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What Really Happened News You Won't Find In Your Paper


"We didn't know that!"



22 Things Dick Cheney Can't Recall About the Plame Case


"What? I was Vice President of the US for eight years? What? My daughter is a lesbian and has a female husband and she had a baby with her? What??????"

Notes from former Vice President Dick Cheney's interview with the FBI about the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson's covert CIA identity were finally released on Friday afternoon after a lengthy legal battle.

In the interview, Cheney demonstrated a behavior common among Bush administration officials under investigation: he couldn't remember much of anything.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of 22 things Dick Cheney claimed he couldn't recall about the Plame case.


Republicans Want Cheap Health Plan For Poor Dumb Americans


Only the rich can afford to be healthy in America, Republicans decide.

Republicans say the Democrats' proposal to overhaul health care is far too complicated, intrusive and expensive and are urging several steps they claim would bring down costs while not greatly expanding government involvement.



After trillions of dollars are unaccounted in the Pentagon and after invading Iraq and Afghanistan and after giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and after bailing out banks, Wall Street and US car-makers, there is no money left in the budget to take care of the American middle class and poor, say Republicans.


Will War Criminal Tony Blair Become First President Of Europe?


Will the European Union elect Tony Blair their president thus legitimizing torture, illegal occupation, and genocide?

Maybe Blair will choose George Bush as his VP, making all their crimes against humanity legal?

European Union leaders haven't decided who will be the bloc's first president, but are deflecting a U.K. bid to name former Prime Minister Tony Blair to the job.

The leaders said no candidates for the presidency were discussed formally during their two-day meeting here, but French President Nicolas Sarkozy said there were behind-the-scenes talks.

"Did we talk about nominations in the corridors? Well, of course we did," Sarkozy told a news conference after the leaders' meeting.

He said he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel support the same candidate for the job, but declined to give a name. In a separate press conference Merkel also declined to state her preference.


Happy Halloween!



Friday, October 30, 2009

A girl Riding A Bike - Unbelievable!



People Dying To Go To Walmart


In reference to Walmart selling coffins…

Now you have a reason to take your grandpa to Walmart. While you shop, he can try one on and test it for comfort.

Wonder if they give you a warranty in case of leaks. If it leaks, you can return it for an exchange or money-back?

Even the funeral home business is not immune to Walmart’s capitalism.

First, they take out “Dead Peasant Insurance” on all their employees so the employees are worth more to Walmart dead than alive.

Now, their customers are worth more dead, also.


Wal-Mart starts selling coffins


The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, now plans to hold on to customers even after they die - by selling coffins.

Prices range from a "Mom" or "Dad Remembered" steel coffin for $895 (£540), to a bronze model at $2,899.

The retailer is allowing customers to plan ahead by paying for the caskets over 12 months for no interest. They can be dispatched within 48 hours.

Catering for cradle-to-grave needs, Wal-Mart already sells everything from baby wear to engagement rings.

The retailer is offering caskets at prices that undercut many funeral homes, say correspondents.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Whole World Knew Obama Coming To Florida, Except Florida Gov. Crist


Florida Governor Crist claims he had no idea President Obama was visiting his state

Don’t look now but Florida GOP Governor Charlie Crist might be going crazy from the heat.

You see, President Barak Obama just completed a busily successful trip to Florida.

He visited the naval base in Jacksonville, attended a fundraiser at the Fountainbleau Hotel where he raised bushels of money for the Democratic party, and then visited Arcadia to talk about the importance of solar energy.

The president was met by a veritable Who’s Who of politicians, entertainers, and hangers-on at every stop.

Yet, conspicuous by his absence was Florida Governor-turned U.S. Senate candidate Charlie Crist, who claims to not have been aware that Obama was coming to his state!


Rumsfeld: “$2.3 Trillion missing in Pentagon” 1 DAY before 9-11



Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine


On December 10, 2004, he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. Sacramento County coroner Robert Lyons determined that it was suicide.


Israel's nuclear capabilities



CIA Admits It Trained Oswald in 1957!!



Sarah Palin’s Levi Says “I'm Not Ashamed of Posing Naked”


Levi Johnston said he has no regrets about his decision to be a soon-to-be celebrity centerfold.

In a two-part interview with CBS's "The Early Show" that aired Thursday, the 19-year-old moose-hunting hockey hunk said he isn't ashamed of his upcoming full-frontal photo shoot for nudie mag Playgirl and said he has no regrets about being in the national spotlight.

"I wouldn't go back and change anything," he said, "but I do wish that Bristol [Palin] and I could have a relationship and raise the baby."

