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Cameras installed in airline seats now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

If being subjected to radiation and groped at the airport wasn’t enough, now airline passengers will be monitored in their seats by CCTV cameras that can randomly take pictures of you, watch you eat, and pick your nose. In Hong Kong, individual camera screens are being installed in every headrest, glaring at each passenger.

Hong-Kong based Cathay Pacific has installed "entertainment screens" in the back of every airline seat. These screens are equipped with cameras that can surreptitiously monitor every passenger’s movements and personal preferences. The only place where cameras aren’t installed – the airline reassures – is in the bathrooms.

Airline to intimately monitor each passenger to "fulfill business needs"

Cathay Pacific implemented the new policy so they can exploit your behaviors, your personal preferences, and analyze your feedback to improve their marketing and sales. The airline said they may store the data indefinitely or "as long as necessary." The data they collect on passengers includes "information such as previous travel arrangements, feedback about your experiences, details of lost luggage and other claims, your use of our in-flight entertainment system and in-flight connectivity, your images captured via CCTV in our airport lounges and aircraft."

The images will be used to build a detailed database on every passenger. Everything a passenger does at the airport and every program they watch on the plane will be analyzed. Everything they ask for will be scrutinized. Every facial feature and expression will also be analyzed, providing a psychological profile on every passenger. In this way, authorities can predict future behavior and marketers can best exploit passenger’s needs and wants.

In an interview Sun Online Travel, a Cathay Pacific spokesperson said, "We will retain the personal data as long as is necessary to fulfill business needs."

No guarantee personal information will be kept secure

In their new policy, Cathay Pacific reassures that they will do the best they can to make sure personal information is kept secure, but they admit, "no data transmission over the internet … can be guaranteed to be secure from intrusion." In fact, Cathay Pacific suffered a major data breach in 2018, losing personal information on 9.4 million passengers. That information included identity cards and passport numbers.

If hacking wasn’t a big enough problem already, the airline also admits that all the personal information they collect can be shared with "third party partners for marketing purposes." Of course, many people will enjoy being exploited over time, as their photos and behaviors are analyzed to "personalize their experience." The entertainment devices can be used to make video calls in-between seats and to contact the flight crew. Still, many passengers are not comfortable with big brother staring them in the face during the flight and monitoring their every move.

Cathay Pacific isn’t the only airline to roll out individual in-flight cameras for every seat. United Airlines, Delta, American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have all rolled out their own version of mid-flight surveillance in the past year. The devices, equipped with cameras, have come under scrutiny from passengers. The airlines were eventually forced to cover up the cameras to "reassure customers" that they weren’t being exploited 24-7.

Still, it appears that airlines are becoming much like Facebook, Google Android devices, and spy machines like Amazon Alexa. They are mining your personal data and behaviors to create a psychological profile on you so they can manipulate you into being a good little consumer or an obedient subject of an ever-encroaching police state.


For more on this topic, check out PrivacyWatch.News.

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Epstein Prison Guards "Not Cooperating" With DOJ Probe

Employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life last week are not cooperating with the Justice Department investigators according to Fox News.

Two senior DOJ officials sent by Attorney General William Barr have been on-site at MCC while the agency's Inspector General investigates the situation. According to a senior DOJ official, Barr said that "serious irregularities" had been uncovered at the jail.

The night of Epstein's death, correctional officers did not check on the extremely high-profile prisoner for "several hours" before he died, despite being required to look in on him every 30 minutes. Moreover, guards are suspected of falsifying log entries to show that they were checking as required, according to the Associated Press.

In response, officials with the Federal Bureau of Prisons have been on-site at MCC to assist with the investigation.

BOP officials from various regional offices have also been sent to the Manhattan facility to lend their expertise and insight. In addition, a separate BOP "After Action Team" went to MCC earlier this week in an effort to examine what happened the night Epstein died. The use of the "After Action Team" is part of BOP protocol whenever a "significant event takes place at a prison.

Epstein was found dead in his cell on Aug. 10. Earlier Friday, New York City's medical examiner officially ruled the 66-year-old's death a suicide by hanging.

Fox News has also learned that 20 of 21 prison staff posts were filled between the hours of 4 p.m. and 12 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 9, the day before Epstein was found. Of those prison workers, six of them were working voluntary overtime. Between 12 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 10, 18 of 19 staff posts were filled. Of those 18 staffers, 10 were working overtime and all but one of those were doing so voluntarily. -Fox News

Two staffers have been placed on administrative leave, while MCC's warden was reassigned pending the investigation.

"It is indisputable that the authorities violated their own protocols," said Epstein's attorneys, Martin Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller. "The defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of Mr. Epstein’s death including if necessary legal action to view the pivotal videos - if they exist as they should - of the area proximate to Mr. Epstein's cell during the time period leading to his death."

Epstein's attorneys also addressed the deceased pedophile's controversial autopsy, which concluded that he hanged himself using bed-sheets, breaking his hyoid bone near the Adam's apple. This is typically only broken during strangulation victims, however they can also be broken via hanging - particularly if the person is older.

"We are not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner," they said, adding "We will have a more complete response in the coming days" (and will bill Epstein's estate accordingly, we're sure).

Meanwhile, several women are suing Epstein's estate, claiming he sexually abused them.

