expired,” one Amazon customer told CNBC after she reportedly received a box of Land O’ Lakes Half & Half creamer packets that all turned out to be curdled because they were well past their sell-by dates.

“If I had bought it the first time and it was like that, I never would have bought it at all,” she added.
Another customer with a similar experience told CNBC that she is now “leery” about purchasing things from Amazon, as it is clear the company is failing to properly intercept expired food products before they get sent out to customers.

Amazon’s only response thus far is that it has an “A-to-Z Guarantee” that allows customers to return expired items for a refund, should they receive them. But for many Amazon customers, this is unacceptable, as they say the company should be making sure that expired food products aren’t even sent out in the first place.

The worst categories, it turns out, are clearance, closeout, and liquidation products, which are almost guaranteed to be expired, or very close to their expiration dates.


Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing Contact Between Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr That DOJ Claimed It Couldn’t Find

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit 13 pages out of 42 responsive pages of communications between former FBI official Peter Strzok and DOJ official Bruce Ohr that the DOJ claimed previously it could not find.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents in an April 2019 FOIA lawsuit filed after submitting July 2018 FOIA requests to the DOJ and the FBI. The FBI failed to respond, while the Justice Department claimed to find no records of communications between Strzok and Ohr (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-01082)). The lawsuit seeks:

All records of communications between FBI official Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr, in either his role as Associate Deputy Attorney General or Director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), including but not limited to emails (whether on .gov or email accounts, and whether using their real names or aliases), text messages, encrypted app messages and/or instant chats.

In the lawsuit, Judicial Watch challenged the DOJ’s extraordinary claim that there were no records of communications between Strzok and Ohr in light of the preeminent role both individuals played in the anti-Trump collusion investigation. In addition, Ohr himself testified before Congress that he did, in fact, meet and communicate with Strzok.

The documents show contact between Ohr and Strzok in the weeks after the 2016 presidential election, during the presidential transition, and in the days following President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page arranges a November 21, 2016, meeting from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at FBI headquarters. “Required attendees” include Ohr, Strzok, and FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Jonathan Moffa.

On November 29, 2016, Ohr attempts to arrange a meeting between Strzok, Page, himself, and Deputy Assistant Attorney General (Criminal Division) Bruce Swartz.

Ohr writes to Strzok and Page under the subject Meeting with Bruce Swartz: “Thanks again for taking the time to chat today. As I mentioned, I would like to set up a short meeting for us with Bruce Swartz. Would next Monday at 5:30 p.m. work? Also, is there any chance you guys could come over to our building?”

Page responds: “Unfortunately, Pete is briefing HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] from 5-6:30 on Monday. Just about any other time that day would work. And we’re happy to come to you (especially because Bruce S. always has good snacks…)” [smile emoticon]
Ohr responds to Page: “No problem – is 6:30 (or later) that day too late? Otherwise we may be into the next week. I will ensure the snacks are up to snuff!”

Page writes to Ohr at 5:46 p.m.: “Unfortunately, it is. Have a flight later that night. Sorry about that.”
Ohr responds at 6:32 p.m.: “Got it. I’ll find a few dates/times for the week after and shoot them to you.”

A meeting with importance classified as “high” is scheduled for December 5, 2016. Strzok, Ohr and Swartz are scheduled to meet from 5:30 to 6 p.m. at Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) 2213, and later is canceled.

On January 4, 2017, a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) official in the Office of Special Measures [a unit within FinCEN set up to sanction foreign and domestic financial institutions] forwards to Ohr an unclassified but fully redacted FinCEN document, which Ohr then forwards to Strzok on February 1, 2017.

Ohr writes to Strzok: “Pete – As we discussed. I will forward the classified document as well, as well as one more unclassified document.”

January 30, 2017, FinCEN sent protected information and its password to [Redacted].

On February 1, 2017, at 2:11 pm Lisa Holtyn, Ohr’s assistant, sends to members of Bruce Ohr’s former team at Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) password protected information from FinCEN, saying “I’ll send the password separately.” Minutes later, she sends the same email to Bruce Ohr. Seconds after that, Ohr forwards the email to Strzok, followed by the password.

