Sunday, March 31, 2013

VIDEO: On April 1st, ObamaCare Breaks First Promises To American Seniors

Iraqi ex-spy: 'US manipulated public opinion before Iraq war' (VIDEO)

The US used every possibility to prove that Iraq was reluctant to cooperate in the war against terror, while it wasn't, argues Salim Khalaf al-Jumayli, a former Iraqi intelligence officer, who made the revelation to RT


Aged eight, wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, and placed in Israeli custody

Ahmed Abu Rimaileh. The 8-year-old admits he cried when he was arrested.

27 Palestinian children never made it to school this week; IDF troops lay in ambush for them on the streets of Hebron. 


Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.


Israel's deadly attack on USS Liberty emerges from the past (VIDEO)

Before Israeli commandos shot 9 peace activists to death aboard the Mavi Marmara, 34 American military men were killed by Israeli jet fighter planes. 

It happened in 1967 during the 6 day war and it became an event these men and women would live with for the rest of their lives.

For 40 years survivors of the USS Liberty -- sworn under oath -- were forbidden to tell their stories. 

But today, the surviving crewmen talk candidly about the dreadful day their nearly lost their lives.

They gathered at the Arlington National Cemetery for the somber memorial service.

Hagel Israel's nukes more of a threat than Iran (VIDEO)

B-2 Bomber Run To South Korea Done For The First Time Ever Not Meant As Provocation (LOL) VIDEO

Syria and the Chemical Weapons Hoax (VIDEO)

James Corbett of joins Gary Franchi of WHDT9 on the Next News Network to discuss recent reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

They also talk about the new so-called Syrian Prime Minister-in-exile, the possibility of war in the region, and the implications of the government-media nexus.

Hamas grows stronger in West Bank with Israeli 'help' (VIDEO)

Hamas is becoming more popular with Palestinians in the West Bank, which for years had been politically dominated by Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party; Israel may passively contribute to this trend by failing to hold peace talks


High-Tech Handhelds: Smartphones' nuts & bolts (VIDEO)

Check out all the latest from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including the world's first dual-screen Android smartphone.

Dive into the nuts and bolts of the voice and video engines that make IP telephony and round-the-world conferences possible.

Meanwhile, Russia's Internet powerhouse takes another swipe at Google with an alternative app store.

And one of the country's leading online game makers provides the inspiration for more enthralling comics and novels.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Keiser Report: Ponzi Lottery (E425) VIDEO

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the previously successful UK economy which who has become addicted to gambling and spending fortunes on spread betting and so has turned to operating ponzi schemes in order to keep the appearance of economic activity.

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to former Scotland Yard fraud squad detective, Rowan Bosworth-Davies of about the evidence he gave to the Parliamentary Committee on Banking Standards that went missing and how it is that the British banking system is remarkably similar to an organized crime racket.

McDonald's director of nutrition insists the fast food menu is healthy (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

McDonald's director of nutrition, Dr Cindy Goody, is insisting that the fast food chain offers a healthy menu as she publicizes their new McWrap.


Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the most expensive conflicts in U.S. history with a $6 TRILLION price tag

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are set to be the most expensive military conflicts in history, costing as $6 trillion, a new report by Harvard public policy professor Linda J. Bilmes estimates.



'Only rabbit from hat can save Cypriot deposits' (VIDEO)

In Cyprus, it's been reported that people with over 100-thousand Euros in the country's biggest bank, are likely to see a large proportion of their savings wiped out. Investors will be offered shares instead of cash.

That's under the terms of the EU bailout deal. Capital controls have effectively quarantined the island state from the rest of the Eurozone.

For more RT talks to Daniel Wagner, CEO of Country Risk Solutions, a risk advisory firm.

Numb Limbo: US govt blanks demand for answers on Gitmo (VIDEO)

The U.S. government has been facing uncomfortable questions over the hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay, but has failed to assure anyone that it's going to take any action.

RT's Washington correspondent Gayane Chichakyan explains why her attempts to get an official response are getting nowhere.

Guantanamo Guards Denying Water to Hunger Strikers to Thwart Protest, say Lawyers


How Fracking Causes Earthquakes (VIDEO)

 A visual rundown of how injection wells cause earthquakes. (VIDEO)

United States of Monsanto: GMO giant is now litigation proof (VIDEO)

After President Obama signed the Agriculture Appropriations Bill into law on Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of people have voiced their opposition to H.R. 933. A provision in the law known as the "Monsanto Protection Act" protects the biotech industry from being sued in a court of law.

