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Warden who was in charge when Jeffrey Epstein died behind bars is quietly given a top job at 'Club Fed' prison - despite Bill Barr ordering him assigned to a lowly desk job


  • Lamine N'Diaye is being reassigned to a leadership role at FCI Fort Dix 
  • The low-security 'Club Fed' prison is in Burlington County, New Jersey 
  • N'Diaye was warden at MCC Manhattan when Epstein died in his cell there
  • AG Bill Barr ordered N'Diaye posted at a desk job until investigation is complete 
he warden in charge when Jeffrey Epstein died in his jail cell is getting a cushy new supervisor's job at 'Club Fed' despite Attorney General Bill Barr's demand that he be reassigned to a desk job.
Lamine N'Diaye is being reassigned to a leadership role at FCI Fort Dix, a low-security prison in Burlington County, New Jersey, two people familiar with the matter said.  
The move comes months after Barr ordered N'Diaye be reassigned to a desk post at the Bureau of Prisons' regional office in Pennsylvania after Epstein´s death as the FBI and the Justice Department´s inspector general investigated.
It was unclear why the agency was planning to return N'Diaye to a position supervising inmates and staff members, even though multiple investigations into Epstein´s death remain active. 
The inspector general's investigation is continuing, and the Justice Department is still probing the circumstances that led to Epstein´s death, including why he wasn´t given a cellmate.
Epstein died in August while awaiting trial on charges he sexually abused dozens of girls as young as 14 and young women in New York and Florida in the early 2000s.
Epstein's death cast a spotlight on the Bureau of Prisons and highlighted a series of safety lapses inside a high-security unit of one of the most secure jails in America. 
His death was ruled a suicide by hanging by the New York City medical examiner, but his attorneys have contested that finding and argued he may have been killed. 
Barr said even Epstein's ability to take his own life in federal custody had raised 'serious questions that must be answered.' 
He said in an interview with the AP in November that the investigation revealed a 'series' of mistakes made that gave Epstein the chance to take his own life and that his death was the result of 'a perfect storm of screw-ups.'
Two correctional officers responsible for watching Epstein have pleaded not guilty to charges alleging they lied on prison records to make it seem as though they had checked on Epstein, as required, before his death. 
Instead, investigators say they appeared to sleep for two hours and had been browsing the internet - shopping for furniture and motorcycles - instead of watching Epstein, who was supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes.
The attorney general also removed the agency´s acting director in the wake of Epstein's death and named Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, the prison agency´s director from 1992 until 2003, to replace him.
Since Epstein´s death and N'Diaye´s removal as warden, the Manhattan jail has had two interim leaders. 
The newest warden, M. Licon-Vitale, used to oversee a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. Her first big order of business has been to deal with jailed lawyer Michael Avenatti's complaints about his treatment at the lockup.
The Bureau of Prisons has been plagued for years by chronic violence, extensive staffing shortages and serious misconduct.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Q: Breaking Bombshell Clinton Crime Family To Be Arrested Soon via The Patriot Hour

Makes me wonder with Hillary’s crimes in our faces, why she has never been arrested, could it be that many on both sides of the political party are in this up to their ears ? I believe so. West Gone South
The Frazzel Drip Video should have been the straw that sent them to jail /death but whose pulling the strings? Does money actually have that much power?😨” Hmm these people are SICK”πŸ™„πŸ’― than what we can even imagine. These people are an cast of the possession of Fallen Angels hosting human bodies to do their deeds,one thing is certainly true they hate HUMANS and Americans😞 God save us I PRAY πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell emails hacked and could expose Epstein associates

Attorneys for Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell said her emails were hacked last year, leaving questions about whether new information about the dead financial mogul's dealings could be made public.

The attorneys revealed in court papers for a defamation case that Maxwell's email had been breached. According to the lawyers, New York's Second Circuit Court of appeals "redacted Ms. Maxwell’s email address (which linked to her own domain name) in one location but not another; shortly afterward hackers breached the host computer."

Their letter was sent to Judge Loretta A. Preska on Dec. 5 but was not made public until last week.

The hacked emails could potentially be trouble for Prince Andrew, who reportedly conversed with Maxwell over email. The Duke of York has been accused of raping Virginia Giuffre when she was a minor but has denied the allegation.

Maxwell, 58, has been accused of procuring underage girls that Epstein would rape. The government has not charged her with any crime, but she is under investigation as a "facilitator." A family friend of the Maxwells said last month that "she obviously has some serious dirt on someone" because of how confident she was that she would not go to jail.

The British socialite has kept a low profile since Epstein's arrest last summer. The family friend said she was being hidden by wealthy associates who were willing to fund her "as long as she wants."

Epstein, 66, died last August in an apparent suicide. Dozens of women came forward to claim he had raped and trafficked them when they were underage.


