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The Washington Post is a fake news shill outlet that promotes vaccines and pharmaceuticals while quietly accepting cash from Big Pharma


(Natural News) The corporate media at large is notorious for shilling vaccine industry propaganda on the regular. But there’s one fake news outlet in particular that deserves special recognition for flaunting its pro-vaccine bias, and that’s the Jeff Bezos-owned The Washington Post.

“Amazon News,” as it should probably be renamed, actually has a resident pro-vaxxer propagandist on its payroll by the name of Lena Sun who basically functions as Big Pharma’s modern reanimation of the infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

While the Post identifies Sun as a “health reporter,” the fact of the matter is that she’s actually a professional vaccine propagandist who gets paid to spread lies on behalf of the forced drugging industry.

Back in 2017, for instance, Sun wrote an article for the Post arguing that it’s “a bad idea” for parents to in any way alter or extend the standard vaccination schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), arguing that it’s been “tested extensively” and is thus safe.

“No new immunization is added to the schedule until it has been evaluated both alone and when given with the other current immunizations,” Sun claimed.

It sounds really nice, if only it were true. As pointed out by Jeffrey R. Hammond on his blog, a 2016 paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons unequivocally states: “The safety of CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule was never affirmed in clinical studies.”
Hammond goes on to quote that same study, which further states: “Vaccines are administered to millions of infants every year, yet health authorities have no scientific data from synergistic toxicity studies on all combinations of vaccines that infants are likely to receive.”

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), which the CDC itself considers to be an authoritative source of vaccine information, agrees, having admitted back in 2013 that “existing research has not been designed to test the entire immunization schedule” – pretty self-explanatory, wouldn’t you say?

But when Hammond reached out to the Post, and to Sun specifically, to address the errors in Sun’s reporting, he was told by Sun that he had taken this IOM quote “out of context,” and that was that.

To this very day, the Post refuses to retract Sun’s fake news article. In fact, Sun has gone on to publish many more fake news articles about vaccines, including one contending that influenza vaccines are safe for pregnant women. Sun also insists that whooping cough outbreaks are being caused by unvaccinated children, even though the exact opposite is true.

And time and time again, even when the facts are presented to her, Sun has systematically refused to make any corrections to set the record straight.

What’s worse is the fact that Sun has directly attacked and misrepresented those who’ve confronted her with the truth, including Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a vaccine truth organization started by John F. Kennedy Jr. that’s now at the forefront of the vaccine truth movement.

In a hilarious example of the pot calling the kettle black, Sun actually wrote in one of her articles that CHD is guilty of spreading “false claims” about vaccines, even though it’s Sun who continues to publish lie after lie about the “safety and effectiveness” of vaccines.

And why is she doing this, exactly? Because she’s a “deep state” asset who’s being paid to lie on behalf of Big Vaccine, plain and simple.

The CIA basically purchased Amazon and The Washington Post back in 2013

In case you aren’t aware, Jeff Bezos, who now owns the Post, was awarded a $600 million contract by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) back in 2013 to build the deep state agency’s “private cloud” data processing infrastructure. And ever since that time, the Post has been churning out endless vaccine propaganda articles by Sun and its other pro-vaccine writers – a coincidence? Hardly.

“The corporate media serve the function of manufacturing consent for government policy by systematically lying to the public about what science tells us about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines,” notes Hammond in his analysis of the Post‘s true agenda.

Keep in mind that Amazon itself, under Bezos’ watch, is rapidly morphing into its own pharmaceutical company, which means that it, too, has a vested interest in keeping as many people as possible on the jab train. You might say that the Post has become a type of public relations firm for not just Big Pharma generally, but Amazon Pharma specifically.

This would explain why Amazon is now banning all vaccine truth content from its platform, whether it be the VAXXED documentaries or books highlighting the potential adverse effects of vaccines as revealed in vaccine package inserts.

Amazon and the Post, with the help of shills like Sun, basically now exist as propaganda mouthpieces for drugs and vaccines. While posing as a retailer and a news outlet, respectively, Amazon and the Post are essentially trafficking in lies and misinformation about vaccines and presenting them as “facts.”
“To keep people sick, malicious anti-journalists like Lena Sun have to lie about the safety of vaccines as a way to convince people to keep taking the very shots that spread infectious disease and contaminate their bodies with aluminum, mercury, squalene and other toxic chemicals that are deliberately formulated into vaccines,” points out Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“So Lena Sun, obviously under orders from the vaccine deep state, falsely writes that all vaccines are safety tested against the entire childhood vaccination schedule before being released. It’s an outright lie, of course, and she refuses to retract it, but that’s how the CIA rolls: just gaslight everybody while demanding anyone who questioned your lies be silenced or discredited.”

One wonders how Sun is able to sleep at night knowing that she’s nothing more than a corporate mouthpiece for an industry that injures and kills thousands of innocent children annually with its poison needles and pills. Rather than conduct true investigative journalism, Sun merely parrots Big Pharma’s talking points while pretending to be a “health reporter” – and gets paid handsomely for it by her pharma handlers.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Scoffing at Law Thanks to ‘Serious Dirt’ on Powerful People, Former Friend Says

A former friend says the Epstein confidante was relieved at her former boyfriend’s death—because it meant he could not turn on her.
Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in a jailhouse suicide, believes she can evade being prosecuted in connection with Epstein because she has “serious dirt” on powerful people, a former friend of the Maxwell family has claimed.