The teen dad and almost-son-in-law of Sarah Palin said though he realizes his sexy shoot may project "not a good image" to the public, he vows that it will be done "tastefully" and isn't concerned about what the Palin clan has to say about his decision to pose for the spread.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Santa Claus, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Other Fairy Tales


Fiction by Chimp

The secret CIA leader of the 9/11 conspiracy, Dr. Fred Dome, is having a chat with his Israeli Mossad counterpart in the New York slaughter, General David Star.

“David, even though I was in the entire planning of 9/11 for over 10 years, I still can’t believe how easy it was to fool the American public into believing that 19 dumb Arabs carried out the complex flying attacks on the Trade Center. Also, that there really exists an all-powerful terrorist group like Al-Qaeda and all run by a non-existent ghost called Osama bin Laden.”

“Well, Dr. Dome, these people do believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, so it wasn’t that hard for them to eat it all up.”

“Our strong ties to the popular Faux News Channel made it that much easier to convince the American sheeple that the Arabs who have never joined other groups could form such an umbrella group as Al-Qaeda.”

“I still believe we could have come up with a better name for this terrorist group, since all Arabs know it’s a big joke on the dumb Americans, since “Al-Qaeda” means “The Toilet”. And what up-and-coming terrorist group would want to be called The Toilet.”

“Yes, you are correct, General. Of course, to tie it all together, those Osama bin Laden tapes and videos we fabricated, in which he admits doing 9/11 and having an Al-Qaeda organization, really did the job.”

“I wish our buddy Osama had really survived past December of 2001 so he could have made original videos. Luckily, the American public does not believe in conspiracies and think all those 9/.11 truthers are bunkers.”

“Well, Doctor, just like we easily convinced the Yankees that Iraq and Afghanistan needed to be attacked, we should be able to convince them to sacrifice their young to invade that only nuclear power in the Middle East, Iran, even if that drunken Texan is no longer the US president, ha, ha, ha.”

“Yes, General, our work is never done.”


“9/11” The Beginning Of The New World Order


"By tomorrow at 5:20 PM, building seven would be their graveyard. The timers had been set."

Fiction by Chimp

“Finally, just one more day and over 20 years of planning will bring us into complete control of our nation and the world”, thought Dr. Fred Dome.

He was standing in front of a group of 100 men, all chosen over years of exhaustive background personal and psychological search to find the correct patriotic model.

All held very high positions within their fields. All the military services, all the branches of government, all the intelligence services were represented in these 100 men.

Each of these men had specific jobs coming to culmination in just another 12 hours, on the morning of September 11.

The planning had been exhaustive. Many public figures had no idea that they would each play an important part in this world-changing venture.

Dr. Dome represented the CIA and General Star represented Israel’s Mossad and Mr. Gold representing the Pentagon, standing in front of these 100 saviors of the American way of life.

They were meeting for one last time on the non-existent 13th floor of World Trade Center building seven.

They all had dual passports, travel documents and cash on hand to travel to hidden destinations throughout the world. All had access to unlimited wealth in offshore banks.

After this last meeting, they would be taken by helicopters from the roof of this building to various airports throughout the New York City metropolitan area including civilian airports in Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Of course, that’s what they thought. Dome, Star and Gold knew otherwise.

They would never leave the 13th floor of the WTC building seven. By tomorrow at 5:20PM, building seven would be their graveyard. The timers had been set.

As the three secret leaders of the New American Century stood in front of these American martyrs, a completely odorless gas was being discharged by the converted sprinklers in the ceiling of the large room.

The “Three” had special nose breathing apparatus and inoculations to prevent the fate of the “100”.


CIA prevented prisoner deaths to prolong torture


The CIA took measures to make sure their tortured prisoners did not die – in order to continue further torturing, according to human rights lawyer John Sifton.

President Obama has cut a swathe through the Bush-era National Security Program, forcing the CIA to close its secret overseas prisons and banning harsh interrogation methods.

“In the military there were a large number of deaths with the CIA,” he said.

“It engaged in horrendous abuses, they appear to have taken precautions to prevent people from dying. This might sound humane, but in fact it’s sickening, as they were torturing them at the same time trying to maintain their health so that they could continue.”


US court to reconsider CIA torture flight case


The lawsuit was brought on behalf of five men who said they had been forcibly abducted and transferred to secret prisons abroad, where they were interrogated under torture and were not protected by US law.

It charged that US-based Jeppesen had knowingly participated in the "extraordinary rendition" program launched by President George W. Bush's administration after the September 11, 2001 attacks by helping the Central Intelligence Agency transport terror suspects to ttorture sites.

