Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hillary Clinton to charge ‘$200,000 a speech’…

... which is more than her whole YEAR’S salary as Secretary of State


How much to get her to shut the hell up?

Next gig: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed up with a talent agency and is commanding $200,000 per lecture, each of which will only last between one and two hours



The next time an Anti-conspiracy theorist tells you: "It's impossible for the government to hide something that big!" - show them this story!

The 100,000 participants of the Manhattan Project had been kept secret. Even the actual detonation of a test A-bomb had been kept secret!

So, you see, the government (with media complicity) IS indeed very capable of pulling off a massive CONSPIRACY!




"Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media." -- Noam Chomsky

The Brutally Honest Coca-Cola Commercial You'll Never See On The Air (VIDEO)

"If you drink Coke you'll get fatter and fatter."

The Sandy Hook Hoax: My Final Conclusion. (VIDEO)

The Cannabis Cancer Cure with Rick Simpson. (VIDEO)

Can Cannabis cure cancer? Today we are joined by Rick Simpson to discuss the all natural alternative options to chemotherapy.

Montreal students clash with police over tuition fee hikes. (VIDEO)

Thousands took to the streets protesting tuition fee hikes in Montreal, Canada. The demonstration, organized by the radical student group ASSE, was quickly declared illegal because the protesters did not provide police with their planned route in advance -- a requirement under municipal law. In response police arrested 13 people who were accused of assaulting the officers. Ashantai Hathaway, a correspondent for Press TV, joins us for more on the demonstration

'US in era of whistleblower hunt, ignores murdering mercenaries & criminal banksters'. (VIDEO)

After over a thousand days of detention without trial, the US Army has finally given a first glimpse into the proceedings against Bradley Manning.

The Pentagon gave in to the pressure of numerous Freedom of Information Act demands and published documents related to the case.

The 25-year-old army private faces numerous charges, including 'aiding the enemy' - for allegedly leaking thousands of diplomatic cables to Wikileaks.

For more RT talks to Kevin Gosztola, a journalist covering Manning's case.

Cops vs Students: Violence erupts as Canadian students throw snow at police. (VIDEO)

A mass student protest in Montreal against a hike in university tuition erupted in violence after demonstrators started throwing snowballs and ice at police. Thirteen students have been arrested.

Horse Meat, Hanford Leak, Obama's Oscar - New World Next Week. (VIDEO)

Story #1: Horse Meat Found In Yet More Frozen Dinners

Horsemeat Scandal And Global Processed Food Suppliers Linked To Arms Trafficking

The Bout Enigma (Eyeopener Preview)

IKEA Removes Sausages In Horse-Meat Scandal

"Horse" Memes On Media Monarchy

"Horse" Memes On Food World Order

Story #2: Sen. Wyden Seeks Investigation Into Hanford Tank Leaks

The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

West-End Toronto Residents Shocked By Local Uranium Facility

'Fear Of A Nuclear Harvest' w/ Tom Carpenter on Ground Zero

Story #3: Iran Calls Oscar For 'Argo,' Awarded By Michelle Obama, An Ad For CIA

'Propaganda: And The Award Goes To... The Military Industrial Complex' on Ground Zero

Is 'Argo' Historically Accurate?

Pedophilia & Corruption: Will next Pope stop Catholic hell?. (VIDEO)

Pope Benedict XVI retires, becoming the first pope to abdicate in six centuries. Saying he wants to exit public life and remain 'hidden to the world' - he leaves his successor, to be named next month, to redeem the Church's reputation, following a string of child abuse and corruption allegations.

There is little hope that even with Pope Benedict XVI stepping down, the Catholic Church will see an end to high-profile pedophile scandals. All Catholic clergy are culpable, David Lorenz of a priest abuse survivor network told RT.


SOUTH PARK: Rampant Misconduct - Red Hot Catholic Love (VIDEO)


Schools Are Becoming Electronic Concentration Camps (VIDEO)

Melissa welcomes Dr. Katherine Albrecht to discuss the imminent threats to our digital and personal privacy and ways to overcome warrantless government spying

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did The Pope Blame God For Quitting His Job?