The Farmer Assurance provision takes the Federal Court's right to halt the sale and use of genetically modified seed crops regardless of health risks. Jeffrey M. Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, joins us to discuss.

KFC fires woman for being homeless (VIDEO)

A Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Mississippi is in hot water after news broke that Eunice Jasica was hired then fired for being homeless.

The 59 year-old fell on hard times and was calling a local Salvation Army home. RT's Meghan Lopez has more on the hard times of Eunice Jasica.

Obama does not care about you, He cares about Monsanto (VIDEO)

JFK Assassination - 50 Reasons For 50 Years - Episode 17 (VIDEO)

Episode 17 - The "Snipers Nest"

Host Len Osanic tries to account for numerous inconsistencies in the record of key physical evidence found - or said to be found - on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building.

North Korea declares 'state of war' with South (VIDEO)

North Korea has entered a "state of war" against its Southern neighbor, stating that from now on any issues between the two countries will be resolved in a "wartime manner."

Now rallies held all over North Korea in support of Kim Jong-un statements.


Stun grenades explode as Palestinians protest land confiscation by Israel (VIDEO)

Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank are gearing up to protest against Israel's occupation of their territories. 

The annual 'Land Day' demonstrations commemorate the Israeli government's seizure 27 years ago of a large chunk of Arab land, which resulted in deadly rallies.

RT's Irina Galushko joins us from a checkpoint at the Palestinian-Israeli border - where tensions are running high.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Food Fraud Hits a New Low with the Potential Emergence of Dog Meat in the UK

The food fraud story has now progressed from somewhat humorous with the undersized Subway footlong subs, to the highly disturbing with the revelations of horse meat and fake tuna, to the really creepy with the now potential emergence of dog meat in UK lamb curry. 

No you can’t print lamb folks, which is exactly why many humans are now eating worse than their pets in the Western world.


Give Me The Cash! (Boss 213) VIDEO

Keiser Report: Plunderball - New Euro Banking Game (E424) VIDEO

Published on Mar 28, 2013 
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the PLUNDERBALL games in Europe and how the United Kingdom turned from Aspiration Nation to Asphyxiation Nation.

They also talk about the 'mega-caust' of the financial markets in which those who worried about their gold being confiscated have now lost their bank deposits instead!

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Mitch Feierstein about the implications to all bank depositors of the confiscation of some funds in Cyprus.


Forget the Sequester: Congress spends on missile defense system that is broken (VIDEO)

In the time of the "Sequester," the US government is doing everything it can to cut corners, but it seems that Congress hasn't got the memo. The missile defense program known as Medium Extended Air Defense System, or MEADS, which was contracted by Lockheed Martin and is a joint venture with Italy and Germany, continues to exist despite reports from the Department of Defense claiming the program is broken. Stephen Miles, coalition coordinator for Win without War, joins us to explain why Congress insists on funding the program even though the DoD says the system isn't up to par.

The Monsanto Protection Act - Criminals Who Know They're Guilty! (VIDEO)

President Obama has recently signed bill HR 933 also know as the "Monsanto Protection Act" into law.

This now gives Monsanto complete immunity from the courts and it protects the mega corporation against any future litigation!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Autism Now 1 in 50, Vaccine Link Confirmed, GAPS Diet Heals (VIDEO)

You can now test a baby for susceptibility to vaccine damage before you vaccinate!

The link between vaccine damage and autism has now been shown by 28 studies.

The GAPS diet can be used to treat autism, ADD, OCD, depression, schizophrenia, biopolar disorder, eating disorders, and more as well as autism, in adults and children alike.

'Banks only beneficiary of EU austerity plans' (VIDEO)

A commentator tells Press TV that belt-tightening policies coming out of Brussels and so-called European parliaments are meant to benefit the banks not the people.

The comment comes as a bailout deal between Nicosia and the troika of lenders namely the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) has drawn criticism from the speaker of the Cypriot parliament.

People in Cyprus also took to the streets to protest the bailout deal. The protesters gathered outside the parliament in the capital Nicosia.

Cypriot protesters denounced their government, the EU and the IMF for their austerity policies.

Press TV has conducted an interview in its "the debate" program with Eric Draister, the founder of, from New York to further discuss the issue. Draister is joined by Simon Dixon, founder of, from London.


