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Study confirms that man-made climate change is completely fake (so much for consensus…)

(Natural News) Just how much of a threat to the subsistence of our planet is man-made climate change, according to the latest scientific data? It’s not actually a threat at all, it turns out, because man-made climate change doesn’t exist.

This is the conclusion of a new study out of Finland, in which researchers from the University of Turku determined that the contribution of humans to global temperature increases over the past century is negligible, at best.

While planetary temperatures are said to have risen by about 0.1 degrees Celsius over the past 100 years, human activity contributed only about 0.01 degrees Celsius of this, or about 10 percent.

Entitled, "No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change," the paper reiterates that global temperature fluctuations are primarily influenced by things like cloud cover that have absolutely nothing to do with humans eating meat, driving cars, or raising livestock that fart.

"Only a small part," write authors Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi, the study’s two primary authors, of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels is anthropogenic – which means that all of the fear-mongering by leftists about humans supposedly "destroying the planet" is nothing but fake news.

These conclusions directly contradict the official positions of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which insists that human activity is the primary contributor to fluctuating climate conditions around the world.

"While the methods and results of the study can be debated, this once again illustrates how there is no overwhelming consensus on man-made global warming as the media often claims," writes Paul Joseph Watson for Infowars.

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"In reality, there are dozens of prominent scientists who believe that climate change is driven by natural forces or that the United Nations’ climate projections are unreliable," he adds.

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No, the science is NOT settled on climate change

These latest findings certainly challenge the erroneous notion that the "science is settled" on climate change, or that a "consensus" has somehow been reach on the matter.

In truth, there’s never been a scientific consensus on climate change because even the climate community itself can’t say for sure what specifically, if anything, humans are doing to most severely impact our planet’s weather patterns.

What climate fanatics routinely ignore are natural phenomena like volcanoes and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that "warm" the planet far more than cattle and driving combustion engine vehicles.

This isn’t to say that humans shouldn’t try to better innovate in order to minimize the negative impact we all have on our collective home. But what we don’t need is governments spreading pseudoscientific fear and hysteria about the need for things like carbon credits, the Paris Climate Accord, and other money-grabbing scams that are intended purely to create a system of global governance, and that have nothing to do with conserving and protecting the globe itself.

"The sun dictates climate change on earth," writes one Infowars commenter, illustrating the fact that humans have a negligible, at best, impact on earth’s climate patterns.

"Anyone can check the ice core data from the poles for the last 10,000 years. Best evidence. All of humanity can throw trillions of dollars at climate change and the sun will continue doing its thing. We are alive at the mercy of the sun, comets, and the environment in the solar system that encompasses us. Spending money won’t change anything."


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Fear spreads on Mexican border with new US policy – Thousands stranded in Mexico with nowhere to go. They listened to DEMS and are now screwed!



The U.S. Is Staging Troops At A Key Saudi Military Base That It Used During All Of Our Previous Middle East Wars

The U.S. military is following many of the exact same patterns that we witnessed during our previous wars in the Middle East, and that even includes setting up shop at a key military base deep in the heart of the Arabian peninsula. After the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the U.S. military abandoned Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, but now they are back. Hundreds of U.S. troops are already there working hard to get the base operational, and as you will see below, a tremendous amount of new construction is planned. The base covers "well over a hundred square miles", and so it has more than enough room to serve as a central hub for a new Middle East war. Tensions with Iran have escalated dramatically over the past few weeks, but apparently somebody anticipated that the U.S. would need to use this base even before then, because according to NBC News U.S. troops were already arriving back in June…

In June the U.S. military began moving equipment and hundreds of troops back to a military base in Saudi Arabia that the U.S. deserted more than 15 years ago, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the deployment.

Over the coming weeks the deployment to Prince Sultan Air Base, intended to counter the threat from Iran, will grow to include fighter jets and Patriot long-range missile defense systems, the officials said. The Patriots have already arrived at the base and should be operational in mid-July, while the aircraft are expected to arrive in August.

And it turns out that the U.S. military has used this base during all of our previous wars in the Middle East.

For example, according to Air Force Magazine the U.S. military first occupied Prince Sultan Air Base for a few months during Operation Desert Storm…

The US Air Force first occupied the sprawling base in two frantic months from November 1990 to January 1991, then departed. Five years later, USAF and coalition forces moved back into the base. It quickly became a massive facility, home to a state-of-the-art air operations center and serving as the hub for air activity in the region.