The suit, filed Thursday in a federal court in New York, claims the women were working as hostesses at a popular Manhattan restaurant in 2004 when they were recruited to give Epstein massages. One was 18 at the time. The other was 20.

The lawsuit says an unidentified female recruiter offered the hostesses hundreds of dollars to provide massages to Epstein, saying he 'liked young, pretty girls to massage him,' and wouldn't engage in any unwanted touching. The women say Epstein groped them anyway.

One plaintiff now lives in Japan, the other in Baltimore. They seek $100 million in damages, citing depression, anxiety, anger and flashbacks.

Other lawsuits, filed over many years by other women, accused him of hiring girls as young as 14 or 15 to give him massages, then subjecting them to sex acts. -Daily Mail

Epstein had faced up to 45 years in prison if found guilty of exploiting dozens of underage girls at his residences in Manhattan and Florida between 2002 and 2005.


Huge Epstein Revelation! Truth Hides in Details! If a "Hyoid" Bone Breaks You Can't Talk!

The hyoid bone is a horseshoe-shaped bone situated in the anterior midline of the neck between the chin and the thyroid cartilage. At rest, it lies at the level of the base of the mandible in the front and the third cervical vertebra behind.

I love you brother,your channel is’s a beacon of light in a sea of darkness.I see so much negativity on YouTube channels while I’m in search of truth..a lot of channels which speak on a lot of the same events you speak on but they often leave you feeling like we have already been defeated.while you often speak on some pretty depressing events,you always have a positive attitude and always give me is greatly appreciated,your channel is truly a blessing to me..thank you for everything you do..God bless G.F.

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Trump PRAISES New Hampshire lawmaker who said Hillary should be shot by firing squad for treason and called her 'a piece of garbage'

Trump also praised his former informal adviser, Al Baldasaro for making it to every rally he gave in New Hampshire during his 2016 presidential campaign
  • On radio in 2016, the lawmaker, Al Baldasaro, said: 'Hilary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason'
  • He accused the then-Democratic nominee for the presidency of betraying her country in the events leading up to the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi Libya 

    Found! Ghislaine Maxwell is spotted tucking into a burger and fries at an In-N-Out burger joint in Los Angeles in first photos since billionaire pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein's death

    Ghislaine Maxwell, 57, spotted at In-N-Out restaurant in California on Monday 

  • It is the first time the socialite has been seen since close friend Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide while awaiting trial for sex crimes 
  • When confronted, she said: 'Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!' 
  • Maxwell has been accused of procuring underage girls for Epstein to abuse, claims that she has denied

    Deep State Kill Teams Involved In Recent Mass Shootings ?


    Today on TRUNEWS we discuss how the Epstein pedophile “suicide” coverup and the mysterious mass murder in El Paso are prime examples of American Irgun styled death squads enforcing a bloody coup against a once free and armed people.


    Bill Clinton Blue Dress and Red Shoes... Member of Red Shoe Pedovore Club???

    Bill Clinton Blue Dress And Red Shoes… Member Of Red Shoe Pedovore Club???



    Bill Maher Of Kid Love Productions, Wears Red Shoes… Do You Know What This Symbolizes?

    Epstein Island Temple Photo Interior Reveals… Slave Mattresses?

    Epstein Island Temple Is Not A Temple… It Is Really A Dungeon Entrance With Ocean View! Featuring Alleged Temple Lock (Medieval-Style) And Secret Elevator…

    Who Was Caught On Camera Possibly Filleting A Human At Epstein Island on July 19, 2013? Date Important Says Q!

    Q Suggests Hillary’s Cellphone Accidentally Recorded Secret Satanic Temple Activities At Epstein Island!

    Jeffrey Epstein…  Situation Much Worse Than Reported… Pedo Island Horrors Via Ray Chandler Instagram Suggest Cannibalism,Torture, Killroom Ceremonies!

    Thursday, August 15, 2019

    Epstein Judge & NYPD Cop Died as Markets Plummet

    The Epstein Distraction is working

    Rather than focusing on the coming Depression we are all looking at the latest “Tid Bits” surrounding Jeffery Epstein

    Consider that the evidence has been in the hands of the DOJ of over 10 years – or 2,0000 Working Days – Yet NO Arrests - NONE -  ZERO - GOOSE EGGS

    VIDEO:::  Epstein Judge & Cop Found Dead As Dow Down 700 Points – YouTube

    There is another Pedophile Island on an Island just north of Cuba and one in Sumatra



    I am going through all of the Epstein files and highlighting the important information. Here are my findings on the first 300 pages I went through today

    Link to the file for all the citations provided: – Combined pdf

    Page 10

    – more women then just Maxwell who got girls for Epstein is claimed.

    – Maxwell ‘primary co-conspirator’.

    – Maxwell and Epstein converted Giuffre into a sex slave

    – Maxwell appreciated immunity from earlier case.

    – Maxwell took photos

    – Giuffre was trafficked to "powerful individuals" including internationally by Maxwell and Epstein.

    – Forced to have sex with prince Andrew in Maxwell’s apartment. Maxwell acted as a ‘madam’ for Epstein.

    – Giuffre was forced to watch other underaged girls have sex with Epstein, Maxwell and others.

    Page 12 – 14

    – Numerous witness corroborate the statements Giuffre made in her joinder motion

    – Witness listed including flight logs, police reports, sex slave books order by Epstein, evidence sent by Maxwell, a black book Epstein had, psychological records, a message pad, hospital records, and named witnesses and depositions.