P.J.Crowley on Bradley Manning detention and Gitmo hunger strike (VIDEO)

Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, P.J. Crowley resigned from his position after publicly criticizing the pre-trial treatment of Private First Class Bradley Manning.

The alleged whistleblower is being accused of leaking some of the most significant data in recent times and although Crowley believed Manning's actions hurt the US government, he believes the treatment of the soldier was excessive.

He joins us now to expand on his statements as well as ongoing hunger strike of Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

World Wide War: Biggest cyber-attack shakes web (VIDEO)

A battle is waging across the internet.

A Geneva-based non-profit, spam-filtering organist says it's under the worst-ever cyber attack, so strong it's slowing down internet access globally.

It's allegedly a strike from a Dutch web-hosting company called CyberBunker, which it blocked days before.

RT's video agency Ruptly got in touch with Sven Olaf Kamphuis, a spokesman for CyberBunker.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Sandy Hook was A Total False Flag! (VIDEO)

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New York Times best-selling "Tom Clancy's Op-Center" and "Tom Clancy's Net Force" book series.

He is also one of the world's most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators.

His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for five U.S. administrations. Dr. Pieczenik received his B.A. from Cornell University, trained in Psychiatry at Harvard and has both an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and a Ph.D. in International Relations from M.I.T..

Why Turkey Wants Normalization with Israel (VIDEO)

Baris Karaagac: Israeli apology is a propaganda victory for Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan; NATO member Turkey needs Israeli alliance to solidify role as regional power broker

Osama Bin Laden Fairytale Flip-Flops Yet Again (VIDEO)

The White House continues to struggle to get its fairytale straight.

The Navy SEAL who claims he shot Bin Laden says the terror leader did use his "wife" as a human shield, despite the White House acknowledging that the woman was not Osama's wife and was not used by him as a human shield.

Obama Gives Monsanto Get Out of Jail Free Card (VIDEO)

"Anger is growing against President Barack Obama the day after he signed into law a spending bill that included a provision opponents have dubbed the "Monsanto Protection Act."

That bill, the HR 933 continuing resolution, was mainly aimed at averting a government shutdown and ensuring that the federal government would continue to be able to pay its bills for the next six months."*

Do you trust Monsanto completely, no matter how they genetically engineer and modify food? Well, President Obama thinks you should, after signing a bill that offers the company and others like it immunity. What does the signing of this bill say about the integrity of our president and bought politicians?

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

Over 100 Arrested Protesting Mass School Closings In Chicago (VIDEO)

Earthworms Blamed for Global Warming (VIDEO)

The world of global warming alarmists is increasingly resembling a madhouse, with conservationists falling over each other trying to salvage the last shreds of credibility. Very funny.

What makes the situation hilarious, is the fact many eco-zealots inadvertently put out increasingly panicking publications that look more like satires than studies.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WACO: A New Revelation - The Film That Officially Exposed the FBI's Coverup (VIDEO)

Big freeze to grip Britain until the end of April...

... say forecasters after jet stream which brings us mild air dips down to Africa

The UK could face biting winds and flurries of snow for another month, as the cold conditions show no signs of relenting in time for the Easter weekend - and are predicted to stick around for much of April.

And the root of the delay in the Spring weather is a jet stream, a high altitude belt of wind, which normally brings milder weather.

The jet stream has been pushed to an unusually southerly location, and is currently flowing around the north of Africa.

Read more:

Cops Raid Wrong House, Threaten Children and Kill Their Dog

Six children from Chicago are gonna remember this night as one of their most traumatizing experiences. The kids, aged 11 months to 13 years at the time, were rehearsing songs for the church choir with their grandmother Charlene Holly when eight armed officers burst through the door and started aiming guns at them, yelling “get on the ground!”.

One of the cops even asked Charlene to show the 11 month old’s hands to them at gunpoint. When she asked for the reason of the raid, she was handed a warrant for Sedgwick M. Reavers, the tenant of the apartment one floor above the Hollys. The warrant clearly stated ‘The second floor apartment located at 10640 S. Prairie Ave.

A yellow brick two flat building with the numbers 10640 on the front of the building.’ but the cops broke into the first floor apartment, cursing at the minors and telling them “This is what happens when your grandma sells crack”.


Big Oil Controls the World (VIDEO)

Abby Martin talks to investigative journalist, Greg Palast, about US interests in a post-Chavez Venezuela, and how 'Big Oil' could shape future policy.