Rudy Giuliani threatens to go public with Biden corruption allegations

Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Trump, threatened Thursday to go public with information that would expose corruption by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People,” the former New York mayor tweeted. “The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.”

Giuliani’s claim that he could reveal evidence detrimental to the former vice president follows his offer to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial taking place in the Senate.

“I would love to see a trial. I’d love to be a witness – because I’m a potential witness in the trial – and explain to everyone the corruption that I found in Ukraine, that far out-surpasses any that I’ve ever seen before, involving Joe Biden and a lot of other Democrats,” he said Sunday morning on “The Cats Roundtable” with radio host John Catsimatidis on AM 970.

Giuliani, who is at the center of the impeachment trial for his work on behalf of Trump in Ukraine, has alleged that Biden pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a top prosecutor by withholding millions in guaranteed loans.

He claims that Biden took the action against Viktor Shokin because he was going to investigate Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian company that employed Biden’s son Hunter on its board.

Joe Biden, during a campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday, defended Hunter, saying “no one has suggested my son did anything wrong.”

“There’s nobody that’s indicated there’s a single solitary thing that he did that was inappropriate, wrong … or anything other than the appearance. It looked bad that he was there,” Biden said, according to the Washington Post. “He acknowledges that he in fact made a mistake going on the board.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, who is playing a lead role among House Democrats presenting the case against Trump, said Trump has been trying to pin corruption on the Bidens, noting that the president called for Ukraine and China to launch investigations into them.

Schiff used as one example Trump’s comments from Oct. 3.

“They should investigate the Bidens. Because how does a company that’s newly formed and all these companies, if you look — and by the way, likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens. Because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine,” Trump told reporters on the White House’s South Lawn.

The impeachment trial centers on a July 25 phone call in which Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch an investigation into the Bidens that would personally benefit Trump politically.


Robert De Niro's former assistant threatened to write a tell-all book about him: report


The woman suing Robert De Niro for alleged gender discrimination had reportedly threatened that she’d write a tell-all memoir about the less-than-flattering parts of the actor’s personal life.
According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the famed actor claims Graham Chase Robinson emailed him in August of 2019 threatening to disclose personal information about him to the public. In a separate email, she threatened to write a book to reveal his secrets. The court documents did not elaborate as to what specifically Robinson planned to expose about “The Irishman” star’s life.
The outlet noted that the timing of the email is important because that just days later De Niro sued her for $6 million, alleging she misused the company credit card and spent her time at work binge-watching “Friends,” a claim she has since denied.

Robinson eventually countersued the 76-year-old actor in October alleging gender discrimination. She claims the Oscar winner routinely subjected her to “vulgar, inappropriate, and gendered comments,” in addition to overworking and underpaying her while she worked for him at his company, Canal Productions, Inc.

Robert De Niro and Graham Chase Robinson.
Robert De Niro and Graham Chase Robinson. (AP/Sanford Heisler Sharp)
According to the lawsuit, obtained by Fox News, Robinson began working for De Niro as an executive assistant in 2008 when she was 25 years old. She eventually resigned from her position in 2019 with the title of vice president of production and finance, but alleges that De Niro only referred to her as his “assistant” and routinely gave her demeaning work that was “stereotypically female.”

In addition to taking care of housework around his apartment, the lawsuit alleges: “De Niro would direct Ms. Robinson to scratch his back, button his shirts, fix his collars, tie his ties, and prod him awake when he was in bed. De Niro also stood idly by while his friend slapped Ms. Robinson on her buttocks.”

Robinson also claims that the 76-year-old actor would urinate during telephone calls with her and meet her wearing only his pajamas or a bathrobe.

De Niro is also accused of using derogatory language in reference to Robinson and other women. The suit notes he verbally attacked her with gendered terms such as “b----,” “brat” and referred to a female business partner as a “c---.” She claims the actor’s most vicious tirades came when he was intoxicated.


Laura Ingraham Finds Hunter Biden Obama Corruption Story Buried In NYT’s Closet, Goes Public

Fox News host Laura Ingram just exposed another massive angle to the whole Hunter Biden Burisma scandal and she has the receipts to prove it.

Not only does this indict the Obama administration but Hunter and Joe but the New York Times as well. Look, we all know a huge percent of media stories are planted by interested parties while others get quashed by powerful forces. (See video below)

But we want the full story of they are going to impeach Trump over it and what Laura just discovered makes this impeachment charade and even bigger farce.

From The Washington Examiner: Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported Wednesday evening that she obtained a chain of State Department emails stemming from a standard request for comment from New York Times journalist Ken Vogel, whose reporting helped generate scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Hunter Biden, 49, is the son of Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden, and Republicans have called for him to testify during the Ukraine-related Senate impeachment trial against President Trump.