Ghislaine has been widely accused of supplying a string of young and underage females to Epstein for his sexual gratification.
Ghislaine is “totally convinced” that she can stay in hiding, and is currently being protected by a coterie of rich friends who are even said to be paying her legal bills.

A family friend, Laura Goldman, told U.K. paper The Sun that Ghislaine is texting friends from her secret hideaway.

Goldman, who was friends with both Maxwell and her sister Isabel, told The Sun: “Ghislaine and her sister Isabel remain totally convinced that she’ll escape any criminal convictions and will eventually clear the family name and return to high society once the dust has settled.

“She obviously has some serious dirt on someone to be so sure of herself in the circumstances,” Goldman said.

Epstein’s connections included some of the most powerful people in the world, such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Ghilsaine (pronounced “Gillayne” with a hard “g”) introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, whom she had once dated.

Goldman, a former New York City stockbroker who used to mix in the same circles as Epstein and Maxwell, before cutting them both off after the financier’s first arrest in 2008, told The Sun: “She has wealthy connections who hide her and even pay some legal fees. She can stay out of the public eye as long as she wants.”

Goldman told The Sun that Maxwell doesn’t believe she has done anything wrong, but was “relieved” when she heard of Epstein’s death: “It may have placed her more in the spotlight, but at least he couldn’t turn on her,” she said.

Ghislaine Maxwell has only been photographed once since the scandal surrounding Epstein erupted again this year with his arrest, allowing herself to be snapped at a burger joint in Los Angeles.


All West Virginia prison guard trainees pictured giving NAZI salute on viral photo SACKED after review

Three staff members and all of the West Virginia corrections cadets, who posed for a photo making a hand gesture resembling a Nazi salute, have been sacked after an inquiry found the class instructor encouraged the practice.
All 34 would-be prison guards and three West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Academy employees have been fired after an in-depth investigation into the viral photo showing the trainees giving a Nazi salute in a class photo accompanied by the words “HAIL BYRD!”

“As I said from the beginning, I condemn the photo of Basic Training Class 18 in the strongest possible terms. I also said that this act needed to result in real consequences – terminations and dismissals,” Governor Jim Justice said Monday, as he gave his approval to all the recommendations laid out in the report of Virginia's Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety (DMAPS), urging it to “make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

The photo began circulating in early December, after apparently having been leaked by someone within the academy. DMAPS later released the image in response to a public records request, having blurred the faces of those doing the immediately recognizable gesture.

With the photo courting widespread controversy online, Justice ordered secretary for Virginia’s DMAPS, Jeff Sandy, to launch an inquiry into the incident. The resulting investigation has unearthed even more eyebrow-raising details, such as that the class instructor – identified only by her surname,  Byrd – had not only welcomed the practice, but apparently “reveled” in it and “at times reciprocated the gesture.”

When confronted by a staffer about the gesture and its rather obvious Nazi connotations, Byrd brushed off the concerns, allegedly saying that there was “nothing wrong” with the greeting since “people of all colors” were in the photo. She also remained unfazed when asked about the “Hail Byrd” caption, and effectively took a pride in comparing herself to Hitler.

"That's why they do that because I’m a hard-ass like Hitler,” Byrd allegedly said.

Byrd attempted to play down the incident in the interviews with the investigators, telling them she was completely oblivious to historical and racial implications of the gesture, insisting it was a simple greeting. However, the report notes, her account “was heavily contradicted by multiple sources,” including around 10 cadets who said that they did not make the “salute” until Byrd “told them to.”

The gesture reportedly did not come about at Byrd’s own initiative, but was started by one of the trainees, allegedly a black student described in the report as one of the “informal class leaders.”

The report submitted by Sandy to the governor’s office on December 27 recommended the termination of all the cadets in the photo, three academy staff who failed to report the incident, as well as the unpaid suspension of four instructors who did nothing to stop the Nazi-mimicking practice from going on.



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Newly released JFK files reveal Democrat President Lyndon Johnson was a member of the KKK, which was run by Democrats

(Natural News) Since President Trump released roughly 2,800 previously classified documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy last week, media outlets within the United States and around the world have been scrambling to find any new information regarding the death of our 35th president. In the process, a document has been uncovered that reveals something that may or may not be surprising to Americans across the country – that former Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Ned Touchstone, editor of The Councilor, has been identified by a confidential informant as a member of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” the document states. “The source advised in December, 1963, that Touchstone claimed that the Klan had documented proof that President Johnson was formerly a member of the Klan in Texas during the early days of his political career.”

While it may come as a shock to some, the fact that President Johnson was formerly a member of the Ku Klux Klan is rather unsurprising for a number of reasons. The first has to do with the fact that on multiple occasions, President Lyndon Johnson allegedly made racial slurs, which for decades has led many Americans to believe that Johnson himself viewed the white race as superior to blacks.

“I’ll have those n****** voting Democratic for the next 200 years,” Johnson allegedly said to two governors on Air Force One at one point during his presidency. Another time, President Johnson said, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us… Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

The second reason why these revelations about President Johnson are actually rather unsurprising is because throughout the 19th century and well into the 20th century, the Democrat Party has been the party of slavery, racism and segregation. As a matter of fact, between the years 1866 and 1966, the Democrat Party rejected every single piece of civil rights legislation that made its way through the halls of Congress.