JFK 2-The George H. W. Bush Connection-Full Length Documentary (VIDEO)

JFK2 - The sequel to Oliver Stone's JFK, you won't see in the cinema. A thoroughly documented criminal indictment establishing beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of George HW Bush as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John Kennedy. The evidence relies primarily on governement documents and public records.

The center piece of the evidence is a memo entitled "Assassination of President John F. Kennedy", signed by J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, 5 days after the assassination, which names Bush as a supervisor of CIA-trained assassins.

Another FBI memo establishes Bush's presence in the Dallas area at the time of the assassination. These memos are corroborated extensively with details from Bush's own official history of his life (also known as JFK 2 Part 1).

Keiser Report: 'Yes, No, Maybe' World Order (E423) VIDEO

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert the new world order called Yes, No, Maybe in which secret downgrades and confiscation plans are certain only to a few insiders whilst chaos and confusion reigns for the rest of the population.

In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Leah McGrath Goodman, author of The Asylum: Inside the Rise and Ruin of the Global Oil Market, about the definitive proof that oil markets were manipulated to $100 in 2008 by ConAgra traders and what the US government response was to the information.

'Unique Cyprus model to spill further across Eurozone' (VIDEO)

More than a thousand students have protested in Nicosia, against the last-ditch bailout deal the government struck with its creditors on Sunday. High school and university students marched to the presidential palace in the Cypriot capital, chanting slogans and saying their future has been stolen. That's as the chairman of the Bank of Cyprus - the country's largest financial institution - resigned, while all banks in the Mediterranean state remain closed until Thursday to prevent a massive run on accounts.

Depositors with over a hundred-thousand euros in 2 of the main banks, could see about 40% of their assets taken,to raise money for the crucial bailout. RT contributor Afshin Rattansi believes the 'unique Cyprus model' of raising money by raiding depositors' accounts, could be adopted by other European countries in the future.

Guccifer emails link Tony Blair to top-secret Bohemian Grove gathering (VIDEO)

Every year the world's most powerful politcians gather in Northern California at Bohemian Grove and although what goes on at the men's only summer congregation is mostly a mystery, hacker Guccifer has leaked emails shedding some light on why this even is a top priority to these influential men, including former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Elizabeth Flock, political reporter for US News & World Report, joins us with more.

Top 5 WORST Homophobic Quotes from Justice Scalia (VIDEO)

"Justice Antonin Scalia has written that "it is our moral heritage that one should not hate any human being or class of human beings." Judging by the things he has said in court or written in his legal opinions about gays and lesbians, he doesn't really mean it."

This week, we will hear many arguments on the subject of gay marriage as Prop 8 and DOMA are discussed by the Supreme Court. But...we already know what Justice Scalia thinks, even if his arguments don't really mistake. What are the problems in the homophobic things Scalia's said? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Operation Condor Revisited (VIDEO)

It cannot be denied that the past casts a long shadow over us all, and those repressed memories that have not been dealt with will continue to haunt the collective memory of a people until they have been addressed.

Perhaps this is why a particularly dark chapter in the history of South America--the "Operation Condor" kidnappings and assassinations of the 1970s and 1980s--has come to the surface once again in two completely separate separate incidents, in the past few weeks.

The Bomb Sends a Message to the World - Untold History (VIDEO)

Peter Kuznick (co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the Unites States): The atomic bomb did not end the war with Japan, it was a threat to the Soviet Union that the US would dominate the post-war world

Civil Disobedience Planned in Chicago to Oppose Unprecedented Mass School Closings (VIDEO)

Arlington: home of $1 million bus stop (VIDEO)

In Arlington, Virgina, passengers waiting for the bus are doing so with a bit more flair.

This after the county and the federal government have teamed up to build a $1 million bus stop that has heated floors and stainless steel siding, but many believe the money could have been spent on something more essential.

RT's Margaret Howell explains how more of these million dollars stops are being developed.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Will Cyprus Force you to Hide Your $ Under the Mattress? (VIDEO)

Max Fraad Wolff, New School University, joins Thom Hartmann. Cypriot officials finally agreed to new bailout terms with the EU and IMF this morning that staves off the island's exit from the Eurozone - for now.

The new plan provides the $10 billion in funds needed to prevent financial collapse but hits large depositors - those with more than 100,000 euros in their savings accounts - with as much as a 30% levy.