On May 1, 2019, Vogel contacted State Department official Kate Schilling about a story he was working on regarding an Obama administration meeting in January 2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and mentioned the name of the CIA analyst believed to be the whistleblower whose complaint sparked impeachment proceedings that led to two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

In the email, Vogel wrote, “We are going to report that [State Department official] Elizabeth Zentos attended a meeting at the White House on 1/19/2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials as well as … [redacted] from the NSC … the subjects discussed included efforts within the United State government to support prosecutions, in Ukraine and the United Kingdom, of Burisma Holdings, … and concerns that Hunter Biden’s position with the company could complicate such efforts.”

Ingraham said this email was forwarded to Schilling’s colleagues Zentos and George Kent, who appears to have been a source for Vogel. The conversation ended on May 3, with the State Department declining to comment. Kent, who was stationed in Kyiv at the time, told House investigators during an impeachment hearing last year that he raised concerns in 2015 about Hunter Biden holding a position with Burisma but was rebuffed by a Joe Biden aide.

Using archived Obama White House visitor logs, Ingraham said her team was able to corroborate details of the January 2016 meeting, showing on the screen the names of Ukrainian officials checked into the White House by Ciaramella, who was Ukraine director on the National Security Council.

Ingraham said the story was never published and reached out to Vogel and the New York Times to ask why the report never came to fruition. While Vogel did not reply, Ingraham said the New York Times director of communications simply stated that Vogel’s request for comment was consistent with their news-gathering process.

Still, Ingraham said that “the timing of their request and the subsequent squashing of the story are very interesting,” noting how Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president on April 25, one week before Vogel’s request. She speculated a number of possibilities, including that Joe Biden’s campaign somehow got the New York Times to drop the story.

On the same day as Vogel’s request to the State Department, he had a report published examining how in 2016, then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if Ukraine did not fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

BREAKING: Democrats conspiring to stage false flag bloodshed on Jan. 20th in Virginia – “Charlottesville 2.0” – in order to ignite a civil war and mass chaos

(Natural News) The stage is being set by Democrats and the complicit left-wing media (CNN) to turn Jan. 20th “Lobby Day” in Richmond, Virginia into a false flag bloodbath that will attempt to frame gun owners as terrorists and provide the justification for state-wide martial law and the confiscation of all firearms from citizens.

Ultimately, the plan is to escalate the conflict into regional civil war and widespread chaos that Democrats hope could help destabilize America and remove Trump from office, no matter what it takes.

We are issuing this urgent warning because all the signs of this imminent false flag are rapidly falling into place. For example, yesterday the pro-infanticide, blackface-wearing Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, issued an executive order filled with false, deliberately deceptive information that lays the groundwork for framing gun owners as terrorists. That executive order is found at this link and is entitled, “DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY DUE TO POTENTIAL CIVIL UNREST AT THE VIRGINIA STATE CAPITOL.”

The EO falsely claims that “credible intelligence” has determined that armed militias intend to engage in “violence, rioting, and insurrection.” This is further confirmed by Gov. Northam telling left-wing media sources that, “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol.” (See The Organic Prepper.)

Newsbusters is reporting that CNN is already laying out the Charlottesville narrative, preparing to blame gun rights supporters for the violence that left-wing operatives are conspiring to cause.
Dave Hodges’ The Commonsense Show is also hearing from sources that say Antifa operatives are already in place, preparing to dress up like Trump supporters and commit acts of violence for CNN’s cameras. It’s all theater, of course. But in this case, at least, they can’t cover their faces with black masks, so it’s going to be more difficult for them to pull this off (watch for them to cover their faces with patriotic-looking American flag bandanas to avoid being identified). As Hodges writes:

Antifa has long been rehearsing the belt-buckle strategy. This is where Antifa will dress up as Trump supporters, wearing MAGA hats and start trouble against the Left, or Northam’s storm troopers at the roadblocks.

Virginia has been designated “ground zero” for the next false flag violence intended to ignite nationwide chaos

As we previously reported on, Virginia Democrats have long been plotting to unleash martial law and attack the Second Amendment by rolling out roadway checkpoints where all firearms would be illegally confiscated from law-abiding citizens. This effort is intentionally designed to spark kinetic attacks on law enforcement, granting Northam the justification to declare a state-wide emergency and label all gun owners “terrorists.”

From NewsTarget, Dec. 19, 2019:

After passing extremely restrictive anti-gun legislation in early 2020, Virginia has a plan to deploy roadblocks at both the county and state levels to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens (at gunpoint, of course) as part of a deliberate effort to spark a shooting war with citizens.

Their end game is to unleash a sufficient amount of violence to call for UN occupation of America and the overthrow of President Trump and the republic. Such action will, of course, also result in the attempted nationwide confiscation of all firearms from private citizens, since all gun owners will be labeled “domestic terrorists” if they resist.