The court's decision to rehear the case voided its April ruling. If the court rules in favor of the government's argument, the plaintiffs could still appeal to the US Supreme Court.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Church of Scientology convicted of fraud in France


Science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology in 1952 - it claims 12 million members worldwide

The Church of Scientology was convicted of organised fraud in France today in a ground-breaking judgment which denounced the cult for swindling vulnerable members out of thousands of euros.

The church was ordered to pay fines totalling €600,000, and Alain Rosenberg, its leader in France, was fined €30,000 and given a two-year suspended sentence.

Five other French scientologists were given fines of between €1,000 and €20,000.

But Paris Criminal Court stopped short of banning scientology altogether in France, on the grounds that prohibition could drive it underground where it would be difficult to control.


In Afghan fields the poppies grow...


In Afghan fields the poppies grow.

Between the crosses.

Row on row.


Shades of Abu Ghraib


Yet, when 9/11 struck, out of horror at what had been perpetrated, many of those good Americans who had so vigorously opposed torture as practiced by the French in Algeria stifled their qualms and at best averted their gazes from excesses committed in Guantánamo, waterboarding within the homeland or rendition abroad for other less squeamish regimes to do what was necessary.

Or they more actively supported the Rumsfeld-Cheney line for the extraction of information at any cost.

The same phenomena were witnessed in my country after the murderous bombings in London of July 2005, as fear raised its head.

One almost-immediate response was the shooting on the London Tube of an utterly innocent Brazilian by trigger-happy and frightened cops.

A close relative of mine in England, a man whom I respect for his liberal-mindedness, now expresses himself in favor of interrogation under torture—given certain circumstances:

i.e., when the authorities are convinced that it might avert a terrible atrocity. We argue vigorously.

Can one trust even the finest brains in the CIA or MI-5 ever to be absolutely sure about a culprit?


Health Care for All


(Photo Illustration: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t, Adapted from: JasonROgersFooDogGiraffeBee, .layla. / flickr)

We believe that health care is a human right and should be available to everyone.

We also believe the same level of care should be available across the board, regardless of ability to pay for treatment.

What if the fire department decided to not send its newest equipment to a particular house because the homeowner didn't have "Cadillac" insurance?

While we know that Anthony Weiner's single payer bill (HR 676) will not pass this time around, we call on all members of Congress to support this approach since it is the only true solution to the health care crisis.

As the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) goes on estimating the percentages of Americans that will be covered by this bill or that bill, Weiner's bill stands alone in its ethical simplicity: It will cover 100 percent of the people, no CBO guessing games needed.


Google stalks your social circle


All in the name of friendship, you understand

Google took its beach towel down to the social networking pool yesterday with the release of its latest Facebook-apeing Web 2.0-stylie search tool.

Mountain View announced a new Google Labs experiment - dubbed “Social Search” - that creepily helps users probe more “relevant public content” from their “broader social circle”.
The company has already been improving search results to make them more personally tailored to an individual surfer’s stalker needs.

“With Social Search, Google finds relevant public content from your friends and contacts and highlights it for you at the bottom of your search results,” said Google in a blog post.

The tool allows users to see search results for a simple query, such as New York, that includes any friends that might have referenced the city in their blog.

Social Search can also be filtered so that only results of content from a person’s “social circle” are shown.

In a move to silence privacy critics of Social Search, Google pointed out that all the information it pools together via the tool was already “published publicly on the web”.

“What we've done is surface that content together in one single place to make your results more relevant,” it said.

Google has stitched a user’s friends and contacts list into a public Google profile, which grabs info from the likes of Twitter. Anyone interested in using the tool needs to first sign up to a Google account - if they don’t have one already, that is.

“If you use Gmail, we'll also include your chat buddies and contacts in your friends, family, and coworkers groups. And if you use Google Reader, we'll include some websites from your subscriptions as part of your social search results,” said the firm.


Monday, October 26, 2009

How To Be A Patriot And Prove Your Love For The USA


By Chimp

1. Wear clothing with the USA flag on it, like a dress, t-shirt or cap in red, white and blue. A flag lapel pin would top it off nicely.

2. If you have a private home, a US flag should always be visible. If an apartment, a flag should become your drapes.

3. Have a flag on your car, instead of your team banner. A bumper sticker with, “America, love it or leave it” would top it off.

4. Keep a close eye on your neighbors, especially if they are dark-skinnned and wear funny clothes, and report any unusual activities to the police or FBI.