'There were times when it seemed the Lord was sleeping': Pope's extraordinary confession ...

... to tens of thousands gathered in St Peter's Square for final audience

The pontiff was met by an adoring crowd and banners reading 'Thank you!' as he drove through St Peter's Square on his way to give his final general audience.


Countries will start to shoot down US drones


The world is just starting to take notice of the expansion of US drone usage worldwide. US drones are becoming increasingly larger, deadlier and greater in number (now at approximately 8,000) and pose a threat to world peace.


Pope Benedict bids emotional farewell (PHOTOS)


The Ridiculous Sequester and Debt Ceiling Fear Propaganda (VIDEO)

Hey, it's 5 percent interest somewhere, right? David Angelo talks about THE DREADED SEQUESTRATION over a few drinks.

Obama is Tyrannical 'Borderline Communist' says Black Chamber of Commerce CEO (VIDEO)

Black Chamber of Commerce CEO on Obama: 'I had hopes because he was black, shame on me'

National Black Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Harry C. Alford told The Daily Caller that he "ignored" President Obama's "spread the wealth" comment in 2008 and "had hopes" for him "because he was black."

"I don't really support him too well and he knows it and that's a badge of honor. He's bad. He's bad and I supported him. I voted for him the first time around. I had hopes because he was black. Shame on me," Alford told TheDC at the National Press Club after an anti-gun control news conference.
While running for president in 2008, Obama said, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."

When reminded Obama's comment, Alford said, "I kind of ignored it. I said, 'well, maybe he's just talking.' He was serious. He was real serious and it is truly — if you read the Communist Manifesto — that's that philosophy. He is not Adam Smith. He does not believe in capitalism the way American, our Founding Fathers did. He is very social and it's getting borderline communist."

The National Black Chamber of Commerce is "dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States."

Earth Hour - does it really help to turn off your lights? or is it a Giant Global Fraud? (VIDEO)

'Hard life looms for Italy with austerity in air'. (VIDEO)

The Italian "Sweet Life" Is Not So Sweet Anymore (VIDEO)

Italy's looking for a way out of its election limbo after a hung parliament put Europe on tenterhooks and raised fears of fresh financial turmoil.

No parties won a parliamentary majority and the results showed Italian voters strongly reject the austerity policies of Mario Monti's government.

Investment adviser Patrick Young talks to RT.

Repeat offender: Google violates your privacy yet again. (VIDEO)

The Internet giant Google has access to private information for millions of its users around the world.

And although many consumers feel that their information is secure, Google has been caught sharing the data of many of its clients once again.

Ryan Radia with the Competitive Enterprise Institute joins us to discuss whether or not this should be expected for a free service.

British Middle Class slides into poverty as austerity ramps up (VIDEO)

Britain's squeezed middle classes are bearing the brunt of the country's struggles to revive the economy.

A study shows tax hikes are leaving them 280-pounds a year worse off - and more than half of them have no savings to fall back on.

It means major lifestyle changes for many, as Sara Firth explains.

Army forced to release documents related to secretive Bradley Manning case. (VIDEO)

Pre-trial hearings on the case of Army private Bradley Manning continued today and the Government announced that it would start releasing court documents filed through the pre-trial process.

This happened after a numerous Freedom of Information Act requests from journalists were received.

Does this mean that the development is moving forward?

RT's web producer Andrew Blake breaks it down.

Clif High: Chemtrails, Earthquakes, Disinfo, Flu, Bad Salts. (VIDEO)

Taxpayers subsidize big banks handing out $85 billion annually. (VIDEO)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) grilled Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about the risks of having banks that are too big to fail on Tuesday.

According to a recent Bloomberg study, some of the biggest banks are receiving $83 billion in subsidies each year.

Bernanke appeared before the Senate Banking Committee and was forced to answer whether or not these financial institutions should be forced to reimburse taxpayers for the bailouts.

Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research with the Reason Foundation, breaks down the numbers.

Mother of five gunned down by Border Patrol (VIDEO)

In September 2012, 32-year-old Valeria 'Munique' Tachiquin was fatally shot by US Border Patrol while attempting to cross into California.

