Wednesday, November 14, 2018

WATCH: Al Sharpton Claims Trump Admin ‘Has Declared War’ On ‘Our Communities’

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MSNBC host Al Sharpton, arguably one of the most divisive people in politics, claimed this week that the Trump administration had “declared war” on “our communities.”

While speaking on Tuesday at the National Action Network Legislative & Policy Conference, Sharpton appeared to imply that President Donald Trump and his administration have been targeting African-Americans and minorities.

“We cannot keep telling people in our community to come out and vote and then we don’t know what is the agenda and what is going to be accomplished. Voting rights, healthcare particularity pre-existing conditions, criminal justice reform, where are we on these issues and what are they going to do?” Sharpton said.

He added: “The Democrats have now taken a majority in the House. Well, what is going to be the agenda? We cannot go from fighting to get a majority to who’s going to be the Speaker. That is not out agenda. Our agenda is who’s going to get Johnny home that shouldn’t be doing 40 years in jail? All this Beltway politics does not work on Main Street or Martin Luther King Boulevard.”
Sharpton then said the Trump administration had declared war on “us.”

“So we want to hear from our senators and our congress people on their vision, and we want to visit them and have dialogue with them. And we want them to know, by having these amount of people from these amount of states here, lets them know, ‘We are going to be in your face.’ We didn’t just vote and go home. We didn’t go vote and go back and eat turkey. We are ready for action because we are in an administration that has declared war on us and we want to know whose side everybody is on. Am I right?” Sharpton declared.

Watch below:

Earlier this month, Sharpton accused President Trump of playing the “race card.”
While joining the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Sharpton was asked about Trump revealing that he was planning to use an executive order to end birthright citizenship.

Sharpton accused Trump of probably having not read the 14th Amendment, but also implied the president was only considering the action because he was playing the race card.
“This is all about him trying to stir up his base. He doesn’t mean any of this. He’s playing the race card. He’s playing the immigrant card. And I don’t think he has even read the 14th amendment. It’s like when they asked him his favorite Bible scripture he said all of them.”

Aside from the legal debate, it’s also incredibly mind-boggling to see Sharpton accuse anyone of playing the race card.

This is the same guy who claimed last month that Trump supporters are people who “go to the lynching after clothing themselves in morality.”

Sharpton also came under fire in September for using singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral to claim Trump doesn’t know what “respect” means.

The tax-dodger continues to say whatever he can to get more media attention.

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