Wednesday, April 24, 2019

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Avoiding Correspondent’s Dinner Is an ‘Attack Against the Media’

Whingy CNN anti-Trump obsessive Brian Stelter complained Tuesday that President Trump’s decision not to attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past weekend actually constituted an ‘attack’ on the media.

Despite the fact that the WHCD is a back slapping self-congratulatory monumental waste of time, and that the President should really have better things to do, Stelter was adamant that the snub by Trump was part of a rabid anti-media agenda.

Stelter’s CNN co-hort Brooke Baldwin teed it up for him, stating that "it is no secret the President likes to insult the free press but now we’re learning the White House is actually telling the administration officials to boycott the dinner celebrating the First Amendment."

"[L]isten, you know, say what you will about the press, this is an event that honors the First Amendment." Baldwin claimed, even though it blatantly isn’t.

"Yes. That’s what it’s about, It is an awards dinner and a fundraiser." Stelter replied.

OK, so is it about the First Amendment or is it an awards dinner? The two are not the same.

Additionally, CNN isn’t so concerned about the First Amendment when people exercise it to chant ‘CNN sucks’.

Stelter continued "In the past, presidents have shown up even if they were angry at the press at any given time and, importantly, it’s useful for White House aides to smooze with reporters."

Yeah, again, not so much First Amendment stuff being described here.

No one can recall the Constitution protecting the right to smooze.

"As you said, another example of a tradition at least being put on pause during the Trump age." Stelter added.

Or, did Trump just not show up to "smooze with reporters"?

After this blathering idiocy ended, Stelter upped the ante, describing the dinner as "another example" of "[t]his administration’s attack against the media" with "one form" being Trump "having a rally this Saturday instead of attending the dinner"

"I do think it matters mostly because what it means about these tensions continuing to escalate." Stelter added.

Watching the likes of Baldwin and Stelter grasping at thin air and attempting to mould it into evidence of Trump being an evil and violent dictator is a never ending source of cringe inducing hilarity.


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Mcurb said...

The correspondents dinner used to be a good natured affair where everyone's ox was gored. It is so acrimonious right now. There is no sense of poking fun. The hate for Trump by the media overshadows the fun. He should not be there.