When it came to the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which officially freed the slaves, the vast majority of Democrats voted against it while only four voted in favor of it. The Democrats also opposed the 14th Amendment, which granted slaves United States citizenship, while the Republican Party overwhelmingly supported it. When it came time to vote for the 15th Amendment, which gave slaves the right to vote, not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress at the time voted in favor of it.

As the United States moved into the 20th century, iconic Democratic figures such as John F. Kennedy were rejecting civil rights legislation such as the famous Civil Rights Act of 1957. Democratic Senator Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee also opposed it.

And yet, Democrats today within the mainstream media and Washington DC have the audacity to claim that it’s the Republicans who are the racists. Without any proof or substantial evidence whatsoever, the liberals always seem to resort to claiming that those on the right hate people of color and that conservatives somehow perpetuate institutionalized racism in America.

Perhaps they are simply trying to cover up for their racist past of supporting slavery and segregation, or maybe they are just in desperate need of a history lesson. Either way, the sooner the American people learn the truth about the Democrat Party and the evil that is intertwined in its founding, the better.

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‘The Report’ details the CIA’s deadly torture program. Which part is fiction, Mike?

FILE PHOTO: Protesters simulate waterboarding outside the Department of Justice in Washington DC © Reuters / Kevin Lamarque

Secretary of State and former CIA Director Mike Pompeo has added a new string to his bow: film critic. Though Pompeo dismisses ‘The Report’ as fiction, the torture chronicled in the movie was real, and had deadly consequences.
Released last month, ‘The Report’ follows the story of Senate staffer Daniel Jones, working to compile a damning 6,700-page report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs after 9/11. The movie cuts from political wrangling in Washington to secure the report’s release, to scenes of brutal torture recounted in the report itself - or at least, the unredacted portion we’re allowed to read.

Pompeo wasn’t impressed. Calling the movie “fiction,” he tweeted a scathing review on Friday. “To be clear,” he wrote, “the bad guys are not our intelligence warriors. The bad guys are the terrorists. To my former colleagues and all of the patriots at @CIA who have kept us safe since 9/11: America supports you, defends you and has your back. So do I."

Pompeo’s world, in which “good guys” deliver justice to “bad guys,” and “intelligence warriors” battle “terrorists,” has already been depicted in jingoistic CIA puff pieces like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and Amazon’s ‘Jack Ryan.’ ‘The Report’ clearly troubles Pompeo because it’s based on real, shameful non-fiction.

The movie depicts the graphic torture of detainee Abu Zubaydah, captured in Pakistan in 2002 and shuttled to a so-called ‘black site’ in Thailand. There he was waterboarded almost to death, physically assaulted by CIA officers, deprived of food, sleep and clothes, and forced to spend over 11 days in a coffin-sized ‘confinement box.’ Meanwhile, the CIA’s then-Director Michael Hayden lied to Congress in 2007 about the severity of the techniques used on Zubaydah and the effectiveness of torture in obtaining information.

The ‘good guys’ who interrogated Zubaydah later destroyed videotapes of the interrogations in 2005, reportedly under the instruction of current agency Director Gina Haspel. These tapes also showed the interrogation of one Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was threatened with a handgun and an electric drill, and sodomized by interrogators.

An aide to CIA Executive Director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo later wrote in an email that “the heat from destroying [the tapes] is nothing compared with what it would be if the tapes ever got into [the] public domain… it would be devastating to us.”

‘The Report’ also references the death of Gul Rahman, who faced similar treatment in a secret Afghan prison run by the CIA in 2002. Rahman was shackled and forced to stand in ‘stress positions’ for days on end, blasted with freezing cold water, and found dead of hypothermia on the concrete floor of his cell, three weeks after his arrival at the site.

Though Pompeo asserts that the CIA’s actions “have kept us safe since 9/11,” the Senate torture report shows no evidence that any useable information was extracted through torture. “If it works, why do you need to do it 183 times?” Sen. Dianne Feinstein says in one scene in ‘The Report,’ referring to the repeated waterboarding of 9/11 suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Even if one sanctions the use of torture on genuinely “bad” guys, many of the suspects rounded up by the CIA have never had their guilt ascertained in a court of law. Zubaydah is currently languishing in US military custody in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and has never been charged with any crimes. Rahman was not charged with any crimes before his death, and Sheikh Mohammed is awaiting trial on war crimes charges - though his confessions in 2007 to a string of terror offences were obtained under torture, and may prove inadmissible.

Pompeo would clearly prefer endless reruns of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to anything that might call his former agency’s reputation into question. Though some have argued that the movie’s second half - which sees agency lawyers and bureaucrats attempt to stymie Jones’ investigation - is exaggerated, the fact remains that the CIA needlessly tortured suspects for years with little oversight and attempted to destroy the evidence.

Pompeo is not alone in giving torture the thumbs-up. President Trump emerged as a torture advocate on the campaign trail in 2016, with his statements garnering significant criticism. Still, a 2017 survey revealed that Americans were almost evenly divided on the use of torture.

Public opinion may be split, but one thing nobody believes is that the harrowing stories depicted in both the movie and the Senate’s report are “fiction.” 