The purpose of the roadblocks, to repeat, has nothing to do with public safety or enforcing any law. It’s all being set up to spark a violent uprising against the Virginia Democrats and whatever law enforcement goons are willing to go along with their unconstitutional demands to violate the fundamental civil rights of Virginian citizens.

We call on the DOJ to arrest VA Gov. Northam and Virginia’s treasonous Democrat lawmakers before they ignite a shooting war

One obvious solution to all this is for the DOJ to arrest VA Gov. Ralph Northam and his top Democrat co-conspirators for attempting to carry out acts of treason against the United States of America. It’s time that these criminals be arrested and brought to justice. Sadly, it increasingly appears that the DOJ is part of the corrupt deep state that’s actively working against Trump and the American people. The DOJ is playing a “long con” on patriots, claiming that if we just keep waiting, sooner or later they will get Comey, Brennan and Obama. Maybe even Hillary. It’s all a con.

There is no intention to ever hold those people accountable for anything. The entire DOJ strategy, along with the FBI, is to keep the patriots in check while they plot the overthrow of America.

If the DOJ won’t do its job and arrest Northam for treason, it’s probably only a matter of time before the good people of Virginia decide to put their own house in order by arresting and removing these treasonous criminals from public office. This is why Virginia’s lawless, dangerous Democrats keep changing all the rules to shore up their own power.

As described in a popular Facebook post that has been going viral:

So Virginia introduces a bundle of radical laws to destroy 2A rights, militias, sale transfer and registration bills, and the People of Virginia says no, and we’re going to vote you all out next term.
Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to eliminate voter ID.

Virginia says we’re not going to wait, we’ll petition your removal from office and gets almost a 3rd of the 240K signatures to remove the governor and starts petitions to remove delegates.

Virginia government responds by introducing a bill to raise the amount of signatures from 10% of the prevailing vote, to 25%.

Folks, this is the a textbook example of tyranny. “We’re the government, and we’ll do anything we want, whether you like it or not. We won’t let you vote us out, we won’t let you remove us from office…. And if you can’t possess the weapons that a militia would need to force us out, of office, then there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.”

Prepare for WAR: The Democrats are launching all-out attacks on America and all those who try to defend her

Prepare for Democrats to initiate WAR! The Democrats have already declared their intentions against America and its citizens. Democrats are lawless, dangerous, criminal-minded lunatics and terrorists who abuse their power to destroy the liberties and civil rights upon which America was founded.

Gov. Ralph Northam is a treasonous criminal who has betrayed all Virginians. He is an affront to America and a clear and present danger to the liberties of all good people across this nation. He must be stopped, defeated and removed from office.

The Democrats know that Americans are about to make a stand against tyranny, and those Dems plan to stage acts of violence to try to discredit the organic uprising against tyranny. So roll your cameras 24/7 when you’re in public. We must capture these treasonous actors in the act and expose their criminal terrorism plots for all the world to see.

The time has come to stand up against tyranny and defeat it. No wonder Northam is demanding a ban on firearms, since the citizens of Virginia have every right to invoke the Second Amendment to defend their lives, their families and their state against the lawless tyranny that Northam is attempting to bring down upon innocent people who have violated no law.

The real criminals are the treasonous terrorists running Richmond.


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‘I’ll straight up get armed’: Yet another Bernie staffer caught spouting extremist ideas, is there a problem in the campaign?

Bernie Sanders at campaign rally at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California ©  REUTERS/Monica Almeida
A video exposing the extreme viewpoints of yet another staffer of the Bernie Sanders campaign has some questioning whether there is a growing issue inside the Vermont senator’s ranks. 
A video released on Tuesday by Project Veritas reveals a man identified as Martin Weissgerber, a paid field organizer for the Sanders presidential campaign in South Carolina, fantasizing about sending Republicans to “reeducation camps” and Sanders dissolving the Senate and House of Representatives should he become president.

“Do we just cease — do we just dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the judicial branch, and have someone like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people make all the decisions on climate? I mean, I’m serious,” the staffer says when talking about how Sanders could tackle climate change as president.

He also says he wants Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham sent to “reeducation camps.”

“What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the reeducation camps,” he says. “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?”

At another point in the hidden camera footage, the staffer says he’s prepared for a revolution that requires armed resistance and even calls to“guillotine the rich.” He did comment that Sanders does not share his views that are more far left.
BREAKING: 2ND PAID STAFFER PRAISES GULAGSSouth Carolina @BernieSanders Field Organizer @martinthemanic: "I'll straight up get armed...I'm ready for the "f**king revolution"; "Guillotine the rich"; 'send Republicans to re-education camps'FULL RELEASE
— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 21, 2020
With this being the second Sanders staffer to be caught on camera spouting extremist ideas — the first said “cities will burn” if Bernie loses and Trump is reelected — conservative pundits are questioning whether there is an issue within the ranks of the Vermont senator that he needs to
“Another Bernie Sanders staffer has been caught on camera saying he’d gladly use violence to take over our government and kill people for socialism. Let me guess, this isn’t ‘real socialism’ either...even though this is how it always turns out?” actress and outspoken conservative Mindy Robinson tweeted.


