Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pro-ISIS channel issues guide to buying weapons on dark web, using them against Westerners

A pro-ISIS Telegram channel has posted a step-by-step guide on how to procure weapons anonymously on the dark web and use them in revenge attacks against the West.

The message, which was written in English and directed at militant Muslims, starts off with a Q&A display on how radicals who want to avenge the death of an Islamic State (ISIS) member can do so by buying untraceable weapons.

The post also provides a tutorial that "details steps and measures to anonymously access the Deep Web through the TOR browser, anonymous email service and Bitcoins," according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The dark web is a part of the Internet that is hidden and lies beyond the reach of conventional search engines. Users are mostly anonymous and, untraceable, and they pay for services or goods with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Tor was designed as an encrypted browser that uses special coding to keep browsing histories secret.

The post on Telegram, an encrypted communication app, seeks out the "lone wolves in the land of unbelievers" and recommends LUCKP47 SHOP: the "best armory in the dark web."

The Lucky 47 Luhansk Counter Kiev Partisans Dark Market describes itself as a "paramilitary organization" and advertises that all of its weapons are "fully functional." Its page provides contact information and lists weapons – RPGs, grenades and automatic rifles -- for delivery anywhere in the world.

The Telegram post starts off asking, "Do you live with unbelievers in the same country, the same city, in the same building?"

In increasingly alarming language, it continues: "Every day you see on the news your brothers in #Baghouz being killed by atomic bombs, banned missiles and Phosphorous shells?... You want to take revenge right?...You want to make unbelievers bleed? You want to make them pay for killing children and woman in #Baghouz and in every state of the #Dawlah (Islamic State)?"

The question-and-answer part of the advertisement continues:

Q: Do you have a rifle?

A: No

Q: A pistol?

A: No

Q: You got money?

A: Yes. Allah be praised.

Next it says, "Okay brother follow these steps and by the willing of Allah you will find what you need!"

The message goes on to describe in detail how to set up and access the dark web, warns to only use emails that offer client-end encryption or decryption, instructs interested parties to stop javascript when on the dark web, and shows how to create a cryptocurrency wallet.

According to MEMRI, the last part of the post was written by a known ISIS operative.

He boasts: "Finally you can buy all weapons that you need to make unbelievers bleed inside their cities!! You can even buy Frag grenades and all type of ammunition. And remember that: a disbeliever and a believer who killed him will never be gathered together in hell."



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