While the new bailout lacks the most controversial aspect of last week's plan - the tax on all accounts below 100,000 euros - it still maintains the principle of depositors paying for the banisters mistakes.

And even scarier - we still don't know whether or not the Cyprus fiasco was a test-run for the EU's new austerity strategy - or just a one-time mistake.

Head Of Cyprus's Orthodox Church Urges Exit Before Eurozone Collapses (VIDEO)

You're Eating Wood, Ammonia & Arsenic (VIDEO)

Abby Martin looks into five of the craziest foods Americans are misled into purchasing, from wood in cereal, to arsenic in chicken, the findings might surprise you.

Blackout TV: US media turn blind eye to Gitmo hunger strike (VIDEO)

The hunger strike among prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is into day 48 - but their plight's still struggling to garner wider attention.

Lawyers say over 100 inmates are refusing food - and are concerned about their deteriorating health. Prison officials continue to downplay the protest, and there's little coverage in the U.S. media, as Marina Portnaya explains.

Aid Raid: Fear & loathing grips Cyprus as ECB hastens debtline (VIDEO)

Students have taken to the streets of the Cypriot capital Nicosia, protesting against the last-ditch bailout deal sealed on Monday.

Reports say a couple of smoke bombs went off, as the crowd chanted against the troika.

Cypriots have been anxiously waiting for banks to re-open on Tuesday, but their doors remain closed, all banks on the island will stay shut until Thursday.

Even then, capital flows will be temporarily restricted.

The last-ditch bailout deal may be hailed as a relief by the government and the EU, but it's certainly no comfort for people struggling to withdraw their money, as RT's Tesa Arcilla reports from Nicosia.

JP Morgan Chase awarded 'crisis management' prize for disaster it created (VIDEO)

JP Morgan Chase  receives award for creating and selling shitty toxic waste derivatives.

The London Whale trading calamity cost JP Morgan Chase and its investors nearly $6 billion in credit derivatives and last Thursday the firm accepted an award for its performance handling the situation.

Many critics feel that the bank doesn't merit an award for "crisis management" for a problem it created, including the US Senate who critiqued the financial institution for evading regulations and misleading stockholders. Comedian Dan Wilbur gives us his take.

Washington Post fights censorship accusations (VIDEO)

Back in 2003 when the Bush administration was convincing the American people that invading Iraq was necessary to fight the war on terrorism, the mainstream media failed to verify the claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Last week on the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, The Washington Post pulled the plug on an article by journalist Greg Mitchell which criticized the failure of the media following the controversial invasion.

RT's Meghan Lopez has more

Berezovsky post-mortem rules hanging, no third party involved (VIDEO)

I believe that the most difficult way of committing suicide is by hanging.  Here's a man who has access to drugs and guns and kills himself in a possible painful and difficult way. 

Whenever an important figure commits suicide (like the DC Madam)  by hanging my first belief is that, that person was assassinated.

A post-mortem examination reveals that the death of Russian, self-exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky was 'consistent with hanging'. His body was found in the bathroom of his UK home on Saturday. The examination found nothing to indicate a violent struggle, with British police saying there's no evidence to suggest any third-party involvement.

U.S. military worked with aliens says Dr. Charles Hall (VIDEO)

Australian TV show interviews Charles Hall who worked with ET at US Bases.

Cyprus' Botched Bailout, Ammonia & Arsenic in Food, Keystone Pipe: Waiting on Obama (VIDEO)

Published on Mar 25, 2013
Abby Martin Breaks the Set on the Effects of Mineral Mining, Cyprus' Bank Bailout, Crazy Foods We're Eating, & the Keystone Pipeline.

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin highlights Salvadoran anti-mining activist, Vidalina Morales, as a hero, for her advocacy against multinational mining companies that undermine government and citizen rights in El Salvador, and calls out Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker as the villain, for signing a corporate-backed law that deregulates mining in the state. Abby then talks to RT Correspondent, Tesa Arcilla, about the recent Cypriot bailout and how average people in Cyprus are dealing with the solutions put forward by the government. Abby then looks into five of the craziest foods Americans are misled into purchasing, from wood in cereal, to arsenic in chicken, the findings might surprise you. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Josh Saks, Legislative Director at the National Wildlife Federation, about the Keystone XL Pipeline; the forces driving the project, the impact on health and the environment, and the voices of opposition to the pipeline's construction.