Then later on, the base played a key role during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. The following comes from the Military Times…

Starting with the January 1991 air war against Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait the previous summer, the U.S. flew a wide range of aircraft from Prince Sultan air base, originally known as al-Kharj. Supported by an all-American array of creature comforts like fast-food restaurants and swimming pools, U.S. forces there flew and maintained Air Force fighters and other warplanes.

The base also served as a launch pad for the December 1998 bombing of Iraq, code-named Operation Desert Fox, which targeted sites believed to be associated with Iraq’s nuclear and missile programs. In 2001, the base became home to the U.S. military’s main air control organization, known as the Combined Air Operations Center, which orchestrated the air war in Afghanistan until it was relocated in 2003 to al-Udeid air base in Qatar.

But U.S. activity at the base didn’t reach a crescendo until Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Here is more from Air Force Magazine…

Other delicate negotiations came down to the wire just before the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. "We’ve had very productive meetings regarding military cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the event of military action against Iraq," State Department official Richard Boucher announced Feb. 26, 2003.

That day, newspapers reported that the Saudis granted formal permission for PSAB to be used in the war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom began March 19.

Once again, PSAB pulled its weight in the air campaign. Fuel was a metric showing just how far PSAB had come since 1996. Prince Sultan Air Base operated at maximum rates during major combat operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom from March 19 to May 1, 2003. During that time, the 363rd Fuels Management Flight issued more than one million gallons per day. Officials had previously expanded the fuel storage capacity at Prince Sultan from two million to more than 15 million gallons.

So as you can see, every time the U.S. has decided to go to war in the Middle East, Prince Sultan Air Base has played a leading role.

And now after all this time we have suddenly returned.



Iran sentences “CIA spy ring” to death; publishes video & photos of Americans

Iran has handed down the death penalty to alleged members of a CIA-spy ring inside Iran’s military, which authorities said they uncovered earlier this year. And now for the first time, state media is circulating photos purporting to show some among the alleged CIA-linked operatives.

"The identified spies were employed in sensitive and vital private sector centers in the economic, nuclear, infrastructure, military and cyber areas… where they collected classified information," Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence said on state television. They had been working "contractors or consultants," the statement said.

Iranian judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili had first announced in June that a number among seventeen total alleged spies rounded up were facing execution because of the "severity of their crimes," as reported by NBC. The unnamed defendants were reportedly associated with the Iranian military and also followed a similar announcement made last August the arrest of "tens of spies" uncovered within the government.

The agencies "successfully dismantled a (CIA) spy network," an official only identified as head of counter-intelligence at the Iranian intelligence ministry, told reporters in Tehran. Arrests reportedly began in March

"Those who deliberately betrayed the country were handed to the judiciary… some were sentenced to death and some to long-term imprisonment," he said, as cited by the AFP. However, the photos published – which appear to show Americans – only claim these are officers which had been "handling" the spies supposedly caught inside Iran.

None of the initial photos released showed those pictured in any kind of detention or interrogation, but instead most appeared to be personal or family photos. As Reuters reports:

Iranian state television published images it said showed the CIA officers who were in touch with the suspected spies.

There was no immediate comment on the Iranian allegations by the CIA or U.S. officials.

Additionally, in another stunning development, an Iranian television documentary aired Monday which claimed to show footage of an alleged CIA officer attempting to recruit an unidentified Iranian man. The footage was presented as taking place inside the United Arab Emirates.

Documents alleging to "prove" the allegations were also posted online by Iranian media channels.

"Because there are so many intelligence officers in Dubai. It is very dangerous… Iranian intelligence," a blond-haired woman was shown telling the man. According to Reuters:

The woman spoke Persian with an accent which appeared to be American.

State media outlets had touted the documentary as dealing a heavy blow "to a CIA spy network in the region and beyond.

The photos and video purporting to show CIA assets and operatives have yet to be confirmed or denied by US political or intelligence officials and come amid already soaring tensions have put the region on edge, and as Britain has demanded the release of the UK-flagged tanker Stena Impero, captured in the Strait of Hormuz Friday.


Bernie Sanders mocked for admitting he will have to cut staff hours to pay them $15 minimum wage

Bernie Sanders was mercilessly mocked after he was forced to cut the hours of staffers who demanded the $15 dollars an hour the socialist Senator is campaigning for.

Sanders’ campaign staffers are putting in 60 hours a week, which makes their pay equivalent to $13 dollars an hour.

However, the unionized staffers asked campaign manager Faiz Shakir to boost their pay to $15 dollars an hour to match the pay level Sanders has advocated for.