    – Claimed to be forced to have sex with Alan Dershowitz, Jean Luc Brunel, and more including, prominent American politicians, Powerful business executives, Foreign President, well-know prime minister, other world leaders.

    Page 15

    – After 4 years as a sex slave Giuffre escaped to foreign country and hid for years.

    – However, it appears she was with him for two years between 2000-2002 after new evidence emerged.

    – Giuffre suggested the government was part of the conspiracy when it secretly negotiated a NPA with Epstein and his co-conspirators. Alleges they did it because it would shin light on powerful individuals.

    – Denies she has suggested this and mentions the CVRA Action relates to whether they failed in their responsibilities.


    – Other jane doe cannot corroborate Giuffre but both appear to claim to not know each other and the patterns of abuse are similar in many regards.

    Page 28

    – Giuffre has written a book on the events but not published it.

    Page 34

    – Giuffre Flew with Epstein at least 32 times between Dec 11 2000 to July 28 2001, and June 21 2002 to august 21 2002.

    Page 36

    – She worked at the Club at Mar-a-lago sometime in fall 2000 including many other places that year.

    – At Mar-a-lago she worked as a "seasonal" spa attendant after turning 17.

    – Giuffre disputes this claiming actual dates not listed by mar-a-lago and some records seem to indicate she worked there during the summer.

    Page 37

    – Giuffre represented herself as a masseuse for Epstein, they met at mar-a-lago. She told her father she got a job for Epstein as a masseuse.

    – Her father took her to Epstein’s house at least once, Epstein introduced himself.

    – However, Giuffre denies this pointing out that working as a masseur would have been illegal for her to do as a minor with no high school diploma. She claims Maxwell approached her while she was spa attendant. Her father did drive her and Maxwell took her and then taught her how to give massages.

    Page 38

    – Epstein and Maxwell turned that into a sexual encounter and offered money and better life in return for sexual demands.

    – She served people for sex not as a masseur.

    – Alessi states, Epstein’s house manager, would drive Maxwell to places prepared ahead to time to recruit girls.

    – Another girl Sjoberg was also recruited.

    Page 40

    – While one if Epstein’s regular pilots kept logs, Dave Rodgers, Epstein’s had another pilot who did not keep such logs and also traveled by commercial occasionally.

    Page 41

    – Giuffre flew at least 32 times but claims more

    – Maxwell admits the flights logs are incomplete and had multiple pilots with multiple aircraft and only Rodgers kept logs.

    Page 42

    – Giuffre claims she received $10,000 after being forced to have sex with prince Andrew in London at Maxwell’s home and bought a car with the money.

    Page 43

    – Giuffre traveled to Thailand in September 2002 to received formal training in masseuse.

    Page 44

    – Giuffre claim she was also sent to Thailand to recruit another underaged girl.

    – At this point rather then returning she escaped to Australia with her new husband and hid.

    Page 47

    – Another co-conspirator named Kellen scheduled the appointments with underaged girls.

    – After Giuffre escaped her ex boyfriend says he was recruited by Maxwell to procure underaged girls.

    Exihibit NN

    – Nothing to important it appears

    Exhibit OO Page 82

    – Sharon Churcher seems to admit Giuffre had no evidence or proof Alan Dershowitz was a pedo but seems to be asking if they ever hung out.

    Exhibit PP

    Page 88

    – Confidential Video deposition of Virginia Giuffre

    – Defendant Ghislaine Maxwell

    Pages from deposition missing

    Page 97 (439)

    – Giuffre claims that in Churcher’s article the statement "Donald Trump is a good friend of Jeffrey’s. He didn’t partake in any sex with any of us, but he flirted with me. He’d laugh and tell Jeffrey, ‘you’ve for the life‘" is incorrect.

    Page 101 (442)

    – Giuffre clarifies what is and isn’t true in the statement. Donald Trump was a friend of Epstein but did not have sex with any of the girls or flirt with Giuffre. He also never told Trump "you got the life"

    Page 102 (443)

    – Guiffre Clarifies she never say Donald have sex with any of the ‘girls’ in her presence but had met him a few times.

    – Donald Trump was never in her presence with her with any of the ‘other girls’.

    – Her Dad seems to have known Donald trump and talked when they say each other and was there at least once when they met.

    Page 103 (444)

    – Giuffre had never been in Donald Trump presence while at the same time being in the presence of Epstein.

    – Jeffrey was the one who told Giuffre they were good friends, but she never observed them together.

    – She never saw him at Epstein’s island, New Mexico, or New York that she can remember.

    Page 105 (447)

    – Giuffre worked for Epstein for about 2-1/2 years.

    – Admits she would do whatever the pedo’s wanted for her.

    Page 108 (450)

    – Admits to meeting Al Gore

    – Admit to meeting Heidi Klum

    – Admits to meeting Naomi Campbell

    – FBI told her Epstein is filming her even when she is in the washroom.

    – FBI told her it was all illegal because she was underaged.

    Page 109 (451)

    – The was told to her after the article was printed by Sharon.

    Page 116

    – Epstein invited two young brunettes to a dinner which he gave on his carribian island for mr Clinton shortly after he left office (says is true).

    – Al-Gore and his wife Tipper were also guests of Epstein on his island.

    – Senator George Mitchell Frequently visited Epstein’s NY residence, very close friend of Epstein.

