Friday, April 12, 2019

WATCH: Antifa thug tased, arrested after squirting ‘bleach’ on conservative speaker at YAF event!

A conservative speaker was attacked last night by a thug protester from Antifa during a speech at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Michael Knowles, a conservative political columnist for the Daily Wire, was there at the invitation of the conservative group YAF (Young Americans for Freedom).

At some point during the event as protesters were yelling, a man dressed in Antifa attire threw a liquid at Knowles, thought to be bleach, hitting him in the face. Cops quickly restrained the man and arrested him.

One person was injured and arrested following a protest at an event hosted by Young Americans for Freedom Thursday night.

The event’s speaker, Michael Knowles, a conservative political columnist for the Daily Wire, was giving a speech titled "Men are Not Women."

According to a statement released on UMKC’s Twitter, "The protest turned disruptive and after several warnings, the disruption persisted."

The arrested protestor was tackled and tased by police. Others were maced, according to those in attendance.

Protestors originally planned to stage a silent walk-out at the event before heading to the Inclusion Spring Bash at the University Walkway.

After the incident, Knowles tweeted that the protestor tried to throw bleach on him. After speaking with police, Knowles tweeted that it was instead an odorous substance designed to smell like bleach.

UMKC says it will continue to gather facts on the incident and review campus policies and procedures.




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