This forced Sanders to reduce the number of hours staffers work to 42 or 43 each week.

The socialist Senator was mocked for proving his own minimum wage utopia doesn’t work in reality.

“For the first time in his life, socialist Bernie Sanders practices economics and buddy the results are hilarious,” joked Stephen Miller.

“So does this fall under the category of hypocrisy, irony, or poetic justice? All three? Can’t make this stuff up,” tweeted Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

“The rules of economics exist, even within the campaign of a socialist!” remarked Kimberley Guilfoyle.

Despite Sanders admitting that a welfare state simply doesn’t work with open borders, he still appears to believe in the sacred progressive cow of the $15 minimum wage.

Maybe this embarrassment will force him to take another look.


Sunday, July 21, 2019

Drug prices are SKYROCKETING, and leftist judges won’t let Trump fix it because orange man bad

(Natural News) Long before Donald Trump was ever even a presidential prospect, it was leftist Democrats that claimed they would be the ones to reign in out-of-control drug prices. Well, that never happened, and now that President Trump is actually trying to get the job done, many of these same liberals are spitefully scheming to stop him because of their relentless hatred towards all things Trump.

Rather than simply accept the fact that Hillary Clinton was and is a failure and move on, the deranged left continues to angrily work against all aspects of the Trump administration’s agenda, including its bipartisan efforts to hold Big Pharma accountable for price-gouging consumers.

As a result of the left’s uncooperative resistance, the prices on some 3,400 drugs have risen substantially thus far in 2019. This is in addition to a similar price spike that occurred in 2018 on about 2,900 drugs – a dangerous trend that will only continue as long as Democrats dig their heels in and refuse to work alongside Republicans to do what’s best for the American people.

According to the latest data, the average price hike for drugs in 2019 is 10.5 percent, which is about five times the normal rate of inflation. Meanwhile, the prices on 41 different drugs have more than doubled this year, with one of the worst being the antidepressant Prozac, which jumped in price by an astounding 879 percent compared to last year.

Four out of five Americans from both sides of the political aisle agree that drug prices are completely unreasonable at this point, while about one-third of patients say they’re now having to skip taking their medications because they just can’t afford them. But do the Democrats care? Of course not – because if they did, then it would make Trump look good, and they can’t have that!

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Democrats don’t care if they kill patients, as long as they can stop Trump

The president has indicated that, in lieu of bipartisan congressional support, he plans to sign an executive order that would force the drug industry to price its medications the same here in the United States as they are in the poorest third-world countries.

But even this is being challenged by leftist judges who, were Barack Obama still in office, wouldn’t be saying a word. But since Trump is the one trying to do good by the American people, these enemies of justice are fighting tooth and nail to create a legislative and executive stalemate whereby the president is unable to accomplish his goals and fulfill his promises.

This petty assault by leftists against our president is having real-life consequences, as diabetics, for instance, are having an increasingly difficult time paying for the insulin they need in order to live – insulin that, even though it’s been around forever, has more than doubled in price over the past five years.

But Democrats couldn’t care less, because keeping drug prices high in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election will make Trump look bad, which is exactly what they want in the hopes that one of their clowns will take his place.

"We don’t have an open and efficient market," says Jim Chanos, a hedge fund manager and short seller, about the current health care paradigm and Big Pharma’s role in it. "Those things lead to this environment and to higher prices," he adds, noting that these constantly rising prices are "not a good look" as we approach 2020.


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MOON LANDING: Why did a NASA engineer admit that they can't get past the Van Allen radiation belts? Isn’t this the smoking gun of a cover-up?

NASA’s Orion Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Radiation Belts

If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.

In the video presentation below, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

Surprisingly, chief among Kelly’s concerns is whether or not his spacecraft can successfully pass through the perilous Van Allen Radiation Belts. Such is the prospective danger in fact, that NASA will have to send a dumbie craft first in order to ‘test out’ what the potential radiation effects will be on future human crews, as well as on the ship’s delicate sensors and equipment.

Hold on. Why the guessing game by NASA? Why don’t they just use the same 1969 technology they are said to have used on the first Apollo moon missions?

SuperPerformance72 explains, "This video released by NASA about the upcoming Orion space exploration craft, shows a NASA scientist admitting that they still haven’t worked out how to properly shield the spacecraft from the radiation emitted from the Van Allen belts."

This is the ultimate conspiracy, as it brings together two huge issues – the viability of the Apollo Moon Landings, as well as dreams of a human colony on Mars. This latest admission by NASA places both of these in jeopardy.