    Page 117

    – Ghislaine took nude phots of her lying naked in a hammock, legs open, that they gave Jeffrey for his birthday.

    – Epstein would send her to locations to sleep with people at either the island or New Mexico.

    Page 118

    – The encounter with prince Andrew was in the bathroom and he was licking her toes.

    – attempts to attack credibility of witness (my opinion) but witness says her self- written manuscript is 99.9% correct about details related to Maxwell.

    Page 136

    – Defendant’s Reply to Plaintiff’s Statement of Contested Facts and Plaintiff’s "Undisputed Facts"

    Page 156

    – Plaintiff’s father, Sky Roberts, was hired as a maintenance worker at the The Mar-aLago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, beginning on April 11, 2000. Ex.S. Mr. Roberts worked there year-round for approximately 3 years. Id.; Ex.T at 72-73. After working there for a period Case 18-2868, Document 284, 08/09/2019, 2628244, Page23 of 38 23 of time, Mr. Roberts became acquainted with the head of the spa area and recommended plaintiff for a job there. Id. at 72. Mar-a-Lago closes every Mother’s Day and reopens on November 1. Ex.U at Mar-a-Lago0212. Most of employees Mar-a-Lago, including all employees of the spa area such as "spa attendants," are "seasonal" and work only when the club is open, i.e., between November 1 and Mother’s Day. Ex.T at 72-73; Ex.U at Mar-a-Lago0212; Ex.V. Plaintiff was hired as a "seasonal" spa attendant to work at the Mar-a-Lago Club in the fall of 2000 after she had turned 17.

    Page 195

    With exclusive company insights, advanced tools, and intuitive data visualizations, you can optimize your trading strategy. ... Try it free* today.

    – DEFENDANT’S PURPORTED FACTS 11. One of the non-parties Ms. Giuffre "named" repeatedly in the joinder motion was Ms. Maxwell. According to the "lurid details" of Ms. Giuffre included in the motion, Ms. Maxwell personally was involved in a "sexual abuse and sex trafficking scheme" created by Epstein: § Ms. Maxwell "approached" Ms. Giuffre in 1999 when Ms. Giuffre was "fifteen years old" to recruit her into the scheme. § Ms. Maxwell was "one of the main women" Epstein used to "procure under-aged girls for sexual activities." § Ms. Maxwell was a "primary co-conspirator" with Epstein in his scheme. Case 18-2868, Document 281, 08/09/2019, 2628234, Page6 of 66 7 § She "persuaded" Ms. Giuffre to go to Epstein’s mansion "in a fashion very similar to the manner in which Epstein and his other co-conspirators coerced dozens of other children." § At the mansion, when Ms. Giuffre began giving Epstein a massage, he and Ms. Maxwell "turned it into a sexual encounter." § Epstein "with the assistance of" Ms. Maxwell "converted [Ms. Giuffre] into . . . a ‘sex slave.’" Id. Ms. Giuffre was a "sex slave" from "about 1999 through 2002." § Ms. Maxwell also was a "co-conspirator in Epstein’s sexual abuse." § Ms. Maxwell "appreciated the immunity" she acquired under Epstein’s plea agreement, because the immunity protected her from prosecution "for the crimes she committed in Florida." § Ms. Maxwell "participat[ed] in the sexual abuse of [Ms. Giuffre] and others." § Ms. Maxwell "took numerous sexually explicit pictures of underage girls involved in sexual activities, including [Ms. Giuffre]." Id. She shared the photos with Epstein. § As part of her "role in Epstein’s sexual abuse ring," Ms. Maxwell "connect[ed]" Epstein with "powerful individuals" so that Epstein could traffic Ms. Giuffre to these persons. § Ms. Giuffre was "forced to have sexual relations" with Prince Andrew in § "[Ms. Maxwell’s] apartment" in London. Ms. Maxwell "facilitated" Ms. Giuffre’s § sex with Prince Andrew "by acting as a ‘madame’ for Epstein." § Ms. Maxwell "assist[ed] in internationally trafficking" Ms. Giuffre and "numerous other young girls for sexual purposes." § Ms. Giuffre was "forced" to watch Epstein, Ms. Maxwell and others "engage in illegal sexual acts with dozens of underage girls."

    Page 234


    No suicide in 21 years and suddenly they have the most incompetent night in the universe with the most high profile prisoner in the nation

    Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Fell Asleep, Failed to Do Checks

    The two staff members who were guarding the jail unit where Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself fell asleep and failed to check on him for about three hours, then falsified records to cover up their mistake, according to several law enforcement and prison officials with knowledge of the matter.

    Those disclosures came on Tuesday as the two employees were placed on administrative leave and the warden of the jail, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, was temporarily reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation into Mr. Epstein’s death, the Justice Department announced.

    The two staff members in the special housing unit where Mr. Epstein was held — 9 South — falsely recorded in a log that they had checked on the financier, who was facing sex trafficking charges, every 30 minutes, as was required, two of the officials said.

    Such false entries in an official log could constitute a federal crime.

    In fact, the two people guarding Mr. Epstein had been asleep for some or all of the three hours, three of the officials said.

    The attorney general, William P. Barr, on Monday ordered the Justice Department’s inspector general to look into how Mr. Epstein had managed to commit suicide while in custody and why he had been taken off a suicide watch 12 days earlier. “We will get to the bottom of what happened,” Mr. Barr said.


