Candace Owens goes scorched earth on Chairman Nadler and Rep Lieu after they label her a liar for speaking the truth.

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — Right-wing political activist Candace Owens was forced to defend herself from what appears to have been a blatant concerted attack from several Democrats during a congressional hearing on Tuesday where “hate speech” was debated.

One such attack was carried out by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) who played a short fragmented audio clip of Owens talking about Adolf Hitler which the representative from California obviously took out of context.

“In congressional hearings, the minority party gets to select its own witnesses and out of all the people the Republicans selected they picked Candace Owens,” Mr. Lieu explained. “I don’t know Ms. Owens — I’m not going to characterize her — I’m going to let her own words do the talking.”

Rep. Lieu then proceded to play a 30-second clip of Owens speaking about Adolf Hitler and the word “nationalism” itself which Owens admits has been “poisoned” by definition.

The not so sly rep from California then went on to try and insinuate that Owens was somehow trying to “legitimize Adolf Hitler” to “feed into white nationalist ideology” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

In response, Ms. Owens said: “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its enirety. He purposely presented an extracted clip.”

However, Ms. Owens attempt to get the truth out was cut short by the pounding of Chairman Jerry Nadler’s gavel and another false claim by the Democrat holding it.

“The witness will suspend for a moment,” Chairman Nadler said firmly. “It is not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee — the witness may not do that again.”

Despite the fact that Owens did not in any way call any member of the committee including Rep. Lieu stupid, Nadler took it as such.

Again Owens defended herself by saying: “I didn’t refer to him as stupid that’s not what I said. That’s not what I said at all. You didn’t listen to what I said.”

“May I continue?” Owens asked.

Owens went on to explain how Rep. Lieu tied to make it appear as if she was “launching a defense of Hitler in Germany” but made clear in reality that she believes “Hitler was a homicidal psychopathicmaniac that killed his own people.”

“A nationalist would not kill their own people,” she explained. “That is exactly what I was referring to in the clip and he wanted to give you a cutout similar to what they do to Donald Trump to create a different narrative.”“That was unbelievably dishonest and he did not allow me to respond to it which is worrisome and to tell you a lot about where people are today in terms of trying to drum up narratives,” Owen explained