Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dems' Hypocrisy Soars To New Highs When They Refuse To Say 9/11 Was Committed By Terrorists

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been in Congress a little over four months. During that time period she has made a splash...and not in a good way. She's made numerous anti-Semitic comments and the Left has continually gone to bat for her. They've made excuse after excuse about how how Omar "speaks her truth," when she questions other people's allegiances to Israel. During a recent event Omar was caught saying "some people" were responsible for September 11th.

That's right.

"Some people."

Not terrorists.

Not extremists.

"Some people."

President Donald Trump tweeted a video with footage from 9/11, along with Omar repeatedly saying "some people" to point out the truly disgusting logic.

And, once again, the Left went after President Trump, saying he was inciting violence against Omar.

Somehow, Trump is responsible for Omar's disgusting comments?

The Left will do anything in their power to tear down Trump, even when he did nothing wrong.

Now, #IStandWithIlhanOmar is trending on Twitter. And it's being used to condemn Trump's video.

The Left is "exhausted" with the daily comments made about Omar and the threats being made against her. They say conservatives are silent about the danger Omar is being put in.

Let's get something straight: Omar puts herself in these situations when she makes really dumb, unthoughtful comments.

"Some people" committed the attacks on September 11th?


Extremist Muslim terrorists who wanted to commit mass carnage committed these heinous actions. Not calling them terrorists is a way of downplaying what took place. Omar is verbally stomping on the graves of roughly 3,000 Americans who lost their lives on that tragic day...simply because they're American.

Conservatives were quick to remind people who are using the hashtag of the disgust:

Democrats need to do some soul searching.

Since when is it a bad thing to call out terrorists for killing innocent people? Since when are we such a triggered society that we're constantly thinking about how other people feel when we say it's wrong for innocent people to die because others hate their race, religion and nationality?

Democrats need to stand up and answer the question: what is a terrorist? And when will they call someone a terrorist? How many people have to die before their actions are considered "terrorist acts?" 100? 1,000? 10,00? What is their threshold.

It's sad that the one thing that brought every American together – the idea that we will NEVER forget the innocent lives taken on September 11th – is now something that is dividing us.

This isn't a right vs. left issue. This is a right vs. wrong issue. But clearly morality is out the window.



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