    Epstein autopsy shows he may have been murdered

    Editor’s note, from Shepard Ambellas: Keep in mind, when reading the following article via Zero Hedge that the corpse the mainstream media is claiming to be Jeffrey Epstein’s is actually not Epstein’s body. The MSM wants you to believe that he was somehow murdered, possibly by the Clinton’s or someone powerful who was involved with the 66-year-old sex trafficker but the reality is that Epstein is still alive.


    As the public carries on with the great debate about what really happened (or didn’t happen) to Jeffrey Epstein early Saturday morning in the hours before he was found dead in his cell at MCC in an apparent suicide, the Washington Post has unleashed a bombshell.

    First, remember how some witnesses claimed they had heard horrifying shrieking coming from Epstein’s cell in the hours before his death? Well, here’s one explanation for that: An autopsy report found that Epstein had endured multiple breaks in his neck bones, deepening the mystery surrounding his death last week.

    Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. These breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensic experts and studies on the subject.

    But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation.

    Even Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, admitted that a hyoid break is more commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging.

    The hyoid bone played a pivotal role in another critical New York City case: The death of Eric Garner.

    The hyoid bone played a central role in a heated dispute last year over another high-profile death in New York, that of Eric Garner. A New York police officer was accused of using an improper chokehold while trying to arrest Garner and of causing his death. A police officers’ association claimed that an autopsy from Sampson’s office found there was no break of Garner’s hyoid bone, and that this proved that the officer could not have strangled Garner and caused his death.

    These details, according to WaPo, are the first to emerge from Epstein’s autopsy, something that will undoubtedly be closely watched by the legions of Epstein conspiracists who have emerged since his death. While AG William Barr has described Epstein’s death as "an apparent suicide," but DoJ officials have refused to comment on the latest findings from Epstein’s autopsy.

    The office of New York City’s chief medical examiner, Barbara Sampson, completed an autopsy of Epstein’s body Sunday. But Sampson listed the cause of his death as pending. Asked about the neck injuries Sampson said in a statement that no single factor in an autopsy can alone provide a conclusive answer about what happened.

    "In all forensic investigations, all information must be synthesized to determine the cause and manner of death. Everything must be consistent; no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum."

    The reports about Epstein’s neck injuries followed revelations that the two guards responsible for guarding him had fallen asleep during the hours before his death, then falsified paperwork to try and cover their tracks. And dozens of veteran prosecutors and prison officials were shocked that one of the most high-profile inmates in the country wasn’t more closely watched.

    Sure, plenty of details remain to be revealed from Epstein’s autopsy, but his jailhouse death is beginning to sound like something out of ‘the Wire’.


    Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    Trump defends promoting conspiracy theory about Epstein's death: 'It was a retweet'

    President Trump on Tuesday defended promoting a baseless conspiracy theory that ties the Clintons to the death of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, saying it was "fine" because he was only retweeting what someone else said.

    "The retweet — which is what it was, it was a retweet — was from somebody that is a very respected conservative pundit. So I think it was fine," Trump told reporters before heading to Pennsylvania for a speech.

    Asked later if he truly believes the Clintons are involved in Epstein's death, Trump said "I have no idea" before pointing to former President Bill Clinton's relationship with the disgraced financier.

    Trump, who ran in the same social circles with Epstein before he said they had a falling out, said he would like there to be a "full investigation" into the convicted sex offender's death.

    "I want a full investigation and that's what I absolutely am demanding," Trump said.

    Trump on Saturday shared a tweet from Terrence K. Williams that blamed Epstein's death on Bill and Hillary Clinton without providing any evidence.

    The tweet included the hashtags #ClintonBodyCount and #ClintonCrimeFamily, as well as a photo of both the former president and former secretary of State.

    Attorney General William Barr said Monday that Justice Department officials will thoroughly investigate "serious irregularities" at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, where Epstein was found dead of an apparent suicide over the weekend.

    Epstein was found dead early Saturday in his jail cell in the New York federal prison, where he was awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges. He had been a registered sex offender following an earlier conviction in 2008 of soliciting sex from underage girls.

    Trump and Epstein were known to run in the same social circles in New York and Florida. Trump told New York magazine in a 2002 article that Epstein is a "terrific guy" and "a lot of fun to be with."

    The president said last month in the wake of fresh charges against Epstein that the two had a falling out 15 years ago.

    "I knew him like everybody in Palm Beach knew him. I mean, people in Palm Beach knew him," Trump said a day after the charges against Epstein were unsealed. "He was a fixture in Palm Beach. I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I don’t think I’ve spoken to him for 15 years. I wasn’t a fan."