Saturday, July 20, 2019

Judicial Watch: New Strzok-Page Emails Reveal FBI Efforts to Muddle Comey Testimony on Clinton Emails; FBI-Media Collusion

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 345 pages of records from the Department of Justice that show FBI top officials scrambling to write a letter to Congress to supplement then-Director James Comey’s Senate testimony in an apparent attempt to muddle his message.

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a January 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed respond to a December 4, 2017 FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00154)). Judicial Watch is seeking all communications between FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.

The emails were released in response to a May 21 court order by U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton to the FBI to process 13,000 pages of records.

In an email thread starting at 6:34 a.m. on May 9, 2017, with the subject line "Comey’s Testimony on Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate – ProPublica" nearly a dozen top FBI officials scrambled to draft a letter to Congress about Comey’s May 3 Senate testimony.

This email thread was concerned with a May 8, 2017, ProPublica report stating that, "Comey’s most surprising revelation was that Huma Abedin — [Anthony] Weiner’s wife and a top Clinton deputy — had made ’a regular practice’ of forwarding ‘hundreds and thousands’ of Clinton messages to her husband, ‘some of which contain classified information.’ Comey testified that Abedin had done this so that the disgraced former congressman could print them out for her boss.… FBI officials have privately acknowledged that Comey misstated what Abedin did and what the FBI investigators found."

After a flurry of emails, by 8:56 a.m. Comey’s chief of staff, Jim Rybicki, sent the group a draft letter for Congress, saying, "Below is a draft that has been reviewed by the Director. Please let me know your thoughts." At 2:02PM, Asst. Director for Congressional Affairs, Greg Brower, asked his colleagues to review the latest iteration of the draft letter to the Senate.

Just "hours after" the FBI issued a letter muddling his testimony, Trump announced Comey’s firing.

In a March 24, 2017 email from New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt to FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs Michael Kortan, Schmidt offers the FBI information about Ambassador Kislyak allegedly setting up a meeting between Jared Kushner and a Russian banker. Michael Schmidt asks no questions of Kortan, instead only offering information:

Michael Schmidt emails Kortan: Mike: Wanted to flag you on something. Three of my colleagues are working on a story about the Russia investigation. They’re told that Jared Kushner is among the individuals who the F.B.I. is scrutinizing for their meetings with Russians. My colleagues were told that Ambassador Kislyak, after meeting Kushner and General Flynn in early December at Trump Tower, set up a meeting with Kushner and a Russian banker. Kushner ultimately met with the Russian banker. The banker worked for Alpha Bank. Thanks. Mike

In an April 10, 2017, email exchange between Strzok, Page and other redacted FBI officials with the subject line "NYT Last Shot," the FBI appears to be given a preview of an upcoming article in The New York Times.

[Redacted] emails Strzok, Page and others: Pete/Lisa, The editing is nearing completion and we have one last shot to hear what the end result is. Do you have time later today or tomorrow that is convenient for a listening session? Likely by phone in Mike’s office.

In an email on April 26, 2017, ProPublica reporter Peter Elkind sent the FBI a "fact check" list of items in preparation for a story he was working on about James Comey and the Clinton email investigation. Elkind describes the list as, "a first small batch of straightforward details for fact-check purposes." Elkind notes that his information showed that Comey had "ordered up files on about 30 previous cases where government had investigated mishandling of classified information."

In response to Elkind’s questions, four top FBI officials, including Strzok, Page and Kortan were assembled as a "quorum" to discuss.

In a series of emails on April 27, 2017, an FBI official whose name was redacted states that a Politico reporter forwarded them a Judicial Watch press release discussing how an FBI court filing revealed the existence of a grand jury targeting Clinton. That official then forwarded it to Strzok, Page and other redacted officials in the Counterterrorism Division and Director’s Office.

The assistant general counsel in the National Security Law Branch responded, copying in E.W. Priestap, assistant director for Counterintelligence, but his response is entirely redacted.

In a separate email exchange on April 27, 2017, about the same Judicial Watch press release, Page replies to someone in the Office of General Counsel saying "I didn’t realize that we had said this publicly." Next Page appears to quarrel with paramour Strzok via email about this issue:

Page emails Strzok: Are you serious, dude? I sent to [redacted]. So I’ve committed some grave sin for not including you on this? My apologies, DAD Strzok, sir.

Strzok emails Page: You know what? Take a step back and look at this… And stop with the DAD Sir bullsh*t. That’s not the point and you know it.

