Thursday, November 15, 2018

Don Lemon Says White House Planned Mic Incident Between Staffer, Jim Acosta; ‘That Was Staged’

CNN’s Don Lemon accused the White House of planning the microphone incident last week between network correspondent Jim Acosta and a Trump administration staffer.

During a segment on "CNN Tonight," Lemon and New York University professor Burt Neuborne began by discussing the intense scene at the White House last Wednesday.

Acosta rudely interrupted the president several times during a news conference and briefly touched an intern who was trying to take away the microphone from him.

The wild incident resulted in Acosta having his White House press credentials suspended, and now the reporter and CNN are suing over it.

After largely skipping over those details, Lemon, without a shred of evidence, claimed that the White House "staged" the entire incident beforehand so they could single out Acosta and suspended him.

"If [President Trump] wants to hold a press conference, then it’s got to be a press conference," Neuborne said when asked for his opinion on the incident.

"He’s got to take the tough questions," Lemon shot back, defending Acosta.

Neuborne responded: "If he wants a group of people that will just do whatever he wants, then he can go to Fox, but if he wants to hold a real press conference where people hold his feet to the fire, then he can’t get petulant and say, ‘Oh, I don’t like those questions. Get out of my White House.’"

Lemon proceeded to defend Acosta: "By the way, he didn’t need the microphone. People yell out questions all the time."

After Neuborne said the White House should have just "turned off" the microphone rather than send an intern to retrieve it, Lemon pushed an insane conspiracy theory.

"Right. I think that was staged. I think they played that," Lemon said, with no push back at all from Neuborne.

The incident was serious, and a judge could issue a ruling in the matter by Friday. CNN is claiming the White House has no legal grounds to suspend the press credentials of any reporter because they have the Constitutional right to attend the White House and ask questions.

The White House argues that it does have the right to suspend press credentials from any reporter who acts disorderly, doesn’t follow the rules, creates a commotion, and seeks to create scenes with the president and other administration officials.

But Lemon wasn’t interested in hearing both sides of the story, and ardently defended Acosta despite his ridiculous antics, which drew scorn from both sides of the political aisle.

It’s also not surprising that Lemon would peddle such a bizarre theory to defend his colleague.

This is the same person who recently declared that white men are "the biggest terror threat in this country," attacked rapper Kanye West by invoking his deceased mother, and defended the violence from the far-left group Antifa.


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