    EXCLUSIVE Ghislaine Maxwell’s respectable new life: Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time consort and the alleged procurer of his underage victims, has been living secretly with 43-year-old tech CEO at his secluded $3M oceanfront mansion outside of Boston


    • Ghislaine Maxwell, 57, has been hiding out at a secluded $3M oceanfront property in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, can exclusively reveal 
    • The property is owned by her tech CEO boyfriend Scott Borgerson, 43, who has been seen running errands in the area and walking Maxwell's dog
    • The British socialite was a long-time consort of Jeffrey Epstein and the alleged procurer of victims in his underage sex trafficking ring
    • Maxwell hasn't been seen publicly in three years and hasn't left the home amid new focus on Epstein's alleged co-conspirators following his apparent suicide on Saturday
    • 'She's become a real homebody, rarely ventures out. She's the antithesis of the woman who traveled extensively and partied constantly with Epstein,' a source familiar with Maxwell's new life exclusively told
    • Maxwell is alleged to be one of the main players in a network of recruiters and enablers who provided Epstein with underage girls to sexually abuse
    • In July, Maxwell filed a request to stop the unsealing of 2,000 pages connected to a defamation lawsuit filed against her by Virginia Giuffre, who has accused Epstein of keeping her as a sex slave when she was a teenager 
    • Giuffre claimed Maxwell directed her to have sex with people including former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel and financier Glenn Dubin
    • Maxwell called the claims 'entirely false' and the case was settled out of court

    William Barr Reassigns Warden of Jail Where Epstein Died, Two Staffers Put on Leave

    On Tuesday Attorney General William Barr ordered the reassignment of the warden of the federal jail where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly hung himself, the Justice Department has said.

    Shirley Skipper-Scott was transferred to the Bureau of Prison’s Northeast Regional Office. James Petrucci, warden of a federal prison in Otisville, New York, will replace Skipper-Scott at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), according to CNBC.

    Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec’s full statement reads:

    "Today, the Attorney General directed the Bureau of Prisons to temporarily assign the warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York to the Bureau’s Northeast Regional Office pending the outcome of the FBI and OIG investigations into the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, a former MCC inmate.

    FCI Otisville Warden James Petrucci has been named Acting Warden of the MCC New York. The Bureau of Prisons also placed on administrative leave two MCC staff assigned to Mr. Epstein’s unit pending the outcome of the investigations. Additional actions may be taken as the circumstances warrant."

    Two MCC staff assigned to Epstein’s unit were placed on administrative leave by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, pending the ongoing investigation.

    On Monday U.S. Attorney General William Barr noted "serious irregularities" at MCC that he found "deeply concerning." In a speech to law enforcement officials in New Orleans, Barr said that he was "appalled and frankly angry" that Epstein’s jailers failed to prevent his suicide, adding:

    "We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability."

    A report from the New York Times revealed that guards failed to follow required protocols in the time leading up to Epstein’s death, whether or not Epstein was still on suicide watch. A law enforcement source also claims that Epstein’s cellmate was transferred, leaving him alone in the cell—another violation of normal procedure.

    Epstein, 66, was arrested in early July on sex trafficking charges. Epstein’s body was found hanging by the top bunk of the bed in his cell around 6:30 am Saturday morning. A bedsheet was wrapped around his neck. At the time of his death, Epstein was being held in custody without bond.

    A source familiar with the case told CBS News that "shouting and shrieking" was heard coming from Epstein’s cell the morning of his death and that staff were saying "breathe, Epstein, breathe" while attempting to revive him. However, Bruce Barket, a lawyer for Nicholas Tartaglione, an inmate locked up nearby, claims his client heard nothing unusual that morning. "Nobody heard anything," Barket said. "It was a silent act."

    Tartaglione was a cellmate of Epstein when he was placed on suicide watch in late July after being discovered unresponsive in the fetal position with marks around his neck on the floor of his cell. Tartaglione has denied having any involvement in that incident. Barket stated in July that Epstein and his client got along well.

    Tartaglione previously made headlines when an illicit cellphone was confiscated on July 3 from the former cop accused of murdering four men.



    Dead Man Epstein Tells All Tales to Reporter Before His Death! Exposing a Secret No One Expected!

    Before his death, convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein told New York Times columnist, James Stewart critical information that just might answer the reason why Epstein was murdered. Mr. Steward visited Epstein in his mega mansion in Manhattan last August, the details of that meeting are what you are about to hear. All that and more below…


    Tuesday, August 13, 2019

    Town near Area 51 warns people to stay away from planned festival

    The man behind a proposed raid of Area 51 is now organising a music festival in the town closest to the military base.

    The nearest town to Area 51 has warned people to stay away from a music festival being organised by the man behind a call to arms that saw more than two million people sign up to storm the military base.

    So many committed to the proposed raid of the complex in Nevada in the hope of seeing aliens that the US air force felt compelled to warn it "stands ready to protect America and its assets", and the Facebook event was eventually shut down after its organiser admitted it was a joke.

    But the spirit of the original plan is now living on in the form of Alienstock - a "party in the desert" set to take place in the nearby town of Rachel next month.

    Alienstock says it is 'taking over' Rachel, Nevada

    Storm Area 51 creator Matty Roberts has teamed up with event producer The Hidden Sound to put on the festival, where people can safely display their "unified curiosity" in the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

    The organisers are promising to deliver an "amazing experience" with "headlining artists" - but those claims have been questioned by local authorities.

    In a warning to those planning to make the trip for the planned event, the official website for Rachel says the three-day gig will "undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalise on the chaos".

    It advises people to "stay away" from residential areas of the town, which has become a tourist attraction because of how close it is to Area 51, as most locals "do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly".