5. Build a bomb shelter in your basement to protect you from the next nuclear attack from Iran or other Muslim countries that hate us for our freedoms.

6. Watch FOX News on a daily basis so you will know the latest terror alert and who America’s enemies are, besides our current president.

7. Send cash donations to Israel so they can protect us from Middle Eastern terrorists by exterminating all Muslims.

8. Actively oppose any new programs proposed by President Obama, no matter how great they sound. He is not one of us.

9. Ask your Christian Church to erect a statue to George W. Bush, as God spoke to him and so, he must be a saint.

10. Support a law that requires all employees to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance to the flag” before beginning their day of work.


CDC Concedes Secretly that Vaccines have a Link to Autism


VIDEO - Embedding disabled by request


The FBI Tells Americans to Watch Fox News for REAL NEWS



Suppressed episodes of History Channel's Kennedy assassination documentary now on Youtube


See also LBJ Killed JFK

15 parts on Youtube of the missing final three episodes.

Episode 7:The Smoking Gun
Episode 8:The Love Affair
Episode 9:The Guilty

This examination of the latest theories about the J.F.K. assassination & cover-up was shown once in November, 2003 and quickly suppressed, due mainly to outrage and threat of a lawsuit by family and former associates of L.B.J. who is targeted in the documentary as being a lead conspirator in the Kennedy assassination plot and other murders as well.

You can watch the entire documentary, in 15 nine-minute segments, from my YouTube channel.

Contains lots of shocking interviews with believable witnesses. Fact or Fiction? Judge for yourself.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Nobel Audacity Prize Goes to Cheney


If there were a Nobel Audacity Prize, former Vice-President Dick Cheney would deserve to win it, hands-down.

This guy is unbelievable. He’s taking President Obama to task for “dithering” by not immediately sending 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

So, here’s a guy who, along with President Bush, had 7 years to straighten things out in Afghanistan.

For all practical purposes, nothing tied their hands — not the Constitution (e.g., the declaration of war requirement), not the Congress, not the courts, and not the UN. Here was omnipotent government in action.

Yet, despite having the power to do whatever they wanted in their invasion, occupation, and rebuilding of Afghanistan, seven years later, as Bush and Cheney were exiting Washington, U.S. troops were still occupying the country, and, even worse, things were going from bad to worse, as reflected by the call to send in thousands of more troops to fortify the occupation.


“Outrage” Questions Charlie Crist Closet Gayness


HBO documentary 'Outrage' hits hypocritical gay politicians with an angry call to clean the closet.

The word "outrage" barely begins to capture the tone of this new documentary on gay public officials who vote against the interests of the gay community because they're afraid to come out of their own closets.

Dick's film declares up front that there is a widespread conspiracy among closeted gay lawmakers, who often publicly speak and vote as "social conservatives" opposing basic rights for gay people.

It gets more investigative with politicians whose sexual preference has been questioned and who deny they are gay.

This group includes former New York Mayor Ed Koch, former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, former U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

Crist, "Outrage" notes, has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate. Meanwhile, the film charges he was instrumental in winning approval for an anti-gay-marriage amendment to the Florida constitution and he has kept Florida from allowing gay adoptions.

Crist is now married, for the second time, a situation "Outrage" strongly suggests is a sham for cynical political purposes.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

George W. Bush set to become motivational speaker


He left office with the US embroiled in two wars, a Great Recession and with his approval rating a toxic 22 per cent. So the next stage in his career is obvious. George W Bush — who last year inspired millions of people to vote Democrat — is about to become a highly-paid motivational speaker.


Webmaster's Commentary:

I thought for a moment that this had to be some sort of sick joke.

It is not.

It does, however, lead to one inescapable conclusion: this man is absolutely out of his mind.


Auto-Tune the News #9: Nobel. health care. United Nations.



FCC Allows News/Fox to lie with Impunity


In case you didn't kow. There is no law or regulation that stops a 'news' organization from lying.

FCC's policy against the intentional falsification of the news which the FCC has called its News Distortion Policy -- does not qualify as a "law, rule, or regulation".

So there you have it. Fox can lie at will and there aint diddly anyone can do about it.

The FOX loyal are a freaky bunch, but they don't look that in-shape, tough or smart.

They are a side show for entertainment purposes and to remind us about the dangers of unfettered TV watching and junk food with our junk journalism.


How Did America Fall So Fast?


In 2000, America was described as the sole remaining superpower – or even the world’s “hyperpower”.

Now we’re in real trouble (at the very least, you have to admit that we’re losing power and wealth in comparison with China).