Reporter Andy Ngo took a look at the staffer’s social media pages and found that he lives what appears to be quite a luxurious lifestyle and is also a rapper on Soundcloud who goes by the name King Manic.

The staffer later did a total lockdown of his social media, including deleting his Twitter account.

Sanders and his campaign have not commented on any of the videos.

‘How could we have known?’ Clinton claims ignorance on Weinstein accusations despite numerous warnings to campaign

Gwyneth Paltrow, Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein at Shakespeare in Love premiere. ©  PM/ELD
Hillary Clinton feels no guilt about taking money from one of her most famous donors, disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. She claims she was clueless about his alleged sexual misconduct, but others suggest a different story. 
“How could we have known?” former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the Hollywood Reporter in a Tuesday interview when asked about taking money from movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who is currently on trial for rape.
The ‘Pulp Fiction’ producer was “outed” in 2017 when the New York Times published a story detailing numerous accusations of sexual misconduct by Weinstein over the years. Notable celebrities like Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, and others came forward with stories of Weinstein either abusing or harassing them.
Clinton claimed if she knew anything of the man’s alleged deeds, she would not have cashed the checks. 
“And of course, if all of us had known what we know now, it would have affected our behavior,” she said. She also noted that Weinstein had donated to other prominent Democrats like Barack Obama.
Clinton’s words ring hollow for several reasons. Even if she can claim she was unaware of the accusations against Weinstein, multiple people have come forward to say that staffers around Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign were in fact made well aware. 
‘Girls’ actress and creator Lena Dunham told the New York Times that she had warned Clinton’s campaign against having Weinstein do any fundraising.
“I just want you to let you know that Harvey’s a rapist and this is going to come out at some point,” Dunham recalled telling campaign staffers. “I think it’s a really bad idea for him to host fundraisers and be involved because it’s an open secret in Hollywood that he has a problem with sexual assault.”
Journalist Tina Brown similarly said she warned the campaign.
“I was hearing that Harvey’s sleaziness with women had escalated since I left Talk in 2002 and she was unwise to be so closely associated with him,” she said to the Times. 
These warnings were just some of the bad word of mouth surrounding Weinstein before he was exposed by the Times. Plenty of filmmakers were open about their disdain for the man and refused to work with him, Vincent Gallo among them, and others such as Seth MacFarlane openly mocked Hollywood’s silence on his relationship with actresses.
Ronan Farrow, who was behind the original expose on Weinstein, already said that Clinton publicist Nick Merrill had tried to convince him to not run with his Weinstein story.

Farrow claimed in his book ‘Catch and Kill’ that Merrill informed him in the summer of 2017 that the Weinstein expose was a “concern for us.”

At the time the Times story about Weinstein dropped, the producer was working on a film about Clinton.

Despite all of this, Clinton waves off Weinstein and claims ignorance — not a great strategy for someone looking to be a leader of any sorts.



Monday, January 20, 2020

YouTube blocks Virginia pro-2A live streams to censor patriots and control the narrative

(Natural News) YouTube is now blocking pro-America live streams from the pro-2A rally in Richmond, Virginia. Pete Santilli’s live stream was just taken down moments ago, replaced with a warning message from YouTube that says, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

The live stream was taken down as Santilli was live streaming Alex Jones thanking American patriots for being peaceful but courageous as tens of thousands gathered in Richmond to call for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to resign.

At the same time, the telecommunications giants were shutting down live streaming of nearly everyone at the event, making sure that virtually no one could live broadcast streams without repeated interruptions.

The censorship of pro-America voices goes hand in hand with the CIA-run left-wing media running a psyop narrative today that claims “militia leaders” might cause “violence” at the event. Every media outlet from NBC News to CNN is calling all the peaceful demonstrators “fascists” and “white nationalists.” In truth, there are now tens of thousands of gun owners on the scene carrying guns right now without a single incident of violence. It’s the most peaceful, heavily armed pro-Second Amendment rally that we can remember.

The simple truth is that it’s the gun owners who are the lawful, civil American citizens. It’s the anti-gun lunatics who are engaged in actual fascism, censorship, lies, false flags and other nefarious acts that the Left routinely blames on their political opponents.

Pete will soon be streaming live at PeteLive.TV

InfoWars is also streaming live video all day from

Look for videos to be posted all day and evening at


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‘Europhysics News’ Article on WTC Demolitions Surpasses One Million Views

Could it be the most widely read scientific article of all time?

That question is difficult to answer because science and engineering publications do not typically share reader statistics.