    Blockbuster: Secondary Confirmation Epstein Is Not Dead

    While I was spending the entire day on what I did, others spent the entire day going down an entirely different path and Voila! It is not even Epstein on the gurney at all. This surprised me. I figured they’d at least use his face and paste it in where needed, but as it turns out, they did not do that. I don’t know where they got the image for the gurney but suspect they killed a lookalike, and used a stock photo to paste the look alike onto, or they used a lookalike to confuse investigation. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:


    Let’s get another look inside Epstein’s ear. PLEASE NOTE: I have noticed some sort of AI is morphing all the Epstein pics to match the guy on the gurney and to circumvent that I looked up court sketches of Epstein (which an AI would not find or modify right, and they match this photo to the left

    Yep, that is correct, the confirmed correct ear does not match the guy on the gurney. But there is MUCH MUCH MORE:

    Someone did an animated Gif comparison between the man on the cart and the actual epstein. Notice how, despite being close, the two do not match. The eyes don’t line up perfect, the nose is sloped wrong, and the ears are different.

    Now look at this one Doc Savage posted on the Godlikeproductions forum: – it shows the exact same thing – a mismatched ear and very different facial features. The nose is different, the eyebrows are different, and I’d bet we did not get to see the mouth for a reason.

    BOTTOM LINE: Epstein is alive. He got smuggled out of the jail when there was no security for three entire hours and someone else was put in his place, possibly dead. I can’t explain why the head on the gurney was the wrong size, but it is obvious this particular story is not even close to what was reported. NOW, ONTO MY STUFF:

    UPDATE TO BELOW: Please note my comment about Google street view below this

    I doubt the Google street view is legit, because there are inconsistencies that indicate they faked it, however, even if it is legit it is totally pointless when the guy on the gurney was not Epstein at all.




    Someone posted a Google street view of this ambulance bay. It matches the picture on the left. However, the picture on the right is not of that ambulance bay (despite it being made to look as such) because on Google, the sign has 4 lines of text that go out to the edge, in this image it has 3 and in this image the lines stop half way down, in the Google image they go to the bottom, the gurneys are missing the FDNY print despite sort of looking the same, and why would a private hospital have FDNY "on site, AT THE FIRE" type gurneys in it anyway? Hospitals and ambulances don’t use those, street view has a hoax picture, that’s why. In the top image the vehicle is parked the wrong way for this ambulance bay, and even if some are convinced both are from the same ambulance bay, it can’t explain Epstein’s photoshopped head, where it is so much larger than it should be he might as well be a different species. You know – those Brazilian giants. That was a critical photoshop error they cannot get past, it by itself makes any errors I might have made here (DOUBT IT) irrelevant.

    I am not going to issue a redaction, I think that similarities were pasted in by Google and they did not get them all. Usually Google street view is very clear, and even in this picture of the ambulance bay it is VERY clear except for where it matters, in this case "where it matters" they delivered a "limpet mine".

    Would Google hoax this enough to instill a plausible deniability doubt? YOU BET, they do nothing but censor and push lies, and They forgot that if they are going to hoax it, details, like where the text actually appears on a sign or gurney AND THE TYPE OF GURNEY MATTERS. No hospital or ambulance would ever use those, why are they hanging there at a private hospital? They would use what Epstein was pasted onto, not a fire department rescue gurney.

    GET THIS: Epstein’s death was not recorded because the jail had "camera problems".


    I have noticed "chatter" that indicates something huge may happen over the week end. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.

    A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?


    The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .

    "I’m a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows"

    My comment: NOW WE KNOW. It probably will not be a terror attack, they are all having "Epstein flies to Tel Aviv" parties.

    How did Epstein die on suicide watch



    FBI Agents Finally Raid Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Trafficking Private Island

    Just days after the billionaire pedophile mysteriously died of suicide in a Manhattan jail, the FBI has raided Jeffrey Epstein’s "private island," where it’s alleged he trafficking underage girls to be abused by himself and a network of wealthy oligarchs.

    At least a dozen FBI agents arrived at the island on speed boats Monday morning. Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday.

    The agents were photographed disembarking in agency clothing. They took to golf carts to continue the operation after arriving.

    Anonymous tourists to the island told the Daily Mail that the FBI agents were seen executing of Epstein’s primary residence on the island.

    Little St. James is a 70-acre island located in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean Sea. It’s said that Epstein hosted depraved orgies on the island in which trafficked girls were coerced into sexual acts with Epstein and his friends. The island contains a strange temple-like structure built by Epstein.

    Accounts of Epstein’s sex trafficking activities had been widely known for years. The billionaire financier escaped serious criminal repercussions on account of his insider connections to Florida prosecutors in 2008, facing only 13 months in jail for prostitution charges, despite a plethora of evidence suggesting he was involved in far more serious sex crimes.

    The hammer finally came down on Epstein when he was arrested in July and charged with sex trafficking.

    It’s possible the federal agents obtained a search warrant to compile any evidence of Epstein’s criminal acts before his minions have a chance to destroy it. The investigation of Epstein may continue in spite of his death, as Attorney General Bill Barr has expressed a preference for his co-conspirators to be held accountable.




    Beef burgers have been banned by a university as part of efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

    Goldsmiths, University of London said it is to remove all beef products from sale from next month as the institution attempts to become carbon neutral by 2025.

    Students will also face a 10p levy on bottles of water and single-use plastic cups when the academic year starts to discourage use of the products.

    The college’s new Warden, Professor Frances Corner, said staff and students "care passionately about the future of our environment" and that "declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words".

    But the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) told PA the move was "an overly simplistic approach" and said there was a "lack of understanding or recognition between British beef and beef produced elsewhere".