As everyone knows, the war in Iraq – which will end up costing $3-5 trillion dollars – was launched based upon false justifications. Indeed, the government apparently planned both the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war before 9/11.

And the financial system collapsed last year due to looting and fraud.


Seymour Hersh: Military Is Waging War Against The White House



In addition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States military is also fighting a war against the Obama administration at the White House, Seymour Hersh said in a little-noted speech at Duke University on October 13.

The military is "in a war against the White House -- and they feel they have Obama boxed in," he said.

Hersh, a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist who exposed the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Abu Ghraib scandal in Iraq, sees an undercurrent of racism in the Pentagon's dealings with the White House.

"They think he's weak and the wrong color. Yes, there's racism in the Pentagon. We may not like to think that, but it's true and we all know it."

As Neil Offen writes in the Durham Herald Sun:

"A lot of people in the Pentagon would like to see him get into trouble," he said. By leaking information that the commanding officer in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, says the war would be lost without an additional 40,000 American troops, top brass have put Obama in a no-win situation, Hersh contended.

"If he gives them the extra troops they're asking for, he loses politically," Hersh said. "And if he doesn't give them the troops, he also loses politically."

Hersh considers the worsening situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan as the principal test of the Obama presidency, which will require the cooperation of the top military brass.

Obama must face up to the military, Hersh said. "He's either going to let the Pentagon run him or he has to run the Pentagon." If he doesn't, according to Hersh, "this stuff is going to be the ruin of his presidency."


Cream-pie-faced comedian Soupy Sales dies


Soupy Sales, 83, a loose-limbed comedian whose goofy skits, slapstick antics and pie-tossing shenanigans made him one of the country's most popular television stars of the 1950s and '60s, died Oct. 22 at a hospice in the Bronx, N.Y.

He had a variety of health problems, but the cause of death was not reported.

Mr. Sales gained early fame in the 1950s as the host of a daytime children's TV show in Detroit and always had a strong following among young people (college kids), who appreciated his groaning puns, silly dances and runaway train of thought.

At various times, he had three live shows on national television, which featured Mr. Sales chatting with puppets and guest stars, mangling the language or making outrageous puns in a segment called "Words of Wisdom" and -- on practically every show -- getting smacked in the face with a cream pie or three.

On his own program, Mr. Sales frequently bantered with stagehands and with a gallery of puppets that included Pookie (a wry, hipster lion), White Fang ("the meanest dog in the United States," who merely grunted expressively and was seen only as a large, furry paw), Black Tooth ("the biggest and sweetest dog in the United States" who also appeared as a furry paw and gave Mr. Sales slurpy, offscreen kisses) and Hobart and Reba (two puppets who lived in a potbellied stove).

Mr. Sales invented such recurring characters as Philo Kvetch, an incompetent private eye, and Peaches, an annoying girlfriend portrayed by Mr. Sales in drag.

His jokes combined Borscht Belt fare with a broad humor that appealed to children:

"Is there any soup on the menu?"

"Yes, but I wiped it off."

"Show me a country that has only pink automobiles . . . and I'll show you a pink carnation."

Critics blasted Mr. Sales for presenting "a mishmash of mediocrity" intended for "kids with low IQs," but his show was undeniably popular and became a favorite of college students and teenagers.

It was something of a romping, vaguely subversive "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" and was even called by a New York Post critic a "phantasmagoria of Dada." His influence can be seen today in the Muppets, the faux-naif irony of Pee-wee Herman and the freestyle dances of comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Johnston Watch: '90% Sure' There Will Be Full Frontal


The contract is signed, ladies and gentleman, this thing is really going to happen. No one is disclosing cash figures yet, but it's more than the $25,000 he was originally offered.

And there might be wang!


I'm Working for Walmart - A Blues Song by Steve Deasy



Media Matters coordinates campaign against 'lethal' Fox


Fox News is engaged in a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week political campaign against the Obama administration, the progressive movement, and the entire progressive agenda.

There is no real distinction between its "opinion" and so-called "news" programs.

They both display the same contempt for journalistic standards, objectivity, and accuracy.


RUMOR: FOX News to change name to "FOX Neo Con Comedy Channel"


Shoes fly as Bush tells audience, ‘I did not sell my soul’


"I am confident that I made decisions based on principle, that I made calls as best I could, and I did not sell my soul," Bush said.


Webmaster's Commentary:

"I mean, heck, I never had a soul to begin with!"


Israeli spies busy in the US


The U.S. air force and Department of Energy are being targeted by the Israeli intelligence service, according to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. He says the Mossad is busy at work in Nevada.