Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The FLAWED Pew Global Poll of Nations That Love Bush


By Chimpplanet

The Newsweek Article states:
The Pew Global Poll last month found that majorities in 20 of the 24 nations surveyed have little or no confidence in him, with his negative ratings topping 80 percent in major powers like France and Germany.

The three nations where Pew found a majority with confidence in Bush included India, Tanzania and Nigeria.

I don't understand why they call it a "Global Poll" if Pew Polled only 24 out of the 192 countries in the world or less than 13%.

But the most startling results (and I'm just a dumb layman) is that two African countries out of the 24 worldwide countries liked Bush. The problem is that there are 53 countries in Africa and how many were polled? Two? Tanzania and Nigeria only? The two that loved Bush?

And on top of all that, the third country that favored Bush was India. How did India get into this "Global" Poll?

Did they say, "Let's see, let's pick 21 European countries that we know hate Bush and let's pick 2 African countries and India that we know love Bush, and WE HAVE A SCIENTIFIC POLL."?

Any time you take a "global" poll and you pick the countries to be polled, the poll is rigged, as the results are the results you expected before you even did the poll.

The other question I have, is, "Did they poll a good sampling of the people or just the government?" as these two groups usually have completely opposing responses.

A statement PEW makes on their web site is:

"Nearly half of Americans (46%) view the current government in Iran as a "great danger" to stability in the Middle East and to world peace, up from 26% in 2003. "

The reason this figure grew from 26% to 46% in three years is that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and all the Conservative talking heads and the corporate media have been beating the drums of war against a "noo-koo-lar" Iran.

Here's a good explanation of the results:

What is a good poll and what is a bad poll? Some people take a narrow view. Looking at a poll result in the paper or hearing one over the air, a good poll is a poll that pleases them. They like it even better if a large majority agrees with them. A bad poll is one whose findings they don't like and they prefer not to know or think about. We can do better!

That's why I don't trust polls. The results will be the one that are expected by the current government and corporations in control.


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