"Don't Touch Kids You Pervert!": Biden Middle School Gymnasium Rally Melts Down Into Chaos

A Joe Biden event on Sunday at a New Hampshire Middle School gymnasium was interrupted by two protesters, who assailed 'quid pro Joe' with accusations of being a 'pervert' and making money in Ukraine.

"You've touched kids on video, and women," shouted one man, adding "We don't need another old white man running for president - time to have a minority candidate," to which Biden - who likely didn't hear the guy, said "I agree with ya man. I agree. Nice talkin' with you."

"You don't touch kids ever again, the man continued. "Don't touch kids, you pervert!" he continued, to which Biden shook his head.

"Look it up," the man told the gasping crowd. "Don't lie to them, 'creepy uncle biden,' look it up!"

The man was led out to a smattering of half-hearted applause from the less than energized crowd.
At another point, another man in the back shouts at Biden, "Excuse me mister Biden. How much money did you make in Ukraine?" to which (after an angry New Hampshire Democrat shouted to the protester "Is that all you got pal?") Biden shot back "Wait, wait, wait, wait wait. I released 21 years of my tax returns. Your guy hasn't released one, what's he hiding?"


Another angle:

On the bright side, Joe was able to avoid calling either of them fat or 'damn liars.'


Obama facing prosecution?, Being actively investigated for treason, John Brennan James Comey et al to squeal?, Obama not a sitting president

“In the time-honored tradition of Machiavellian statecraft, all of the charges being leveled against Donald Trump to remove him from office – namely, ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of congress’ –are essentially the same things the Democratic Party has been guilty of for nearly half a decadeabusing their powers in a non-stop attack on the executive branch. Is the reason because they desperately need a ‘get out of jail free’ card?”…Zero Hedge

“Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its
constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn. As is the essence of the problem here, instead of protecting its citizens, the “government” is protecting its own criminal conduct and operatives.”…Attorney Sidney Powell October 23, 2019

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019
From Citizen Wells November 14, 2019.

“Citizen Wells wrote in 2008 that Obama had to win the election to avoid being prosecuted for a number of serious crimes.

He was up to his ears in Chicago and Illinois corruption that others such as Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezko were indicted and prosecuted for.

Patrick Fitzgerald, who as it turns out was buddies with the Comey crowd, made sure Obama was protected.

And of course Mr. Brennan made sure his passport data was cauterized.

Mr. Bauer, et al of Perkins Coie made sure his birth certificate data never saw the light of day.

And since Hillary did not win the election, a host of former Obama Administration folks created and perpetuated myths and hoaxes to end the presidency of Donald Trump.

More treason.

If there is any justice remaining after the pollution of the Obama era, these folks will be brought to justice.

And that includes Obama and Hillary.”


And since Hillary did not win the election, a host of former Obama Administration folks created and perpetuated myths and hoaxes to end the presidency of Donald Trump.

More treason.

If there is any justice remaining after the pollution of the Obama era, these folks will be brought to justice.

And that includes Obama and Hillary.”


From Eric Zuesse at Strategic Culture December 29, 2019.

“Former US President Barack Obama is now in severe legal jeopardy, because the Russiagate investigation has turned 180 degrees; and he, instead of the current President, Donald Trump, is in its cross-hairs.

The biggest crime that a US President can commit is to try to defeat American democracy (the Constitutional functioning of the US Government) itself, either by working with foreign powers to take it over, or else by working internally within America to sabotage democracy for his or her own personal reasons. Either way, it’s treason (crime that is intended to, and does, endanger the continued functioning of the Constitution itself*), and Mr. Obama is now being actively investigated, as possibly having done this. The Russiagate investigation, which had formerly focused against the current US President, has reversed direction and now targets the prior President. Although he, of course, cannot be removed from office (since he is no longer in office), he is liable under criminal laws, the same as any other American would be, if he committed any crime while he was in office.”

“If Comey gets heat for this possibly lie-based FBI investigation of the US Presidential nominee from the opposite Party of the sitting US President (Comey’s own boss, Obama), then protecting himself could become Comey’s top motivation; and, in that condition, protecting his former boss might become only a secondary concern for him.”

“Furthermore, inasmuch as this operation certainly involved Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and others, and not only top officials at the FBI, there is no chance that Comey would have been the only high official who was involved in it. And if Comey was involved, then he would have been acting in his own interest, and not only in his boss’s”

“Consequently, Comey would have been benefitting himself, and other high officials of the Obama Administration, by sabotaging Trump’s campaign, and by weakening Trump’s Presidency in the event that he would become elected. Plus, of course, Comey would have been benefitting Obama himself. Not only was Trump constantly condemning Obama, but Obama had appointed to lead the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 Presidential primaries, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who as early as 20 February 2007 had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in the Democratic Party primaries, so that Shultz was one of the earliest supporters of Clinton against even Obama himself. In other words, Obama had appointed Shultz in order to increase the odds that Clinton — not Sanders— would become the nominee in 2016 to continue on and protect his own Presidential legacy.”

“Nowadays, Obama is telling the Party’s billionaires that Elizabeth Warren would be good for them,

but not that Sanders would — he never liked Sanders. He wants Warren to get the voters who otherwise would go for Sanders, and he wants the Party’s billionaires to help her achieve this (be the Party’s allegedly ‘progressive’ option), so that Sanders won’t be able to become a ballot option in the general election to be held on 3 November 2020.”