“Ohr and Strzok clearly were working regularly with each other during the time the illicit Spygate operation heated up against President Trump,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It speaks volumes that Judicial Watch was forced to drag the DOJ and FBI into court in order to force the agency to admit to documents they’ve obviously had all along.”

In March 2019 Judicial Watch released heavily redacted records from the DOJ that reveal Bruce Ohr remained in regular contact with former British spy and Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele after Steele was terminated by the FBI in November 2016 for revealing to the media his position as an FBI confidential informant.

In June 2019, Judicial Watch made public DOJ documents showing the removal of Bruce Ohr from the position of Associate Attorney General in 2017; his transfer from Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force to International Affairs in 2018; and that Ohr received a total of $42,520 in performance bonuses during the Trump/Russia investigation. Ohr’s bonus nearly doubled from $14,520 (received in November 2015) to $28,000 in November 2016.

In August 2019, Judicial Watch uncovered 34 pages of “302” report material from FBI interviews with Bruce Ohr, showing that in November 2016, Ohr said that “reporting on Trump’s ties to Russia were going to the Clinton Campaign” and “Jon Winer at the U.S. State Department and the FBI.” The documents also showed that Ohr knew that Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson and others were “talking to Victoria Nuland at the U.S. State Department.”


Donald Trump's Second Coded Message (November 3rd): Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'Died Like A Dog'

Of course just as I was finished editing this video the PTB announced that one of the dog’s (a Belgian Malinois) that was used in ‘cornering’ al-Baghdadi was injured during his confrontation with the ISIS kingpin. Just more heart strings to tug on. Apparently the Dog’s name is classfied and can’t be released. What a joke.

In my previous video I showed you how the killing of ISIS (alleged) ring leade Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi connected to our algorithm of Settle November 3rd. Thanks to many of my viewers and researchers who threw me back on the Gematrinator where I found another crazy link to Seattle November 3rd and I am continually amazed at how I and you the viewers lead me down these rabbit Holes. I am not sure whether it will be in Seattle or not, but Trumps message of killing Baghdadi has set-off major ‘flags’ with me as to why we need to keep an eye on this upcoming Sunday’s date of November 3rd.

Donald Trump’s Coded ’11/3′ Message in the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ISIS Killing

REPOST: Seattle False Flag Event on November 3, 2019? / Predictive Programming or Coincidence?

Is this one of the reasons for the Marine call-up and the UN Troops being put on alert ?  Is the Deep State going to do a False Flag on Seattle and blame it on Iran to trigger WW 3 or somehow use it to unseat POTUS ?  Who stands to profit from this one ?
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"No Proof": Russia Dismisses Trump's Baghdadi Victory Lap As ‘Propaganda’

Image via The Daily Express

Moscow is dismissing President Trump's celebratory statements on the US special forces raid which allegedly killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as but premature 'propaganda'.

Detailing some of the dismissive statements to come out of Russia hours following the major White House announcement of the terror's leader's death or what's become the Trump administration's own "bin Laden moment" The Daily Beast cites Russian state TV correspondent in the United States Denis Davydov as saying “Trump has elections coming up in a year and this announcement of al-Baghdadi’s liquidation will add some points for the Commander-in-Chief.”

And more provocative is that the Kremlin has even rejected the rare praise that Trump personally heaped upon its military for its cooperation in Baghdadi's killing, as we noted previously. Trump said in his Sunday morning 'victory' speech: "[The Russians] were very cooperative, they really were good... Russia treated us great. They opened up, we had to fly over certain Russia areas, Russia-held areas. Russia was great."

However, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, shot back soon after the praise, stating in part: “The Russian Defense Ministry has no reliable information about U.S. servicemen conducting an operation for ‘yet another’ elimination of the former Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the Turkish-controlled part of the Idlib de-escalation zone.” The Kremlin has rejected the assertion that it had any kind of involvement in the "daring nighttime raid," as the White House describes it.

Gen. Konashenkov's sarcastic 'yet another' quip references the fact that there's been at least three major instances where international media reported Baghdadi's death over the past years. And as former US special forces soldier and now journalist Jack Murphy pointed out, the number of past total official claims related to the mysterious terror leader being killed or severely injured is at over a dozen (whether claimed by US, Iraqi, Russian, or Kurdish official sources).