The death of the mother-of-five has sparked outrage in the Latino community and now her family has journeyed to Washington, DC to speak to Congress about the atrocities that occur on the US/Mexico border and hope to avoid similar cases from occurring.

Her father, Valentin Tachiquin, and Christian Ramirez, director for Southern Border Communities Coalition, describe what they are hoping to change.

LAPD sings "We Didn't Start The Fire" after burning Christopher Dorner alive (parody). (VIDEO)

LAPD burned to death Chris Dorner in a mountain cabin. Scanner recordings prove it was done on purpose. LAPD then said "WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE".

This parody video depicts the LAPD singing Billy Joel's classic song, "We Didn't Start the Fire" after clearly setting fire to the cabin in which ex-cop fugitive Christopher Dorner was holed up.

After burning Chris Dorner alive and being caught on police radio plotting and carrying out the planned murder of Dorner, the LAPD then publicly denied setting any fires at all.

FAIR USE of all photos and music for non-commercial purposes of public commentary and social awareness.

Hagel Confirmed - Will He Jump on the Military Expenditure Bandwagon?. (VIDEO)

Chuck Hagel is confirmed as Secretary of Defense; will he now try to sell the myth that a high military budget is good for jobs?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World News In 60 Seconds 43 (VIDEO)

Words: Homeland security secretary says sequester will make us more vulnerable to terrorist attack

John Kerry says Americans have the right to be stupid while Turkmen demand own defense force in Iraq

Obama says You can't do things by yourself while Western powers hint at sanctions relief for Iran

A man sues hospital after wrong testicle removed during cancer surgery, come on man

Protests break out in Afghanistan, IMF gets $391 million dollars from Pakistan

Incorrect statistics found about attacks by the Taliban, while the Iranian nuke talks begin in Kazakhstan

Warren hammers Bernanke for billions in bank subsidies while DHS releases thousands of immigrants from jail blaming the budget cut

Senate votes on Hagel Nomination, Supreme Court Throws out challenge to warrantless wiretapping of Americans.... What

DHS to lease $10 million dollar firearms facility as testimony begins in BP oil spill trial

Another violent election in Zimbabwe while the madness just continue to go vial

Alabama city wants power to disarm citizens during crisis....but thats when its needed

logic fails the masses and its all done got heated

And with that I have no doubt but thats all the times for world news in 60 seconds Im changedachannel and Im out

Army won't drop charges against Bradley Manning. (VIDEO)

In Fort Meade, Maryland, the pre-trial hearings for Private First Class Bradley Manning continued on Tuesday, and a military judge said the government will not dismiss charges against the accused WikiLeaks source.

Attorneys for Manning hoped to have charges dismissed due to the absence of a speedy trial - Pfc Manning has been held for 1,000 days, although his formal court-martial will not begin until June. RT's Liz Wahl has the latest in the allegations against Pfc Manning.

Taser camera could crackdown on police abuse. (VIDEO)

Across America, the weapon of choice for many officers has become the Taser. The non-lethal guns are capable of running 500k volts through your body which are intended to cause temporary paralysis, but in many cases they have proven to be lethal. Now a manufacturer has implement audio/video capabilities to document every electrifying incident. RT's Liz Wahl has more.

Argentina: In the Shadow of the IMF. (VIDEO)

It's funny how quickly perceptions can change on the global stage. Just a few years ago, Argentina was being hailed as a remarkable tale of success snatched from the jaws of defeat.

After suffering an economic crisis in 1999-2002 that saw widespread unemployment and riots, the fall of the government, and a national default on foreign debt, analysts in recent years have been pontificating on the re-stabilization of the Argentinian economy.

But it appears they spoke too soon. Find out more about the Argentinian inflation crisis and the country's latest struggle with the IMF in this week's edition of The Eyeopener report.

US Supreme Court refuses to let Americans challenge FISA eavesdropping law. (VIDEO)

The US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Americans cannot challenge a provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 in federal court.

Under amendments made to the bill in 2008, the government is allowed to warrantlessly eavesdrop on Americans' foreign communications, and although the Supreme Court ruled FISA couldn't be challenged, they didn't address the constitutionality of the legislation.