    Goldsmiths Students’ Union has backed the ban with president Joe Leam saying that the university has a "huge carbon footprint" and that the promise to eradicate this in the next few years is needed.

    As well as the beef ban and 10p levy on single-use water bottles and plastic cups, there are plans to install more solar panels across the college’s New Cross campus in south-east London and switch to a 100% clean energy supplier as soon as possible.

    Officials said Goldsmiths will also continue to invest in its allotment area and identify other places where planting could help to absorb carbon dioxide, and will review how all students can access modules which cover climate change and the role of both individuals and organisations in reducing carbon emissions.

    Prof Corner said: "The growing global call for organisations to take seriously their responsibilities for halting climate change is impossible to ignore.

    "Though I have only just arrived at Goldsmiths, it is immediately obvious that our staff and students care passionately about the future of our environment and that they are determined to help deliver the step change we need to cut our carbon footprint drastically and as quickly as possible.

    "Declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words. I truly believe we face a defining moment in global history and Goldsmiths now stands shoulder to shoulder with other organisations willing to call the alarm and take urgent action to cut carbon use."

    Al Gore: 2006 Global Warming ‘Point of No Return’ Claim Was ‘Accurate’

    Former Vice President Al Gore discussed his 2006 warning that unless the nations took "drastic measures, the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years" when it comes to climate change and global warming.

    Gore said his "point of no return claim" was, unfortunately, "accurate," but celebrated that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have made climate a top priority.

    "You said back in 2006 the world would reach the point of no return if we didn’t reduce greenhouse gases in 2016. Is it already too late?" asked ABC News’ Jonathan Karl in an interview which aired Sunday on "This Week."

    "[S]ome changes, unfortunately, have already been locked in place," Gore replied. "Sea level increases are going to continue to matter what we do now. But, we can prevent much larger sea level increases. Much more rapid increases in temperature. The heatwave was in Europe. Now it’s in the Arctic. We’re seeing huge melting of the ice there. So, the warnings of the scientists 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, unfortunately, were accurate. Here’s the good news, Jonathan, in the Democratic contest for the presidential nominations this year, virtually all of the candidates agree this is either the top issue or one of top two issues."



    Monday, August 12, 2019

    Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein linked to tech IPOs via Morgan Stanley, which gave him favorable shares in dozens of stock offerings

    Even though he’s now being reported as dead, supposedly from suicide, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes and connections shouldn’t just be swept under the rug and forgotten. In fact, it’s perhaps more pertinent than ever that we get to the bottom of everything this pervert was up to, and who else was involved, including central banking giant Morgan Stanley.

    Reports indicate that, for some unknown reason, Morgan Stanley had on at least 40 occasions underwritten stock allocations to Epstein’s Gratitude America Ltd. foundation, which basically helped to fund his lavish lifestyle and illicit sexual escapades.

    Among the many initial public offerings (IPOs) awarded to Epstein’s foundation was Roku, as well as several secondary offerings from names like Tribune Media and GoDaddy – GoDaddy having been implicated in the censorship scheme known as the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA.

    Disturbingly, Epstein’s foundation was granted cuts by Morgan Stanley in U.S. Foods Holding, the same company that was recently outed for selling beef and pork products contaminated with human blood. Epstein’s foundation also held shares underwritten by Morgan Stanley in Norwegian Cruise Line holdings and the Chinese delivery company ZTO Express.

    As news about Epstein’s crimes had begun to surface in recent years, Deutsche Bank actually decided to drop him as a client. Previously, Epstein had done business with JP Morgan Chase as well, which means he had financial ties, at one point or another, with almost every major bank in the world.

    Morgan Stanley has yet to comment on the underwriting assistance it provided for Epstein all these years, which helped his foundation grow from an initial $9 million investment to upwards of $1 billion, based on his most recent estimated net worth.

    "Deutsche Bank is closely examining any business relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and we are absolutely committed to cooperating with all relevant authorities," reads an official statement from Deutsche, following its parting ways with Epstein.

    For related news, be sure to check out

    Was Epstein "suicided" by the Clinton Family Crime Cartel?

    Meanwhile, rumors are circulating as to what really became of Epstein during his time in prison, and leading up to his reported suicide, which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is reporting as an obvious murder.

    Assuming Epstein is even dead at all, and not sipping a Mai Tai on some remote island somewhere with a new identity, it’s clear that there’s far more to this saga than just that this deranged lunatic ended his own life of his own volition, as the mainstream media is reporting.

    Could it be that Epstein is the latest victim of the Clinton Body Count, meaning he was "suicided" by the Clinton Crime Machine?

    "The hashtag #ClintonBodyCount is already trending again on Twitter, and the death of Epstein raises the total number of people mysteriously found dead after possessing potentially damaging information on the Clintons to about 70 or so," Adams writes, noting that it’s all too convenient that Epstein is now being reported as dead, seeing as how "dead men don’t talk."

    "No political couple (Bill and Hillary) has left a longer trail of body bags behind them as they carried out an increasingly treasonous series of high crimes against this nation," Adams adds, noting that Epstein surely held a treasure trove of knowledge about the seemingly endless crimes of the Clinton family, which is arguably the most dangerous family in America today.

    For related stories about conspiracies like this that the mainstream media will never touch, be sure to check out

    You can also keep up with the latest Clinton-related news by visiting

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