Monday, April 29, 2019

In America? Rapper charged with terrorism over controversial lyrics critical of police

(INTELLIHUB) — Rapper Mayhem Mal from the group Ghetto Superstar Committee has been charged with "terrorism" after the group uploaded a song titled Fuck the Police to both YouTube and Facebook which apparently constitutes a "true threat," according to new federal legal terminology.

The bombshell news posted by the Rutherford Institue on Wednesday reveals the actual nature and intent of those at the top of this so-called free country who truly pull the strings of all Americans.

A segment of the shocking report reads:

By refusing to hear the case of rapper Jamal Knox (a.k.a. "Mayhem Mal"), who was charged with making terroristic threats after posting a song critical of police on Facebook and YouTube, the U.S. Supreme Court has approved the government’s expansion of the definition of "true threats." In asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case, The Rutherford Institute in conjunction with CATO Institute, had argued that allowing the government to expand its definition of what constitutes a "true threat" could have significant chilling effects on online communications and controversial art forms, including expressive activity shared through social media such as Facebook and YouTube, particularly in an age when the government engages in unprecedented monitoring of new and ever-changing forms of expression, online and otherwise.

"Instead of targeting terrorists engaged in true threats, the government has turned ordinary citizens into potential terrorists, so that if we dare say the wrong thing in a phone call, letter, email or on the internet, especially social media, we end up investigated, charged and possibly jailed," said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. "This criminalization of free speech, which is exactly what the government’s prosecution of those who say the ‘wrong’ thing using an electronic medium amounts to, is at the heart of every case that wrestles with where the government can draw the line when it comes to expressive speech that is protected as opposed to speech that could be interpreted as connoting a criminal intent."

Despite the fact that the old school rap group N.W.A. featuring Eazy-E and Dr. Dre released a song with a similar title (Fuck tha Police) back in 1988, Americans in the year 2019 are not granted the same privileges, according to the new ruling.

That’s right folks, we no longer live in a free society and things are getting worse.

The fact is, freedom of speech is not a "true threat" to anything. However, the Democrats and the deep state see it as such because they themselves do not want to be exposed for their dirty doings.


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