Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small and large planes can be flown into buildings by remote control


Fiction by Chimp

First Rough Story Draft

A man who has not shown signs of being distraught and who has not had unusual political leanings or affiliations, gets into his small private plane, takes off and thirty minutes later crashes into a government building killing himself and a couple of people in the building.

His alleged suicide note appears on the Internet giving his reasons for the crash and suicide. He is supposedly upset with this particular branch of the governments for problems it has caused him personally.

Later, we learn that the pilot has a company dealing in secret government projects involving the remote control of drones, pilot less aircraft most often used by the military for spying or missile attacks.

The pilot’s acquaintance in the hangar where he parks his small plane and who also owns a plane, has worked closely with the crash pilot on some secret military projects.

This acquaintance’s company was once investigated by the SEC for its role in the suspicious number of “put options” on two major airlines, speculation that a company’s stock will fall, in the days before the planes of these airlines were hijacked and crashed into large buildings causing the deaths of thousands.

We now go to the Pentagon and learn that not only are they able to fly drones by remote control, but they can also fly any aircraft with 95% accuracy. This includes small private aircrafts or large airliners.

In another scene, we learn that, at one time, the crash pilot’s acquaintance worked on retrofitting five large modern airliners with remote controls. There were no airline logos on the planes. Otherwise, the interior of the plane was a fully functional passenger liner.

We finally learn that the crash pilot learns of his acquaintance’s involvement in the crash of four airliners into major buildings causing the slaughter of thousands.

The black ops people are alerted. The crash pilot’s aircraft is retrofitted for remote control navigation. The crash pilot is drugged and strapped into a similar plane as his with the his same markings and loaded with extra fuel containers. The suicide note appears on the Internet. The government makes no attempt to remove the note as evidence in a criminal investigation.

The airplane takes off and crashes into the government building. The pilot body is burned and thus no autopsy.

The ending serves two purposes. One, the crash pilot is silenced so he can not reveal his knowledge of the hijacked airliners and two, the new “homegrown terrorist” becomes a greater American fear making it hard for congressmen to vote against reauthorizing the Patriot Act as the vote takes place a week later.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a work of fiction. Any and all names, characters, pictures, scenes, places, locations, locales, business establishments, organizations, associations, groups, entities, dominions, states, nations, governments, beliefs, circumstances, conditions, and events portrayed in this story, text, writing, symbol, image, or illustration are either fictitious or fictitiously used. Any resemblance to real or actual person (living or dead) are pure coincidence. Any resemblance to real or actual character, characters, picture, pictures, scene, scenes, place, places, location, locations, locale, locales, business establishment, business establishments, organization, organizations, association, associations, group, groups, entity, entities, dominion, dominions, state, states, nation, nations, government, governments, belief, beliefs, circumstance, circumstances, condition, conditions, event, or events that exist, exists, existed, have existed, or will exist are pure coincidence. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.


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