Monday, April 29, 2019

U.N. eroding U.S. sovereignty

The United Nations is helping out the migrant caravans that are making a mockery of our immigration laws and asylum process, once again raising the question of why in the world the U.S. is still forking over millions of tax-payer dollars to the organization.

According to research from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is providing support and assistance to the large caravans of migrants coming out of Central America and has sent at least 45 staff members to assist their efforts to enter the United States:

The UNHCR has stated that refugees and asylum-seekers from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have been forced into displacement by a confluence of factors that have led to an escalating situation of chronic violence and insecurity. These factors range from the influence of organized crime such as drug cartels and urban gangs to the limited national capacity—compounded by corruption, poverty, and exclusion—of UN member states to provide protection. However, these factors are not recognized by U.S. law as criteria for asylum.

"We wish to reiterate and underline that any individuals within that group that are fleeing persecution and violence, they need to be given access to territory and they need to be allowed to exercise their fundamental human rights to seek asylum and have access to refugee status determination procedures," says UNCHR spokesman Charlie Yaxlie.

The vast majority of would-be immigrants from Central America do not have claimes that meet the statutory threshold for asylum outlined in United States law. And are a high flight risk if released into the United States interior with instructions to come back for later court dates.

What the United Nations is helping to perpetuate, under the guise of humanitarian aid, is a public health crisis at the already overwhelmed border, support of international crime syndicates and the destabilization of the United States sovereignty.

As it stands, the United States is the largest financial backer of the UN providing over one-fifth of the regular budget and almost 30 percent of the peacekeeping budget, according to a 2018 Congressional Research Service


Now that the organization is directly assisting in the erosion of our sovereignty in the midst of a full-blown border crisis, it might be time to re-evaluate those numbers.


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