“Comey’s virtually exclusive concern, at the present stage, would be to protect himself, so that he won’t be imprisoned. This means that he might testify against Obama. At this stage, he’s free of any personal obligation to Obama — Comey is now on his own, up against Trump, who clearly is his enemy.”

“But, regardless of what happens, Obama now is in the cross-hairs. That’s not just political cross-hairs (such as an impeachment process); it is, above all, legal cross-hairs (an actual criminal investigation). Whereas Trump is up against a doomed effort by the Democratic Party to replace him by Vice President Mike Pence, Obama will be up against virtually inevitable criminal charges, by the incumbent Trump Administration. Obama played hardball against Trump, with “Russiagate,” and then with “Ukrainegate”; Trump will now play hardball against Obama, with whatever his Administration and the Republican Party manage to muster against Obama; and the stakes this time will be considerably bigger than just whether to replace Trump by Pence.”

Read more:


Will John Brennan, James Comey, et al squeal on Obama?

More here:


Trey Gowdy Sounds Off On Pelosi Delaying Senate Impeachment

Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy, former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, joins Dana Perino on ‘The Daily Briefing.’

John Eastman, Claremont Institute senior fellow, and Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, join the debate on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III is an American attorney, television news personality, politician, and former federal prosecutor who served as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 4th congressional district from 2011 to 2019.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

US military contractors sued for funding terrorism in Afghanistan with ‘protection’ payments to Taliban

FILE PHOTO: A construction site in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan ©  AFP / Farshad Usyan

Bribes paid by international military contractors in Afghanistan were used by the Taliban to fund attacks on companies that didn’t make the payments, according to a lawsuit filed by families of those injured or killed as a result.
“Large corporations that had lucrative businesses in Afghanistan” paid off the Taliban through a series of subcontractors, bribing the Afghan militants in order to save money on security, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday in federal court by the families of 143 US soldiers and contractors injured and killed during the longest war in American history. The 288-page civil suit alleges the Taliban then used the money to finance acts of terrorism against companies that didn’t bribe them, detailing the grisly circumstances that led to the deaths and injuries of the victims.

Those protection payments aided and abetted terrorism by directly funding an Al-Qaida-backed Taliban insurgency that killed and injured thousands of Americans.

An employee of the US Embassy in Kabul referred to the payments as “organized crime,” according to the suit, which seeks unspecified relief for their families under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Anywhere between 20 and 40 percent of the funding for major projects like the Kajaki Dam and a portion of the Ring Road went into the pockets of Afghan militants between 2009 and 2017, the lawsuit alleges. Contractors used Pentagon cash to hire sub-contractors, who hired their own sub-contractors and so on, until some of the money – amounting to millions of dollars, if not more – ended up in the hands of the Taliban.

Some government estimates show the Taliban strength in 2019 greater than at any time over the past 18 years of war that claimed the lives of more than 38,000 Afghan civilians, 2,400 US soldiers, and over $2 trillion in taxpayer funds.

Two defendants, DAI Global and Louis Berger Group, received approximately half the total contracts in Afghanistan distributed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) from 2007 to 2009 – about $1 billion. DAI stands accused of paying off the Taliban from 2006 to 2012 while executing contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the areas they controlled.

“Standard practice in such circumstances was to pay protection money in order to discourage the Taliban from attacking their projects,” the suit claims. Louis Berger allegedly categorized the Taliban recipients of its payments as “moderate,” because they weren’t actively destroying the corporation’s work.

Other American contractors being sued are Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp., Centerra Group LLC, and Janus Global Operations LLC. British contractor G4S PLC and South African MTN Group are also on the list of defendants. None of the companies responded to requests for comment from the Wall Street Journal, the first outlet to report the lawsuit, except a Black & Veatch spokesman who claimed the contractor had followed US government instructions and was “proud” of its work in Afghanistan.

Multiple congressional investigations have confirmed that US companies were flooding local warlords and insurgents with millions of dollars in protection money at the height of the war. Even then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged in 2009 that such bribes were a major funding source for the Taliban. The following year, a congressional report called ‘Warlord, Inc.’ confirmed that Pentagon cash flowing through contractors was supporting a “protection racket,” buying safe passage of goods by bribing local officials (and likely Taliban members).

None of the corporations who paid the Taliban have been prosecuted, nor were any of the Pentagon officials who paid the contractors. A decade later, US troops remain in Afghanistan – even as documents published earlier this month (and dating from 2014) revealed that US officials knew that the war was doomed from the outset.



Report: Barry Krischer Offered Jeffrey Epstein 'Secret Plea Deal' to 'Sweep Case Under The Rug'

Former Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer offered Jeffrey Epstein an even sweeter plea deal than the one he later accepted which would have swept the "entire case under the rug," Dylan Howard reports.

From Dylan Howard, "EXCLUSIVE: Read The Secret Plea Deal Offered To Jeffrey Epstein To AVOID A GRAND JURY -- Agreement That Would Have Swept Entire Case Under The Rug And Was EVEN SWEETER THAN THE DEAL HE LATER ACCEPTED":

House Democrats have asked for emails and documents as part of a probe into how Jeffrey Epstein received a secret plea deal -- one document they'll want (see below) is a document dated April 17, 2016, during which the former Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer offered the sex fiend and international spy an EVEN better sweetheart deal.

