Sunday, February 15, 2009

On C-SPAN, Historians Rate W the 7th Worst President Ever


This morning we learn that C-SPAN has surveyed historians to again come up with a President's Day ranking of commanders-in-chief.

Fittingly, for this Abe-a-licious year, the 16th president comes in at #1, with Honest Abe Lincoln retaining his top slot.

The worst president, as judged by the panel of historians, is James Buchanan.

And there he is, George W. Bush, ranked as 7th worst. (8th worst is John Tyler.)


(I wonder if those 6 other worst-than-Bush presidents were responsible for the death of over a million people (in Iraq) or for the bankruptcy of the US government or for bringing back torture.

Notice how this ABC article is "fair and balanced" (sorry again, FOX) by adding a video mentioning that Clinton was the worst of all presidents in moral authority. I guess ABC can't attack Bush without showing that Clinton was worse.)



jadedj said...

What a joke. Who do they think they're kidding? Buchanan was a piker compared to the village fool.

As to Clinton. Again, would not moral authority include murder? So who's the leader in that department?

Skeeter Sanders said...

I found it curious that the historians ranked William Henry Harrison dead last inthe area of conducting foreign policy, with George W. Bush next to last.

That's really unfair to Harrison, because Harrison died just a month after taking office -- hardly enough time for him to even formulate a foreign policy, let alone implement one.

Let there be no doubt -- Dubyah is dead last in the foreign policy department. Our statind with the rest of the world was severely damaged under Bush -- and it will take Obama much of his presidency to restore it.