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SURPRISE! Donations To Clinton Foundation Take 90% Nosedive

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Hmm... Can't Sell Classified Information To China Anymore Or Uranium To Russia So The "Money Laundering" Clinton Foundation Falling On Hard Times

The Clinton Foundation has suffered a massive decrease in donations over a three-year span according to financial documents posted by a website called Zero Hedge. The documents show a decrease in monetary donations of about 90% from the years 2014 to 2017. To help provide clarity and verify the information, the very same documents are also on the Clinton Foundation website dated November 15, 2016 and November 9, 2018.

Back in January of this year, it was announced that the FBI had been investigating the Clinton Foundation for months based on a probe from 2016. This could be a contributing factor in the Clinton Foundation donations declining. Of course, it could also be tied directly to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election of 2016, and those who expected her to win had reduced donations (speculation, of course). She was defeated by Donald Trump who is currently serving as president and halfway through his first term.

Backtrack to July of 2016 and an article by the Washington Examiner discusses information involving an IRS investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Their article stated, "IRS officials are investigating the Clinton Foundation for alleged fraud after dozens of lawmakers asked the tax agency to open an inquiry.

A spokeswoman for Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., who led the effort to demand an investigation, told the Washington Examiner that the IRS has referred her request to its Exempt Organizations Examinations program.

The move signals a shift from the IRS’s announcement last year that it would not look into allegations of financial irregularities at the well-connected charity amid controversy over its acceptance of foreign donations while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state."

Federal investigations and a 2016 loss in the presidential election could be direct determining factors that might have lead to such a drastic decrease in the number of donations sent to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary is doing the book and speaking tours instead of being president, so it does not appear that she’s in a powerful position, which theoretically could also contribute to Clinton Foundation receiving less from donors.

A message posted on Twitter shows a quick rundown of the donation decline. Of course, even more information in it’s totality is available in the two financial documents listed and linked above, but this sums it up.

"This is jaw-dropping. The Clinton Foundation’s 2017 annual report is finally online–WOW. Lots to unpack but digest this nugget:

2015 Total Contributions: $182.5M

2016 Total Contributions: $135.4M

2017 Total Contributions: $22.8M 😭

Twitter user "@thebradfordfile" has an interesting view on it, referencing a "pay to play" concept that many connect the Clinton family to in various articles.

The Washington Times published an article in 2016 titled "The Clintons’ top 10 pay-to-play scandals."

Their list is as follows:
1. Clinton ally aided the wife of an FBI agent who was investigating Mrs. Clinton’s email server
2. King of Morocco agreed to donate $12 million to Clinton Foundation and host a Clinton Global Initiative summit only if Mrs. Clinton attended a 2015 meeting
3. Bill Clinton gets $1 million birthday present from Qatar for 5 minute meeting request
4. "Friends of Bill" (FOB) rewarded at State Department after 2010 Haiti earthquake
5. Crown Prince of Bahrain (a "good friend" of the Clinton Foundation) sought special access to Secretary Clinton
6. Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. Gave Clinton Foundation Donors Weapons Deals

7. Clinton State Dept. approved transfer of 20 percent of U.S. Uranium to Russian Government, as Clinton Foundation took in $145 million in donations from investors of the deal
8. A For-Profit University Put Bill Clinton on Its Payroll and received an increase in funding by Mrs. Clinton’s State Department
9. The Clintons’ have made at least $26 million in speaking fees from entities who are top Clinton Foundation donors
10. Clinton Foundation cashed in as Sweden lobbied Clinton’s State Department on Iranian sanctions
There are many reasons why contributions to the Clinton Foundation might be down approximately 90%, making it difficult to pinpoint one particular reason.


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