The facts of the consummated "plea deal of the century" are by this point in time widely known.

Former Trump labor secretary Alex Acosta, who as a federal prosecutor in Florida in 2007 negotiated a secret deal with lawyers for Epstein that allowed the uber-wealthy sexual predator to avoid serious prison time, protected Epstein's co-conspirators and hid the existence of the agreement from dozens of alleged victims.

What most people don't realize, however, is that Palm Beach County prosecutors actually had offered Epstein another plea deal back in 2006. An even sweeter deal, it would have helped him avoid grand jury proceedings and jail time altogether, likely sweeping the entire investigation under the rug.

The plea deal, issued in a letter from Assistant State Attorney Lanna Behlohlave to Epstein's attorney Guy Fronstin, and obtained by the team behind EPSTEIN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES, reads as follows:

By this letter, I am confirming the offer of settlement to your client, Jeffrey Epstein. Should you accept this settlement, the state will not proceed with Grand Jury proceedings tomorrow.

Plea to Aggravated Assault with the Intent to Commit a Felony, a third degree felony. Adjudication will be withheld, and your client will be placed on 5 year probation with the following conditions: no contact direct or indirect with victim [redacted]; no contact with minors unless supervised by an approved adult with knowledge of the underlying facts, but in no case shall the supervising adult be [assistants] Nadia Marcinkova or Sarah Kellen; psycho-sexual evaluation and successful completion of any recommended treatment; full payment of the costs of the investigation by the Palm Beach Police Department; and may apply for early termination of probation after three years if there are no violations and all conditions have been successfully completed.

Remarkably, Epstein -- a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton and Britain's Prince Andrew, who died from what authorities ruled a suicide in August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York -- rejected the deal. What part of that list of demands was too much for him? Was he confident at that time that he'd skate entirely -- because he was considered off-limits as a Mossad spy, as revealed in EPSTEIN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES?

Barry Krischer was recently given a "Jurisprudence Award" from the Anti-Defamation League.

"The Jurisprudence Award was established to recognize individuals who have made 'an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and to the community at large, while exemplifying the principles upon which the Anti-Defamation League was founded,'" the ADL said in a news release last year.

B'nai B'rith's ADL was founded to cover-up the brutal murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan in 1913 by Leo Frank by falsely claiming Frank was the victim of "antisemitism."

Was Krischer covering-up for suspected Mossad blackmail agent Jeffrey Epstein serving the "community at large" behind the ADL?

That would make sense, considering the ADL is currently lobbying for mass censorship on social media and getting folks who highlight the Mossad-Epstein connection suspended and banned.

The New York Times ran an article from the ADL's Brittan Heller earlier this week pressuring Big Tech to ramp up their censorship.

Heller starred in this video from the ADL last year highlighting how they're designing artificial intelligence systems to automatically censor whatever they deem to be "hate speech" (aka facts they don't like).

YouTube recently rolled out expanded AI-based censorship of all comments and bragged about deleting 500 million comments in Q2 "in part due to a large increase in hate speech removals."


Q: Whistleblower On Psyop Impeachment Against Americans, Obama Shadownet, Ukraine Corruption

Whistleblower, Iraq Veteran, & Top Security military systems Contractor, Patrick Bergy, joins the program to explain the shadowy world of cyber warfare and military psyops. Bergy has significant experience in above top secret military operations in Iraq, Urkraine and in social media psyops.

He explains the purpose of Shadownet and the corrupt repurposing of tax payer military weapons for commercial use and profit by highly connected current and past government officials including the very same names that are present over and over in the Russian collusion and impeachment inquiries.

Q: Whistleblower On Psyop Impeachment Against Americans, Obama Shadownet, Ukraine Corruption


Friday, December 27, 2019

Report: FBI Investigating Epstein Pal Ghislaine Maxwell

Sources tell Reuters the agency is asking questions about the mysterious socialite



No one seems to know for sure where Ghislaine Maxwell is, with CBS This Morning noting the Jeffrey Epstein friend has been keeping a "low profile" since his August suicide. But while that mystery continues, the FBI is apparently trying to figure out her role in the Epstein sex trafficking scandal in absentia, with two law enforcement sources telling Reuters the agency is investigating the 58-year-old British socialite. Although Maxwell hasn't been accused of criminal wrongdoing, she's reportedly a central focus of the FBI's probe, said to be in its early stages and also looking into others "who facilitated" Epstein's behavior.
Forbes offers more background on Maxwell, the daughter of late disgraced publishing mogul Robert Maxwell and one of Epstein's closest confidantes. Several women have said Ghislaine Maxwell, who has denied all accusations, was involved in Epstein's alleged sex ring of underage girls. One person who doesn't seem to be in the FBI's sights, at least not at the moment: Prince Andrew, who Reuters' sources say isn't currently on the FBI's list of future interviewees. A royal family rep says whether the prince gets put in the interview hot seat is "a matter for the FBI." (Read more Jeffrey Epstein stories.)

Judicial Watch Sues CIA and DOJ for Communications of CIA Analyst

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against both the DOJ and CIA for communications of CIA employee Eric Ciaramella, who reportedly worked on Ukraine issues while on detail to both the Obama and Trump White Houses.