What we can say for sure, though, is that “15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses” — the five-page feature in the August 2016 issue of the European Physical Society’s Europhysics News by Dr. Steven Jones, Dr. Robert Korol, engineer Tony Szamboti, and AE911Truth’s Ted Walter — has been read, and continues to be read, by a massive number of people.

This past September, according to the metrics on, the article surpassed a remarkable one million views since being published three years earlier. More than half of those views have come since the end of 2016, with the article racking up at least 10,000 downloads per month for 36 straight months after first going viral in September 2016.

The article’s soaring popularity should come as no surprise. It authoritatively lays waste to the official account of the World Trade Center’s destruction — the most blatant and consequential scientific fraud ever perpetrated on the world. It is also one of the few times that a reputable scientific organization has had the courage and integrity to provide a forum for the issue.

Three and a half years after its publication, we at AE911Truth strongly encourage advocates of 9/11 Truth to continue using this landmark article as a tool for raising awareness.

Go to “15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses.”


Saturday, January 18, 2020

‘I thought it was a terrorist attack’: California teachers sue Delta after plane showers school children with jet fuel

Four southern California teachers have filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines after a Boeing 777 jettisoned its fuel over several schools near Los Angeles, drenching staff and scores of children with the volatile liquid.
Filed on Friday by attorney Gloria Allred, the suit alleges that the crew of Delta Flight 89 was negligent in dumping the fuel when and where it did, arguing the toxic substance led teachers and students to become “sick, dizzy and nauseated,” producing “a lasting and severe irritation and a lasting and noxious taste and smell.”

“A Delta Airlines pilot flying at a relatively low altitude and through clear skies dumped massive amounts of toxic jet fuel onto teachers, the school where they worked, onto the children who were in their care, and onto the neighborhood below the jet airplane,” Allred said at a press conference announcing the suit on Friday.

The crew of the Delta flight, which encountered an engine malfunction not long after taking off from LAX airport en route to Shanghai, has come under fire after audio surfaced on Thursday detailing the plane’s communications with air traffic control. Asked whether he needed to “hold and burn fuel” before making an emergency landing, the Delta pilot gave a clear “negative.” It remains unclear why the pilot decided to dump the fuel after that point.

“Our lawsuit alleges that the Delta pilot notified air traffic control personnel of the need for the aircraft to return to Los Angeles International Airport, but the pilot did not inform air traffic personnel of any need to dump fuel in order to lighten the plane for landing,” despite being explicitly asked, Allred said.

The four teachers, who have each requested anonymity in the case, are employees of Park Avenue Elementary in Cudahy, a suburb of Los Angeles.

While none required emergency treatment, some 60 students and staff members from six different schools were injured in the bizarre mishap last Tuesday, with one of the Park Avenue teachers suffering “recurring symptoms” after the incident.

“I began feeling a light drizzle on my hair, my face, my body – I thought it was rain. And then I caught the scent of fuel,” one teacher, who has taught at Park Avenue Elementary for 21 years, said at the press conference.

I thought, ‘Oh my God, it must be a terrorist attack.’ All I could do was think of making sure my students were safe and calm… because they were screaming and crying.



Friday, January 17, 2020

SWAMP STENCH: The FBI deep state is hard at work trying to bury the Burisma evidence that incriminates Joe Biden and the Obama administration

(Natural News) Most American foreign policy experts and diplomats know that Ukraine is a deeply corrupt country and has been for decades since the breakup of the Soviet Union — not that Moscow’s Communist government was much better.

With that said, its new president, Volodymyr Zelensky is in the same vein as President Donald Trump: He, too, wants to “drain the swamp” and rid his government of the grifters, the skimmers, and the ‘deep state’ types who are working daily to undermine the legitimate government.

The problem is, the corruption is so pervasive it is going to be difficult to eradicate — if possible at all.

That’s why it’s difficult to imagine why Ukraine would ask our own FBI to assist in a probe of a suspected cyber attack into Burisma — the energy firm at the center of corruption allegations involving Joe and Hunter Biden.

The firm hired Hunter Biden during the Obama administration, when his father, Joe, was serving as vice president, to be a ‘board member’ for a fee of about $50,000 per month. 

It’s also the company that was being investigated by the state prosecutor for corruption when Joe Biden got him fired by then-President Petro Poroshenko.

Suddenly, according to reports, out of nowhere it is hacked by (wait for it) Russian hackers. And we’re supposed to believe that.

In any event, as Zero Hedge reports, the company is notorious for its corruption. More than that, the site reminds readers that the investigation of Burisma corruption and the firm’s relationship with the Bidens “is at the heart of impeachment proceedings” against the president “brought by Democrats.”