Ginger McCall, director of Open Government Program for EPIC, joins us to talk about some of the unanswered questions of the law.

Sen. Bob Menendez: prostitute hobbyist?. (VIDEO)

Late last month, Sen. Bob Menendez received a lot of unwanted attention after a Dominican woman allegedly wrote a letter claiming that he had sexual relations with prostitutes and apparently had sexual interaction with minors, but now a woman has reached out to a media outlet with new details regarding the allegations and would only speak in the condition of anonymity.

David Martosko, executive editor for The Daily Caller, joins us with the latest in Menendez's case.

JFK Assassination - 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 12. (VIDEO)

Episode 12 - Photographic Evidence and the Shot Sequence
Researcher Pat Speer examines the findings of the HSCA's photographic panel, as well as eyewitness testimony, to demonstrate what is revealed by a forensic analysis of the evidence.

Bradly Manning reaches 1,000 days behind bars without trial. (VIDEO)

Last week, Private first class Bradley Manning reached the one thousand day mark behind bars without a trial. Manning continues to receive support from people across the globe for his alleged role in leaking sensitive information to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

On Tuesday, pre-trial hearings are expected to continue and according to some reports, Manning could enter plea for the 22 charges held against him. Meghan Lopez has more on Manning and Julian Assange's bid for Australian senate.

Americans face 5 years behind bars for jailbreaking cellphones. (VIDEO)

For most Americans, cellphones are essentially another body part. But while they are free to choose their model and carrier, sometimes the phone isn't supported by their —Āompany. In that case, some people have turned to jailbreaking their phones, which is the process of hacking into the operating system of a phone and unlocking it so that the phone can be used by any carrier.

However, a new version of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act makes that illegal - and violators could face up to five years in prison and $500,000 dollars in fees if caught. Derek Khanna of the Yale Law Information Society Project joins us for more.

Maddow Pounds Robert Gibbs On White House Refusing To Answer Legal Question About Drone Use. (VIDEO)

According to the Pentagon and the White House, Killer drones don't exists!!!  (VIDEO)

Keiser Report: Media Moron Mockery (E411). VIDEO

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert notice that the mainstream media mocks the jury in the UK dismissed for being too stupid to understand basic concepts of jury trial like 'guilt beyond a reasonable doubt;' when, in fact, the same media takes financial regulators seriously when they say they can find no evidence of financial crime. They spot Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, on BBC News seemingly incapable of understanding that Libor rigging is 'fraud' and not merely a 'fiction' as he suggests. 

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to renowned mathematician and monetary scientist, Professor Antal Fekete, about the gold basis - cash versus the nearest futures contract and why that the cash price for gold is never reported is by design. They also discuss gold repatriation from Germany as a trial balloon, to see how much demand there is for cash gold and how it is that permanent backwardation means internal bleeding in the monetary system.

Lobbyist Demand Obama Authorize Lethal Killer Drones Over US Cities (VIDEO)

If 80% of those killed by US drones in Pakistan are innocent, out of 4,700 killed as a US Senator verified, over 3,700 were innocent men, women and children.

U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition with the FDA asking the FDA to alter the definition of "milk" to secretly include chemical sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose.

Importantly, none of these additives need to be listed on the label. They will simply be swept under the definition of "milk," so that when a company lists "milk" on the label, it automatically includes aspartame or sucralose. And if you're trying to avoid aspartame, you'll have no way of doing so because it won't be listed on the label.

This isn't only for milk, either: It's also for yogurt, cream, sour cream, eggnog, whipping cream and a total of 17 products, all of which are listed in the petition at

Learn more:


How Killer Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline:

'Manning shouldn't serve even one day in prison'. (VIDEO)

A series of pre-trial hearings for the accused US army private Bradley Manning are to kick-off on Wednesday. Mass rallies and marches have been staged in over 70 cities worldwide, marking the whistleblower's 1,000th day behind bars.

Manning faces a number of charges for handing over classified documents to the website Wikileaks, with the most serious offense being "aiding the enemy".

For more analysis on the whistleblower's fate RT talks to attorney and member of "the Bradley Manning Support Network" - Kevin Zeese.