The lawsuit against the DOJ was filed after it failed to respond to November 2019 FOIA requests seeking communications between Ciaramella and former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI Attorney Lisa Page, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and/or the Special Counsel’s Office (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-03809)).

Judicial Watch filed suit against the CIA after it failed to respond to November 2019 FOIA requests seeking all of Ciaramella’s emails from June 1, 2016, to November 12, 2019 (Judicial Watch v. Central Intelligence Agency (No. 1:19-cv-03807)).

Ciaramella’s name appears in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the 2016 presidential election, in reference to two emails Ciaramella sent to then-Chief of Staff John Kelly and other officials, describing a meeting between President Trump, Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Foreign Minister Sergey Kislyak:

In the morning on May 10, 2017, President Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office.
(5/9/17 White House Document, “Working Visit with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia”) … (5/10/17 Email, Ciaramella to Kelly et al.). The meeting had been planned on May 2, 2017, during a telephone call between the President and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the meeting date was confirmed on May 5, 2017, the same day the President dictated ideas for the Comey termination letter to Stephen Miller…. (5/10/17 Email, Ciaramella to Kelly et al.).
Information about this phone call was subsequently leaked to The New York Times.

Ciaramella is widely reported as the person who filed the whistleblower complaint that triggered the impeachment proceedings. His name reportedly was “raised privately in impeachment depositions, according to officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings, as well as in at least one open hearing held by a House committee not involved in the impeachment inquiry.”

“There is significant public interest, thanks to the Obama Spygate scandal and the related abusive impeachment of President Trump, in what Eric Ciaramella was up to,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “CIA operative Ciaramella is documented to be involved in the Russia collusion investigation, and was a key CIA operative on Ukraine in the both the Obama and Trump White Houses. Our lawsuits are designed to break through the unprecedented cover-up of his activities.”

Judicial Watch recently compiled an extensive list of persons Ciaramella met while in the Obama-era White House. That list includes, but is not limited to, Daria Kaleniuk, co-founder and executive director of the Soros-funded Anticorruption Action Center (AntAC) in Ukraine; Gina Lentine, formerly the Eurasia program coordinator at Soros funded Open Society Foundations; and former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who had extensive involvement with Clinton-funded dossier. The logs also reveal that Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor hired by the DNC during the 2016 election who coordinated with Ukrainians to investigate President Trump and his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, visited the White House 27 times.



BOMBSHELL: AIDS was developed as a bioweapon and administered through CDC-approved vaccine trials that targeted GAY men in the 1970s

(Natural News) Did you know that, just prior to the HIV and AIDS epidemic that swept the American homosexual population during the early 1980s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment that’s believed to have triggered it?

Between the years of 1978 and 1981, the CDC specifically targeted homosexual men living in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – three major cities where HIV and AIDS seemingly appeared out of nowhere – with hepatitis B vaccines that were manufactured with infected blood.

This blood was then injected into chimpanzees that were known to be infected with the cancer-causing simian virus 40, also known as SV40.

As you may recall, SV40 is the same virus that was identified in polio vaccines administered during the 1950s, which could explain the meteoric rise in cancer we’re now seeing roughly 70 years later.

Prior to the CDC’s administering of these hepatitis B vaccines among homosexual populations, HIV and AIDS didn’t even exist in the United States. But after this little experiment, the details of which remain largely under wraps, HIV and AIDS began to spread like wildfire.

By the time the CDC’s hepatitis B experiment reached its conclusion in 1981, the CDC actually declared AIDS to be an epidemic. Just one year prior, however, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a report proclaiming the CDC’s AIDS-tainted hepatitis B vaccine to be “safe and incidence of side effects low,” with an alleged 96 percent success rate.

How a vaccine that almost immediately resulted in some 20 percent of homosexual men living in Manhattan contracting HIV in 1980 – this figure doubled to 40 percent by 1984 – could be considered “safe and incidence of side effects low” is truly mind-boggling. But this is what was declared at the time, and the rest is history.

For more related news about the CDC, be sure to check out CDC.news.

Did the CIA create HIV 10 years before the CDC began administering it in vaccines?

This type of human medical experimentation is really nothing new for our country. In fact, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is said to have intentionally created HIV as far back as 1970 when Dr. Donald MacArthur, the then-Deputy Director for Research and Technology at the Department of Defense, requested $10 million from Congress to develop a synthetic biological agent with resistance “to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

Though it hasn’t technically been proven that the CIA is responsible for HIV, and thus AIDS, we know that CIA-supervised mycoplasma research that took place at Fort Detrick’s Special Operations Division had been working on creating a synthetic immunosuppressive agent, which very likely turned out to be HIV.

One year later in 1971, then-President Richard Nixon actually converted Fort Detrick from an “offensive biowarfare laboratory” into the Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center, which today is known as the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at Frederick.

The handling of HIV appears to have then transferred hands to the CDC, which plotted to set it loose in many of America’s major cities in order to create a new public health crisis, specifically within the homosexual community.

Little-known PBS interview that was never aired linked HIV to Merck’s polio vaccine, which contained AIDS-causing SV40

Several years after the CDC declared AIDS to be an epidemic, medical historian Edward Shorter and Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the foremost vaccine developer at Merck at the time, appeared on PBS to discuss SV40 contamination in Merck’s polio vaccine.

