Sunday, February 8, 2009

Israel says Gaza rocket hits south, killing one car and wounding other cars


"How can those blood-thirsty Palestinians do this much carnage" the Israeli farmer cried

Satire and Sarcasm by Chimpplanet

Israel's military says a rocket fired from Gaza in violation of an informal truce has struck an Israeli communal farm.

The military says one car was set ablaze and died and several other cars were wounded by shrapnel. No human injuries were reported.

"It was horrible how that car ran down the dirt road covered in flames and wailing it's horn. There were burnt car parts all around us.", cried the Israeli farmer. "It was an innocent car. It was a young car. How can the Palestinians be so blood-thirsty", he added.

Israel unilaterally halted a murderous three-week Gaza genocide operation on Jan. 18 which killed thousands of innocent humans including over 400 children.

Hamas announced later that day that it would hold its fire against Israeli humans, but not cars.

But the two sides have not agreed on a formal cease-fire. Egypt is trying to mediate such an agreement. Cars are very expensive and like family in Israel and Israel vows it will kill 1,000 Palestinians for every car killed.

Militants have sporadically fired rockets into Israel since declaring their cease-fire. No other cars were killed, however, they did kill one Israeli soldier in a border bombing attack.

Israeli troops have killed three Palestinians in border shootings. Gaza officials have identified them as farmers.


(The link at the beginning of this article links to the original AP report in which a Gazan rocket destroys one car and chips the pain on other cars in an Israeli commune.

The main stream corporate American media hardly covered the genocide committed by Israel on mostly innocent civilians and on hundreds of children in Gaza, but yet, they will report how a Palestinian rocket destroyed a car in Israel.

When I read the original, I wondered if the IDF told AP to publish this report. In all fairness, AP also reported that somewhere else in Israel a soldier had died and to be "fair and balanced" (sorry, FOX) they also threw in three Palestinian farmers who were also killed, somewhere else at another time.

This wholesale slaughter of Gazans makes me think of a Jewish homeowner living in the midst of an Arab neighborhood. The homeowner gets mad as his neighbor's dog shits on his lawn. He calls on the Pentagon to take care of the problem and the US jets carpet bomb the entire neighborhood, deatroying all the homes and killing not only his neighbors and their dog but also all the Arabs who can ever trouble him again. - Chimp)



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You damn people are getting pretty "uppity," having the nerve to think for yourself.

Looks like it might be time to teach you another lesson, like the one combined elements of the FBI, CIA and MOSSAD taught you on 9/11.

Keep it up and watch another American city go up in flames, but this time, we won't be using hijacked jets.


This time, we'll be using some of that stolen uranium we pilfered from Iran to set off a suitcase size nuke in some Midwestern city.

That should put you ungrateful bastards in the proper frame of mind to blindly support Israel.


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