Horse Meat Found in Ikea Meatballs. (VIDEO)

"Europe's horsemeat scandal has claimed Ikea meatballs, those mysteriously cheap, lingonberry-sauced snacks that have gained something of a cult following among fans of the furniture store.

On Monday, Ikea withdrew bags of the meatballs from 21 European countries after officials in the Czech Republic found traces of horse DNA in a bag labeled as beef and pork."*

DNA testing confirmed the presence of horse in meatballs of Ikea that were supposedly made with beef and pork. Now the meatballs in question are being pulled off the shelves. Would you be angry if you discovered you were unknowingly eating horse? Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) discuss.

Regular Diet Of Mediterranean Cuisine Shown To Reduced Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke (VIDEO)

Olive oil and nuts!

Ex-Blackwater mercenaries avoid felony convictions. (VIDEO)

Nearly five years ago, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raided the organization formerly known as Blackwater and seized 22 automatic weapons.

Five of the former Blackwater officials were accused of using unregistered guns and using a local sheriff's office as a proxy to purchase the automatic weapons, but recently most of the felony firearms violations charges were dropped.

The verdict has many wondering did the punishment fit the crime? Michael O'Brien, author of America's Failure in Iraq, joins us to discuss the case.

5 Broken Cameras (trailer) - Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary Feature (VIDEO)

Oscars Military Propaganda, Palestinian Resistance (VIDEO)

Abby Martin breaks down the military propaganda during last night's Oscars ceremony and highlights Palestinian filmmaker, Emad Burnat, as the day's hero.

'Tour de Peace' with Cindy Sheehan (VIDEO)

End the American wars of empire.  Stop jailing whistlebloers.  Stop spending money on the military industrial complex.  Stop and prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Bush and Obama administrations.

Abby Martin talks to peace activist, Cindy Sheehan, about 'Tour de Peace' an ambitious initiative to bike across the country and demand an end to US wars and militarism.

'Israel wants Iran regime change via US, nukes just excuse'. (VIDEO)

Having tried the stick, it'll reportedly be the carrot for Iran today as world powers meet with Tehran's nuclear representatives in Kazahstan. According to sources, The Islamic Republic will even be offered a let up on sanctions. That is, if Tehran shuts down a fortified nuclear site buried in a mountain, and halts some of its enrichment activities. In return, according to reports, sanctions on the trade in gold and precious metals could be lifted. The measures, along with an oil embargo have put massive pressure on Iran. For more on this, RT talks to former Washington advisor Gwenyth Todd.

War Lord: Germany doubles arms export to Gulf nations. (VIDEO)

Germany doubled its weapons exports to Persian Gulf nations in 2012, with sales amounting to almost one and a half billion Euros. Most went to Saudi Arabia.

Fore more, RT talks to Reiner Braun, a veteran of Germany's peace movement.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Michelle Obama's Oscars Best Picture SCANDAL! (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama announced the top-secret Best Picture winner at last night's Academy Awards but there's NO WAY they'd let a sealed envelope into the First Lady's hands without opening it in a security screening beforehand... right?

Verdict and Sentence: Genocide in Canada (VIDEO)

The final Verdict and Sentence of the International Common Law Court of Justice, in the Case of Genocide in Canada by Church and State - Includes the Court Order issued to the Defendants - Issued February 25, 2013

Major Banks Aid in Payday Loans Banned by States


Major banks have quickly become behind-the-scenes allies of Internet-based payday lenders that offer short-term loans with interest rates sometimes exceeding 500 percent. 



So the way the scam works is the bank won;t lend you any low-interest money but then lends it at higher interest to the Payday loan company, which does loan it to you at even higher interest!


Pope tells faithful God called him to quit

"... before I get arrested!"

The Pope has told an estimated 100,000 at St Peter's Square he would continue to serve the Catholic Church even after he resigns on Thursday, becoming the first pontiff in 700 years to willingly do so.

DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns


The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation.” 