Leaked Ford Ads Spark Outrage (VIDEO)

"Ford and its ad agency issued apologies for a tasteless Ford Figo ad — in which former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is shown with a bunch of gagged and crying women in the trunk of his car — that was never meant to see the light of day.

The ads came during a period in which the country was rocked by several gang rapes, sparking women's rights protests...".

Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks.

Obama Makes Nice Speeches but One Sided Support for Israel Continues (VIDEO)

Phyllis Bennis: President Obama recognizes injustice and need for two states but does nothing to pressure Netanyahu to make concessions to Palestinians

Cyprus Crisis Reveals Shadowy World of Tax and Money Laundering Haven (VIDEO)

James Henry: Bailout deal includes capital controls and punishing big Russian depositors to pay off European banks -- leaves Cyprus looking for a "new way to make a living"

The JFK Assassination - A Forensic Look - PT 2 - Down The Rabbit Hole with Popeye (03-20-13) (VIDEO)

On this edition of DTRH Popeye talks to forensic investigator, and author Sherry Fiester about the assassination of JFK and what the evidence tells us, forensically speaking.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

'US commits gross human rights abuses at Guantanamo jail' (VIDEO)

An analyst says a dreadful violation of internationally accepted basic human rights is taking place in America's Guantanamo military prison.

The comment comes as The US military's southern command plans to build a new prison quarters at the notorious Guantanamo Bay military base for "special" detainees.

The United States Southern Command has asked for USD 49 million to construct a new jail at the Guantanamo military prison and torture facility for "special" inmates and other required renovations "since Congress has decided to keep it open indefinitely,"

The New York Times reported Friday. The amount, if approved, would bring the taxpayer cost for upgrading the deteriorating prison camp to an estimated USD 196 million, the report adds, citing military officials.

Press TV has conducted an interview with political analyst Mark Mason to further discuss the issue.

The BUSH legacy lives on …. NO CHANGE!


Obama thank you for supporting our Apartheid state of Israel (VIDEO)

President Obama thank you for supporting and protecting our Apartheid state. And a special thank to the American people for donating over the years more than 230 Billion Dollars of your tax money for enabling our military and Jewish superiority in the Holy Land. Yes We Can Not Do It Without You!
U.S embassy Tel- Aviv . March 22, 2013.
(Keren Manor/

Police spend FOUR WEEKS tracking down mother, 45, after she made Facebook joke about egging UK PM



Police spent four weeks tracking down a mother who joked on Facebook about throwing an egg at David Cameron, it has today been claimed.

Debra Burt said that she made the remark after becoming frustrated with government cuts.

The 45-year-old from Ramsgate, Kent, wrote:

'Cameron - I'd like to egg him' on a friend's Facebook timeline, during a conversation about the UK Prime Minister's visit to Kent last week to witness the Archbishop of Canterbury being sworn in.

She told the Sun she felt as if the police had been snooping on her.

She said: 'I’m not a terrorist. I’m just a middle-aged woman who made a jokey remark. I’d like to chuck an egg at him but I’d never do it. I’m just unhappy I can’t find more work.'


'Daily English News - US missile plans against North Korea target China' (VIDEO)

An analyst says talk of a North Korea pre-emptive strike is in contrast with US intelligence and a boost to Alaska's missile defenses is directed toward China.

Following on from President Obama's announcement in 2012 that the US is pivoting concentration of its imperial agenda to the Asia Pacific region, the US has now announced it will strengthen its missile systems in Alaska, increasing its capacity significantly by near 50 percent in response, it says, to the perceived threat from North Korea - specifically the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear attack from North Korea on to the United States. China responded to the announcement saying any move to increase missile defense capacities in Alaska by the US is aimed at China and will only intensify antagonism for China and not help to resolve differences. China considers the US move to be irresponsible.

Press TV has interviewed John McGlynn, political commentator, Tokyo about this issue.

Jews Who Stand With Palestinians Against Israel (VIDEO)

Jews against Israeli Zionism (VIDEO)

This Video is to show the Jewish Community around the world among others who are outraged that there religion Judaism has been hijacked by Zionists who happen to be secular.

The Zionists are using the sympathy of the Jews from events in World War 2 to justify there Brutal Occupation of Palestine and the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs from the region.

The Recent Assault on Gaza Has united people around the world with a common enemy which is zionism and this will help bring Justice to the Oppressed, We Recognise Jews Who stand with the palestinians and a message sent from all quarters of the world to the Palestinians You Are Not Alone.