Page emails Strzok: I think you think you should take your own advice. I didn’t look to see who was on the distribution when I sent it. Sorry, that’s on me. But this is distinctly not a big deal. And I definitely didn’t err in not including you on a two-line email to [redacted]. Get a grip.

In a May 1, 2017, email exchange between Strzok and a redacted FBI Counterespionage Division official about a background briefing Strzok gave about charges being brought against a group of Russians for hacking Yahoo, Strzok says, "What you saw … is that the D (Director Comey), DD (Deputy Director Andrew McCabe), and EAD (Executive Asst. Director Paul Abbate) are all bright men with attention to detail and impressive memories."

In a March 21, 2017, email from Strzok to Page, Strzok accuses an FBI colleague of "constant sneaky but unprovable underhandedness," because she called "Charlie" in the FBI Office in NY for information on something rather than waiting on Strzok to respond, saying she didn’t know "if your answer meant you’d be back tonight."

Strzok emails Page: Of course this was a BS cover for calling Charlie in NY about one of my cases because of something Carl allegedly asked ("I didn’t know if your answer meant you’d be back tonight") … I tired of the constant sneaky but unprovable underhandedness.

"These new Page-Strzok emails show the Obama FBI to be a mess both professionally and ethically" said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "The best example of the ethical morass at the FBI are the emails showing how a report on Judicial Watch’s disclosure that a grand jury had been used in the Clinton email investigation set off a spat between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page."




MOON LANDING: Why did a NASA engineer admit that they can't get past the Van Allen radiation belts? Isn’t this the smoking gun of a cover-up?

NASA’s Orion Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Radiation Belts

If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.

In the video presentation below, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

Surprisingly, chief among Kelly’s concerns is whether or not his spacecraft can successfully pass through the perilous Van Allen Radiation Belts. Such is the prospective danger in fact, that NASA will have to send a dumbie craft first in order to ‘test out’ what the potential radiation effects will be on future human crews, as well as on the ship’s delicate sensors and equipment.

Hold on. Why the guessing game by NASA? Why don’t they just use the same 1969 technology they are said to have used on the first Apollo moon missions?

SuperPerformance72 explains, "This video released by NASA about the upcoming Orion space exploration craft, shows a NASA scientist admitting that they still haven’t worked out how to properly shield the spacecraft from the radiation emitted from the Van Allen belts."

This is the ultimate conspiracy, as it brings together two huge issues – the viability of the Apollo Moon Landings, as well as dreams of a human colony on Mars. This latest admission by NASA places both of these in jeopardy.




Whole Foods sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour to indoctrinate children with perversion, pedophilia and transgenderism

The sick, twisted agenda of the deranged Left has come full circle today as Whole Foods is now sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour event to indoctrinate children into pedophilia, transgenderism and perversion. A retailer that once promoted organics and clean food is now saturated in absolute filth, exploiting America’s children to be "groomed" for the pedophiles and perverts that are repeatedly linked to drag queen events in multiple cities across America.

Not to be forgotten, Whole Foods also completely reversed its 2013 promise to label the GMO status of everything it sells by the end of 2018. As Natural News revealed, the promise was a five-year deliberate lie by the dishonest Whole Foods Market corporation, which continues to sell contaminated products and GMO canola oil to its customers.

Not only are Whole Foods’ product offerings filthy from a food science point of view; its cultural indoctrination programs are rooted in filth and child "grooming" that prepares children to be sexually molested by adult perverts dressed as women. Drag Queen Story Hour is a front for the pedophilia wing of the extreme transgender pervert community, which exploits young children for the sexual gratification of sicko adults, many of whom have been found to have criminal histories of sex abuse and child exploitation. Via

According to records uncovered by MassResistance, William Travis Dees, the drag queen in question, is a current member of the "Space City Sisters" drag queen group. He’s also repeatedly volunteered as a "greeter" for young children at various DQSH events, as well as assumed other roles at these events that allowed him close access to underage children.

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As it turns out, Dees has a rap sheet of heinous sex crimes that he committed against children as young as four that dates back as far as 2004. It was that same year, in fact, that Dees was convicted and jailed for committing sex crimes against not just one but four different prepubescent children, ranging in age from four to eight.

Dees also reportedly used different aliases for his various drag "characters" and "personas," constantly shifting and altering who he was like a chameleon.