Democrats, Republicans appear no closer to averting massive federal cuts next month

The war machinery will get the money.  The people will get none.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans appeared far apart Sunday on a deal to avert $85 billion in federal spending reductions next month, with a top House Republican saying the cuts appear “inevitable.” 



Will they cut money for war? Of course not! Will they cut money to prop up Wall Street's failed Ponzi banking scheme? Of course not! Will they cut the money sent to Israel in open defiance of the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations act and the Glenn Act? Of course not!

They will cut money for social programs. They will cut money for education. They will cut money for infrastructure.

In other words, you will get nothing of what you agree to pay taxes for while the money is applied to purposes the politicians want.

That is "usurpation"; the diversion of assets from the owners to purposes other than those desired by the owners.

" But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government..." -- Declaration of Independence

FROM:  What Really Happened .Com


2/24/2013 -- Microwave Warfare Explained by Dr. Barrie Trower (VIDEO)

You can beam people with microwaves to give them cancers and other diseases.  (VIDEO)

During the Cold War, the Russians used microwaves to beam the American Embassy and gave entire staff and their family cancers (VIDEO)

With microwaves you can choose the disease or cancer you give your enemy (VIDEO)

This video explains why the charge that the USA gave cancer to all the left wing South American presidents is possible (VIDEO)

You can bring economic ruin to a country by microwaving their livestock and grains (VIDEO)

You can target a victim's brain with a microwave and induce people to commit crimes and kill themselves (VIDEO)

You can target the brain or the heart or the lungs or any part of a person's body (VIDEO)

IMF Accused of Double Standard on China's Currency Moves (VIDEO)

Ilene Grabel: An IMF internal report says it's been unfairly critiquing China and other Asian countries currency manipulations while ignoring similar practices by Western countries

Mexican Farmers Protest The Entrance of GMO Corn. (VIDEO)

Thousands across Mexico demand their government reject permits for GMO Corn while Monsanto defends their patent on life in U.S. Supreme Court

Mali and the Africa Land Grab by France and the West (VIDEO)

Sasha Ross: France wants to secure North Mali's rice fields as a food supply for Libya; part of land grabs taking place all over Africa

Mass austerity protests sweep across Spain. (VIDEO)

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards have hit the streets in the capital Madrid and several other cities to show their anger at harsh austerity cuts. The rally comes on the 32nd anniversary of a failed coup attempt by the country's armed forces.

Press TV's Ian Diez reports from Madrid.

Gaza hosts international conference on Israeli 8-Day War impacts. (VIDEO)

The Israeli eight-day war on Gaza is over, but it continues to have multiple effects and consequences on the socio-economic, political, military, and security aspects on Palestine and the entire region.

Press TV's Mazen Naim reports from Gaza.

'Smooth' Start: John Kerry invents new country during first tour. (VIDEO)

America's newly-installed Secretary of State, John Kerry, has embarked on his first foreign tour as the country's top diplomat. On the list - checking the boxes with key allies in Europe, plus delving into the turbulent Middle East and inventing new States...

Video: Topless Femen activists jump on Berlusconi as he votes.(VIDEO)

Video: Berlusconi survives Femen booby trap (VIDEO)

Three topless members of the Femen feminist group attempted to jump on Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi as he arrived at a polling station in Milan to vote in the Italian general election on Sunday.

The activists, who had the message "Basta Berlusconi" ("Enough with Berlusconi") written on their backs, were quickly held and dragged away by police.

The FISA / Echelon Spy Grid - Annie Machon on GRTV. (VIDEO)

While the public was preparing to ring in the New Year, the US Senate was busy passing the FISA Amendments Act extension to continue the US warrantless spying program in the name of the war on terror.

As critics like MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon point out, however, the Anglophone world has already had these powers for decades under the Echelon system.

This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Annie Machon.

Revolution... I am Not Dead! (VIDEO)

Cyber Arms Race: US, China in full-scale web war?. (VIDEO)

The rivalry between the U.S. and China has gone digital - and is threatening to turn into full-scale cyber war. A recent scandal involving a Chinese military unit allegedly engaged in cyber theft from American companies has put Washington on the defensive. But it might not be long before Washington makes its move in this new-era cyber arms race, as RT's Marina Portnaya reports