Furthermore, the Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) explained “there were legitimate questions and doubts about the very fact [of the US operation] and, especially, its success,” saying they have no recorded proof of US coalition airstrikes in the Idlib area Saturday night. The MoD also rejected the notion that it opened its administered airspace over the Idlib de-escalation zone in question to US warplanes.
Gen. Konashenkov further argued that it was ultimately the Syrian Army backed by Russian air power which had already defeated ISIS, and al-Baghdadi’s death even if confirmed, “has absolutely no operational significance on the situation in Syria or on the actions of the remaining terrorists in Idlib.”
Crisis Group think tank senior analyst Sam Heller observed Sunday that "Baghdadi's personal centrality to the organization's success is unclear," given that "the group seems to have invested in systematizing and institutionalizing itself in a way that could mitigate the loss of any single leader, even at the very top."

ISIS leader has been killed... for the 6th time. Are they trying to distract us from something?


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Meet the deep-pocketed Biden Bros: lobbyists for arms dealers, for-profit health-care, Azerbaijani oligarchs, Comcast

As Joe Biden cruises towards his latest (and final?) humiliating defeat in a Democratic primary, The Senator from MNBA is talking a big game about how he will reverse his decades-long dependence on massive cash infusions from America’s richest, worst people to sustain his political career.

And it true that his (anemic, underfunded) campaign isn’t directly taking money from big corporations. But since Citizens United, campaigns no longer have to climb into bed with the ultra-wealthy and their terrible corporations in order to become beholden to them: thanks to PACs and Super PACs, a literally unlimited amount of money can get behind a candidate like Tailgunner Joe in a bid to propel a corporate-friendly "centrist" to the presidency.

Enter Larry Rasky, a key figure in the creation of the Biden Super PAC, and also founder of Rasky Partners, lobbyists for Raytheon, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the Republic of Azerbaijan (as well as former clients like the Education Finance Council). Rasky is joined by fellow lobbyist Steve Schale, whose clients include the Florida Hospital Association, JetBlue Airways, State Farm Insurance, Walt Disney Parks, AT&T, and the Associated Industries of Florida.

The Biden campaign has been in bed with America’s most notorious lobbyists literally since day one, when the campaign launched at a private party held at the stately mansion of Comcast’s chief lobbyist.

Biden has articulated the problem with big-money donations in the past, noting that privately financed elections allow those donors greater access to politicians than ordinary Americans.

“Lobbyists aren’t bad people, special-interest groups are not bad people, but guess what? They’re corrosive,” said Biden during a 2007 campaign event.

“It’s human nature. If you, Lynn, bundle $250,000 for me, all legal, and then you call me after I’m elected and say, ‘Joe, I’d like to talk to you about something. You didn’t buy me. But it’s human nature, you helped me, I’m going to say, ‘Sure, Lynn, come on in,'” he explained.

Joe Biden’s Super PAC Is Being Organized by Corporate Lobbyists [Lee Fang/The Intercept]


Another Bombshell! POTUS Exposes Corrupt Adam Schiff-For-Brains' Illegal Operations


Shifty-eyed Adam Schiff is a Criminally and Sexually Deviant Psychopath who needs to be #Censured and forced to Resign in utter and total Disgrace, ‘Democrat Style’. I mean, where is his evidence on Russia, or any other charge he has accused President Trump of..??? THERE IS NONE, PATRIOTS!



Friday, October 25, 2019

Subscription war on ‘fake news’: WaPo, NYT ousted from White House, federal agencies told to follow lead

Subscription war on ‘fake news’: WaPo, NYT ousted from White House, federal agencies told to follow lead
Trump has unleashed an unprecedented attack on the free media (or shown fake news its place) - depending on which side you're on - by cancelling White House subscriptions to the WaPo and NYT, telling federal agencies to do so too.
No love is lost between US president and a large part of the American journalistic community. Trump repeatedly derided them as “fake news” and “enemies of the people.” He was accused in response of being a man-child and a wannabe dictator.
The president’s criticisms were not always without merit, considering how many times the coverage of the Russiagate saga turned out to be inaccurate or even completely false, and always in the same anti-Trump direction.
This week, Donald Trump delivered his latest salvo against the critical US press, announcing his desire to cancel subscriptions for the printed versions of the New York Times and the Washington Post, two of his most consistent detractors. “They’re fake,” he explained to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday. Neither newspaper was delivered to the White House on Thursday morning, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The Trump administration is now strongly urging federal agencies to drop their subscriptions too.
“Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving – hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be saved,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told the WSJ without offering further details.