Though this 1987 interview never actually aired, for reasons you’re about to learn, it was submitted to the Library of Congress making it available for access. In 2011, it was also uploaded to YouTube, though it has since been pulled “due to a copyright claim by Leonard G. Horowitz.”

Its contents, however, are now widely known by those who’ve been following this scandal, revealing that SV40 is not just associated with cancer, but also with AIDS. According to Dr. Hilleman, SV40 itself could be the source of AIDS, as he once declared, “I didn’t know we were importing AIDS” in reference to Merck’s SV40-contaminated polio vaccines.

“It was good science at the time because that was what you did,” he went on to contend, adding that, “you didn’t worry about these wild viruses.” But it’s these wild viruses that served as vector points for the spread of other novel and deadly illnesses like HIV and AIDS – and because they’re still in modern-day vaccines, these same wild viruses continue to pose a ubiquitous public health threat.

Suffice it to say that HIV and AIDS, as well as other novel diseases that originated in primates, were delivered to human populations intentionally through the administration of vaccines. Since AIDS specifically can be traced to these CDC hepatitis B vaccine experiments, it’s safe to say that our own government is directly responsible for an untold number of injuries and deaths caused by diseases that were laced into government-mandated vaccines.

“The actual number of AIDS deaths among the men in the experiment has never been revealed, nor have their medical records been studied,” explains the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP).

“Efforts to obtain this information have been rebuffed invoking the ‘confidential’ nature of the experiment to deny access,” the group goes on to explain, suggesting that folks who are interested in this scandal further investigate the works of Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD, and the books Gay Vaccine Experiments and the American (Not African) Origin of AIDS and The Virus Cancer Program.

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Orwellian dehumanization or saving 7 seconds for extra commercials? What’s behind Trump-less ‘Home Alone 2’ cut

Before he was US president, Donald Trump had a notable cameo in ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.’ You won’t know that if you watch the Christmas movie in Canada, as the CBC removed it – to make time for commercials, they say.
The John Hughes comedy follows the misadventures of Kevin (Macauley Culkin) as he ends up in New York City while his family goes from Chicago to Florida. In one scene, Kevin is gawking at the glitzy Plaza Hotel and asks Trump for directions – which the real-estate mogul helpfully and politely provides.

Those who watch the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s TV cut of the 1992 classic, however, will never see the scene. Nor will those who rely on the BBC America version, apparently.

Many Trump supporters called foul on CBC, some going so far as to accuse the Canadian state broadcaster of suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and making the edit for political reasons.

“Make no mistake, they sanitized the Trump scene out of Home Alone because it does the most dangerous thing of all: It humanizes him,”argued OAN journalist Jack Posobiec.

According to the CBC, however, the cut is neither recent, nor political. The cameo was among the scenes removed to make time for commercials in 2014, long before Trump was a political figure, the network said.

There are in fact complaints about the missing cameo going back to 2015, suggesting that the CBC’s timeline is correct. As to the motive, critics have pointed out that the Trump cameo is a whole seven seconds long, and that removing it achieves nothing.

Meanwhile, Canadian liberals and the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ in the US applauded the CBC, dismissing the complaints as coming from “magats and Russian bots,” and wishing it was that easy “editing Trump out of the White House.”

Even the US President himself eventually weighted in on the 'controversy', joking that it might've been a personal initiative of the Canadian leader – and that the movie “will never be the same!”

Earlier Trump brought up his ‘Home Alone’ appearance as getting him a lot of positive mentions from people, especially children, who watch it around Christmastime. “They don’t see me on television as they do in the movie. But it’s been a good movie and I was a little bit younger, to put it mildly, and it was an honor to do it,” he said on Wednesday, in a conference call with members of the US military deployed overseas.

Before taking the plunge into American politics in 2015, Trump had been best-known for his reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ and a real-estate empire he had built – and rebuilt – in the decades prior.

 He has made dozens of cameo appearances in TV shows, including “Sex and the City” and “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” to name but a few, as well as movies such as “Zoolander” and “Two Weeks Notice.”



Thursday, December 26, 2019

‘Really bad job’: Trump rips California governor over state's homeless population

President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsom traded barbs over the growing homeless population in the state.

Following the Democratic debate last week, Newsom blamed the president’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, led by Secretary Ben Carson, for the rise in homelessness in his state.

“Shelters solve sleep. Housing and supportive services solve homelessness. Housing first. You have a new director on the Interagency Council on Homelessness in the United States appointed by Donald Trump that says housing [comes] fourth,” said Newsom.

He added, “They’re not serious about this issue. They’re playing politics with it ... There’s been nothing but division coming and emanating from the folks at HUD and the Trump administration.”

Newsom was referring to Robert Marbut, who took control of the council on Dec. 3.
Trump didn’t take Newsom’s remarks lying down. He fired back on Christmas Day, tweeting, “Governor Gavin N has done a really bad job on taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the problem, the Federal Govt. will get involved!”

Many of California’s leaders have been looking for creative solutions to the crisis. The city council president for Oakland, California, even suggested buying a cruise ship to house those without homes. The state leads the nation in homelessness, with nearly 130,000 residents living on the streets.