Monday, January 26, 2009

Republicans Want More Welfare For The Rich In Obama’s Stimulus – Less Help For The People


By Chimpplanet

Republicans have taken issue with the large chunk of funding in the stimulus package — some $300 billion all told — that will go to shore up the budgets of states.

That figure includes billions in state aid to education and such controversial pieces as millions in spending for family-planning initiatives.

It all goes back to politics and taking care of the large corporations. The Republicans don’t want Obama to be successful by pleasing middle class America. They want to continue spending the taxpayers’ dollars to give to banks, Wall Street, war profiteers and Israel.

Our basic American institutions have suffered tremendously under eight years of George Bush with cuts in education and the US infrastructure so they can continue in their wars that make large profits for oil companies, war machinery companies and the Bush family in general. Our population has no jobs, no medical care, low education and many are homeless so the Republicans want to give more free money to banks so they can pay bonuses to their sales people and CEOs.

Congress should concentrate on rebuilding America by creating jobs, by not allowing companies to operate in the US if their headquarters are not in the US.

You know how it’s claimed that when a poor person goes on welfare they stay on it forever? Well, the same is true for corporate welfare. Once the banks, Wall Street and bankrupt corporations get that free money, they will continue to expect this handout forever.

If we could read their minds, these Republicans would say, “Why give this money to the states since they will only waste it on employee salaries, education, roads, medical care and feeding of the poor.

We can better use this money in trying to find WMDs in Iraq and in trying to find Osama bin Laden and keeping Guantanamo open.

Also in helping the poor Israelis defend themselves from those highly armed Palestinians and to keep the Israeli nukes in good shape and to keep their lobby in Washington strong.

We also want the rich to continue their lavish lifestyles by giving them large tax breaks so they can dine and shop as they are accustomed.”



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