It’s not clear if this promise of a scorched earth bombing, targeting the two newspapers’ bottom line, would be as comprehensive as it may be. If it is, WaPo and the Times would obviously lose not only subscription fees but also some of the clout they have with advertisers, if the print editions are expelled from coffee tables and stands in places of power across the US.
On the other hand, the Trump administration has a record of backtracking on the decisions taken over the president’s feud with the media, like reinstating White House credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta in November last year. Some people, including WaPo columnist Megan McArdle, suggested the move may even benefit the newspapers, since Americans would rush to defend the free press by subscribing more.
The US journalistic community is taking a stance of indignant outrage in response to Trump’s treatment of the two newspapers.
“I have no doubt the hard-working reporters of the New York Times and Washington Post will continue to do quality journalism regardless of whether the president acknowledges he reads them,” said Jonathan Karl, the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association and chief White House correspondent for ABC News.
Pretending to ignore the work of a free press won’t make the news go away or stop reporters from informing the public and holding those in power accountable.
It’s worth noting that cancelling subscriptions to the WaPo and the Times doesn’t mean federal workers won’t be able to read them. Both papers offer free online access to anyone with an email using a ‘.gov’ or ‘.mil’ domain.
For the record, expressing disdain for the press in this way is not unprecedented for a US president. John F. Kennedy did the same thing with the New York Herald Tribune in response to what he saw as unfair coverage by the Republican-leaning paper. The subscription was renewed after tempers cooled.

Get Ready....Barr/Durham Criminal Investigation "Will Change World History"


BIG – Report: U.S. Attorney Durham “Administrative Review” is now “A Criminal Investigation”…

This would appear to be one of the few positive indicators that AG Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham are indeed doing more than bondo.  The New York Times is reporting the Durham “review” has now officially moved into a full “criminal investigation”.  [All emphasis mine]

Sponsored by Revcontent

WASHINGTON — For more than two years, President Trump has repeatedly attacked the Russia investigation, portraying it as a hoax and illegal even months after the special counsel closed it. Now, Mr. Trump’s own Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into how it all began.
Justice Department officials have shifted an administrative review of the Russia investigation closely overseen by Attorney General William P. Barr to a criminal inquiry, according to two people familiar with the matter. The move gives the prosecutor running it, John H. Durham, the power to subpoena for witness testimony and documents, to impanel a grand jury and to file criminal charges.

My initial question was/is: does this mean the *interviews* with John Brennan and James Clapper were predicated on a shift into a criminal investigation?  If yes, is that reality the baseline for the New York Times changing the reporting?

[…]  The move also creates an unusual situation in which the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into itself.
Mr. Barr’s reliance on Mr. Durham, a widely respected and veteran prosecutor who has investigated C.I.A. torture and broken up Mafia rings, could help insulate the attorney general from accusations that he is doing the president’s bidding and putting politics above justice.

It was not clear what potential crime Mr. Durham is investigating, nor when the criminal investigation was prompted. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment.
[…] Federal investigators need only a “reasonable indication” that a crime has been committed to open an investigation, a much lower standard than the probable cause required to obtain search warrants. However, “there must be an objective, factual basis for initiating the investigation; a mere hunch is insufficient,” according to Justice Department guidelines.

When Mr. Barr appointed Mr. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, to lead the review, he had only the power to voluntarily question people and examine government files.

[…] Mr. Barr began the administrative review of the Russia investigation in May, saying that he had conversations with intelligence and law enforcement officials that led him to believe that the F.B.I. acted improperly, if not unlawfully.

The F.B.I. opened the investigation in late July 2016, code-named Crossfire Hurricane, after receiving information from the Australian government that a Trump campaign adviser had been approached with an offer of stolen emails that could damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

F.B.I. agents discovered the offer shortly after stolen Democratic emails were released, and the events, along with ties between other Trump advisers and Russia, set off fears that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russia’s interference.