The FBI, mind you, is at the center of the ‘Spygate’ scandal involving the attempt to enact a soft coup against Trump. And of course, we were told the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee’s servers leading up to the 2016 election.
Wow, what a confluence of corruption. 

So many coincidences

On Monday, The New York Times noted that Area 1, a Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity firm, said that Russian hackers from a military intelligence division formerly known as the GRU and operating under the alias “Fancy Bear” used phishing emails that were designed to steal passwords and usernames in order to gain access to the energy firm’s network.

On the surface this sounds legitimate because Moscow stole the Crimea from Ukraine and has been militarily supporting separatists in Ukraine’s east. So, why not hack a Ukrainian company? 

Okay…but why this company, one that is currently at the center of so much political controversy as another election cycle approaches? 

“It is noted that the hacker attack most likely took place in cooperation with the Russian special services,” said Ukrainian Interior Ministry official Artyom Minyailo at a briefing, adding that the FBI had been requested to assist in the investigation. 

Later, the interior minister said his office had launched an investigation into claims that former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was illegally placed under surveillance by associates of Trump presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

More coincidences? Is someone trying to steal evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens?

As Zero Hedge reports further: 

Of note, Area 1 was co-founded by two former NSA hackers — one of whom was a lead employee at cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, which was the only company allowed to analyze the DNC servers in connection with a 2016 breach — which it concluded “fancy bear” was also behind. Area 1 founder Oren Falkowitz is an active donor to Democrats, contributing to the 2020 election campaigns of both Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

So many coincidences, so little time to sort through them all.

If you’re beginning to think this all smells like its somehow related, you’re not the only one. Stranger things have happened stemming from the 2016 election, all in an effort to ‘get Trump.’ It sure seems like some suspicious activity is cranking up again ahead of 2020.

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DOJ investigating Comey over role in classified leaks during Clinton email drama – report

The US Department of Justice has opened a probe into whether former FBI director James Comey leaked details about classified intelligence to reporters covering the Hillary Clinton email server scandal.
Led by federal prosecutors, the inquiry is focused on two 2017 news stories for which Comey is suspected to have been a source, divulging the contents of a classified intelligence document, according to a New York Times report on Thursday.

The pair of stories, published in the Times and the Washington Post in 2017, cited an alleged Russian intelligence document obtained by Dutch security services, which earlier played a key role in Comey’s decision to forego charges for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the server scandal.

Clinton was herself the subject of an FBI probe in 2016 after it was revealed that she used a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, prompting Comey to conclude publicly that she had been “extremely careless” in using the personal server for official government work. He would ultimately decline to press charges, however.

The supposed Russian document referenced in the 2017 reports included mention of an email exchange between Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, then the chair of the Democratic National Committee, and a staffer with a progressive NGO, in which Wasserman-Shultz assures the staffer that then-attorney general Loretta Lynch would see that Clinton was not prosecuted.

While the document’s origin and veracity remains a mystery – no evidence has surfaced to prove where it came from – in his memoir, Comey wrote that he feared the “unverified material” would have been “used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation” had it gone public. He decided on those grounds not to move ahead with charges for the former top diplomat.

Comey was fired as FBI director in 2017 by President Donald Trump, who argued that he was no longer “able to effectively lead the Bureau,” following months of on-off sparring over his handling of the Clinton probe, as well as Comey’s involvement in the then-burgeoning Russiagate scandal.

In August, the DOJ declined to charge Comey for previous leaks to the press, namely memos detailing his private interactions with the president, despite the department concluding that his behavior set a “dangerous example.”



30 MILLION Polio Vaccines with Cancer Contamination for CDC – Population Control VIDEO

Recently the Center for Disease Control, otherwise known as the CDC, removed a web page that admitted opening that more than 98 million Americans received polio vaccines during an 8-year a time span when part of those vaccines were contaminated with polyomavirus SV40, believed to cause cancer.


    But the CDC’s own estimates there were between 10 and 30 MILLION Americans who could have received contaminated doses of vaccines laced with SV40.


    According to Loyola University assistant professor of Pathology Michele Carbone, the SV40 virus has reared its ugly head in cases of mesothelioma cancer, as well as in osteosarcoma bone cancer.


    Dr. Carbone has also said that HIV/AIDS was spread by way of hepatitis B vaccinations manufactured by Merck and Company in the 1970s, leading to the first outbreaks of in the 70s.


    So while modern medicine was winning the war against the debilitating polio disease, it was planting seeds–or injecting seeds– of cancer which today has become an epidemic.


    Just picture a hypodermic needle going into your arm or into the arm of your small child.


    What’s in those things?


    Do we really trust them?


    Are they safe and effective?


    While there is a lot of fine print of pharmaceutical packaging of today’s modern drugs and vaccines being injected into millions of tender arms, there is no warning that some of they may contain cancer or organisms believed to be cancer causing.