FBI agents “discovered the offer“?  Interesting use of words within the article by an outlet who sells the position of the DOJ and FBI.  The “offer” was from Joseph Mifsud, who we know is not a Russian intelligence operative, but rather now appears to be a western intelligence operative under the guiding control of the CIA.   The “discovery” part was the report of that activity by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.

So what the New York Times is outlining here, is the CIA ran an operation using Mifsud to place information into Papadopoulos, a classic set-up, and the FBI is now claiming they had no idea the CIA was the originating intelligence apparatus for that information. Very interesting…. aligns with the FBI defensive framework from last week.

[…] The F.B.I. did not use information from the C.I.A. in opening the Russia investigation, former American officials said. But agents’ views on Russia’s election interference operation crystallized by mid-August, after the C.I.A. director at the time, John O. Brennan, shared intelligence with Mr. Comey about it.

Well the claim: “The F.B.I. did not use information from the C.I.A. in opening the Russia investigation” is demonstrably false.  The CIA produced an “electronic communication” (EC) to the FBI which officially launched the premise of operation “crossfire hurricane’.  That EC has never been released, though it has been seen by congressional investigators.  So whoever this “former American official” is, is lying.

[…]  The C.I.A. did contribute heavily to the intelligence community’s assessment in early 2017 that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and tried to tip it in Mr. Trump’s favor, and law enforcement officials later used those findings to bolster their application for a wiretap on a Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page.

As we have researched and outlined the CIA was the driving force behind the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) and Peter Strzok was one of the primary authors.   Additionally, how could the January 2017 ICA be used to bolster the application for the Carter Page FISA, when the FISA warrant was granted on October 21st, 2016?  Perhaps the New York Times is intentionally trying to conflate the ‘second renewal”?

Mr. Barr is closely managing the Durham investigation, even traveling to Italy to seek help from officials there to run down an unfounded conspiracy that is at the heart of conservatives’ attacks on the Russia investigation — that the Italian government helped set up the Trump campaign adviser who was told in 2016 that the Russians had damaging information that could hurt Clinton’s campaign.

But Italy’s intelligence services told Mr. Barr that they played no such role in the events leading to the Russia investigation, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy said in a news conference on Wednesday. Mr. Barr has also contacted government officials in Britain and Australia about their roles in the early stages of the Russia investigation.

So the Italian intelligence apparatus played no “official” role; which again would bolster the likelihood the CIA was the driving entity behind Joseph Mifsud.

[…]  Mr. Durham has also asked whether C.I.A. officials might have somehow tricked the F.B.I. into opening the Russia investigation.

Mr. Durham has indicated he wants to interview former officials who ran the C.I.A. in 2016 but has yet to question either Mr. Brennan or James R. Clapper Jr., the former director of national intelligence.

The “tricked” by the CIA angle is a position seemingly outlined in many of the media defense articles on behalf of the FBI.

[…] Some C.I.A. officials have retained criminal lawyers in anticipation of being interviewed. It was not clear whether Mr. Durham was scrutinizing other former top intelligence officials. Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the former director of the National Security Agency, declined to say whether he had spoken with Mr. Durham’s investigators.

Mr. Durham also has yet to question many of the former F.B.I. officials involved in opening the Russia investigation.

I’d put that response from Admiral Mike Rogers in the affirmative side of the ledger; and again it’s good news the “small group” has yet to be interviewed.

[…] As Mr. Durham’s investigation moves forward, the Justice Department inspector general is wrapping up his own inquiry into aspects of the F.B.I.’s conduct in the early days of the Russia investigation. Among other things, the inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, is scrutinizing the application for a warrant to wiretap Mr. Page.

Mr. Barr has not said whether Mr. Durham’s investigation grew out of the inspector general’s findings or something that prosecutors unearthed while doing interviews or reviewing documents. But the inspector general’s findings, which are expected to be made public in coming weeks, could contribute to the public’s understanding of why Mr. Durham might want to investigate national security officials’ activities in 2016.

Though the inspector general’s report deals with sensitive information, Mr. Horowitz anticipates that little of it will be blacked out when he releases the document publicly, he wrote in a letter sent to lawmakers on Thursday and obtained by The New York Times.  (read full article)