    But you might say, polio has been wiped off the face of the earth. Why even bother take polio vaccines anymore. Well, apart from the argument of whether anyone should or should not take any vaccines.


    There is also a very disturbing breaking news story about Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline ‘accidentally’ releasing over 10 gallons of concentrated live polio into a water treatment plant in Belgium in early September 2014. See the link to that news release in this video description section, as well as the link to the original CDC cancer admission.


    Only time will tell if polio makes a comeback from this ‘accidental’ spillage.


    Ah, but if it does, at least we have our friends at big bucks, big pharma to ‘protect’ us from such things as polio–that is if we can get a safe and effective vaccine that is not tainted with other agents that might require yet further vaccines in the future to protect us from them and possibly from the other dangerous organisms that might ‘accidentally’ get mixed in with the helper vaccines.


    Not to be unduly cynical but in a normal crime, police investigators look for three things: Means, motive and opportunity. As unthinkable as it is to grasp the genocidal consequences of this but think like a detective for a moment.



    Do pharmaceutical companies have the MEANS to dump polio into water or to put cancer-causing agents into vaccines?


    Do they have a MOTIVE?


    Are they in business merely to help people or also make a profit?


    And finally, do they have the OPPORTUNITY or did they have an alibi for not being at the scene of the crime.


    And even if the top level brass at pharmaceutical companies were not personally dumping live polio strains into water supplies or personally injecting toxins or pathogens into each vial of injectable substances, there has to be some accountability in this whole pharmacological mess.



    Thursday, January 16, 2020

    7-year-old children left psychologically terrorized after hearing Greta Thunberg speech… “I don’t want to die!”

    (Natural News) Children have been coming home from school afraid for their future, afraid for their lives. Some kids now believe they have less than ten years to live because of something that has been pounded in their heads — a political dogma called climate change. Children are being told that nothing is being done to address rising temperatures and carbon emissions. They are told that civilization will soon collapse if we don’t take action now. Climate change sensationalism is terrorizing kids, making them believe that they are going to die before they become adults. Teaching kids about environmental stewardship is a good objective, but filling their brains with climate sensationalism and predictions about the end of the world can have a traumatic and lasting effect on their thinking and their life.

    Sensationalized climate doom is terrorizing the minds of the next generation

    A young girl named Greta Thunberg was given the world stage at a United Nations Climate Action Summit in 2019. The girl was used as a pawn by a powerful group that wants all Nations to be subservient to their agenda of economic and climate control. The young Thunberg was allowed to give a desperate, outlandish speech about the end of the world, and then the speech was popularized by the mainstream media. The speech demanded that world leader’s act to put an end to carbon emissions or else the world faces mass extinction. Thunberg went on to blame every adult who doesn’t agree with her for ruining her future and destroying the planet.

    She was both criticized and praised for her tirade. Time Magazine named Thunberg the “Person of the Year” even though her speech was all hypothetical apocalyptic doom. Other publications pointed out the immaturity of the young girl’s tirade and how irrational, unrealistic, bratty, and demanding it was. The speech is having a negative, lasting impact on children.

    A report from Toronto gives a glimpse of what’s happening to the minds of children. An eight-year-old named Joylaea Blazevic came home from school one October afternoon and frantically told her mother that she only had eight years left to live. The school, Elmbank Junior Middle Academy, aired the infamous Thunberg speech in the library that day. According to the girl’s mother, the broadcast confused her daughter and scared all her friends. Young Joylaea also told her mother that one of her classmates shouted, “I don’t want to die!” The rest of the children exhibited similar responses, afraid for the future, afraid for their lives.

    Climate change alarmism offers no hope – only fear. Climate change activists are not leading by example. Instead, they make large-scale demands based on fear, and this has detrimental effects on the minds of children.

    According to the National Post, the schoolchildren were forced to watch a video of a “carbon clock.” The clock counted down from eight years, suggesting the children have less than a decade to live.

    The video warned that eight years is “the estimated amount of time it will take to emit enough carbon to warm the world by 1.5 degrees Celsius” – setting off a catastrophic string of events that will cause mass extinction of humans.

    Psychologists warn that children are high impressionable at this age. “Children this young are highly impressionable concrete thinkers who interpret what they hear very literally,” says Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella. “Between the ages of 7 and 11, children gradually become able to understand specific examples of cause and effect, but they still struggle with abstract ideas and putting issues in context.”

    The school staff defended their showing of Greta Thunberg’s sensationalist, apocalyptic speech and arrogantly disregarded what is best for the children’s mental health and well being.

    “Every awareness-raising lesson needs to plant seeds of hope, not rob pupils of their peace of mind,” said Pauline Gallagher, retired Glasgow school teacher. Ramming political theories down children’s throats to scare them is far from education. Climate change sensationalism goes beyond brainwashing; pushed on young children, it is psychological terrorism!


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