The Mayor of Atlanta endorses the pedophilia grooming of children

The pervert / pedophilia event has been endorsed by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is obviously virtue signaling her support for transgenderism and pedophilia in order to appease the social justice perverts on the Left. Here’s her tweet proudly announcing the event and thanking Whole Foods for supporting it:

Drag queens are "pedophile disguises"

As a reader commented on this Information Liberation story covering the fiasco:

No normal people take their children to library to have fat old men dressed as clown women read them stories. Those parents are homosexuals who adopted or hired surrogates so they could abuse their minds and bodies, just like the lesbians that chopped off their boy’s male part so they could make him another drag queen. Soon they’ll insist its their right to have sex with children. Watch, you know its coming. And Whole foods? I’m done with you, go to hell. FYI.. in case you don’t see it, drag queens are pedophile disguises.

Another user comments:

Perverts can’t reproduce, so they have to convert a new generation with this mental/emotional/spiritual rape that is LGBTQ culture……

Their pedophilia produces a new line of victims to continue Satan’s shame parade…

A third user adds:

Notice how quickly the elites who run these institutions cave to this perversity and insanity …and to Hell with most normal people who built this country . and who support the Falcons. Blacks as a whole don’t buy into this ..but they will participate in turning this country into a perverse Hellhole by voting over 90% with the Party of perversion and evil… It is getting to where normals and Christians are going to have to disengage from most of American life…it’s entertainment, it’s schools, it’s sports , etc to survive. America is now toxic to Christianity ..It is NOW Sodom ..the Babylon the Great ..full of evil wine.

If you shop at Whole Foods, you are supporting pedophilia and child exploitation

It’s an inescapable conclusion: If you shop at Whole Foods, you are supporting pedophilia and child exploitation. That’s what the corporation apparently supports and endorses. If you want your children to be drooled over by fat slob pedo men dressed as women, then keep buying overpriced GMO canola oil at Whole Foods.

Rampant child abuse and sexual exploitation has now been normalized by "progressives" on the left, who claim they are doing all this for "love." They claim sex with children is "loving" and normal, and that if you oppose it, you are full of hatred and intolerance.

Pedophilia, according to the deranged Left, is now "diversity" and "inclusiveness." And you’ve got powerful corporations, mayors and politicians all supporting it.

Whole Foods will probably start holding Drag Queen Story Hour events in its own stores soon, turning Whole Foods Market locations into pedophilia indoctrination hubs where children are groomed to be "shared" among the "loving" community of pedos, which declares, "Love knows no age difference."

Oh, and not to be outdone by Whole Foods, Facebook also published a survey asking whether pedos should be allowed to use Facebook to "solicit sexual pictures" from underage girls. As reported by the NY Post:

Facebook is under fire for publishing a stomach-churning survey that asked users whether pedophiles should be allowed to solicit "sexual pictures" from underage girls. The disgusting multiple-choice poll gave users the option to condone the sick behavior, allowing them to vote that the "content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it."

Maybe Facebook is buying its canola oil from Whole Foods. Both corporations are filled with sick, twisted, child abuse-minded corporate executives who apparently believe that normalizing pedophilia and child abuse is a great corporate strategy to attract more business from liberals and progressives.

Whole Foods has become the Jeffrey Epstein of the grocery retailing industry. If you support pedophilia and child rape, keep shopping at Whole Foods.



Obama Met With Big Tech to Censor The Internet

The big tech censorship is a result of Obama’s legacy. On January, 20th, 2017, hours before Trump’s inauguration, Obama signed the "Talent Act of 2017" bill into law. After Trump’s inauguration, 0bama left D.C. The first thing on his agenda, immediately after President Trump’s inauguration, was to meet with the tech giants in California. Thus empowering multi-national corporations to bypass our First Amendment and ushering in Big Brother censorship:

The Coming Speech Wars Online

January 6, 2017

Internet censorship neither by government nor by media

President Obama recently decried the "wild west" media atmosphere in which outlets are "pumping out all kinds of crazy, toxic stuff." He called for a "curating function" whereby media would be filtered for "truthiness." The First Amendment forbids government to so curate, so he was suggesting that Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other major aggregators filter information before letting it reach the masses’ less discerning ears.

Obama’s Final Bill Invites Silicon Valley Innovators Into Unelected Government Positions — Under the Trump Presidency

January 30, 2017

Last week, mere hours before Donald Trump’s Inauguration, President Barack Obama signed, while he was still President of the United States, one final bill into law. Again: this was Pres. Obama’s very last bill.

The bill, known rather obscurely as the TALENT Act of 2017, is a last-minute codification of an existing program called the "Presidential Innovation Fellows Program." This program was initially created as an executive order under Obama, in 2012, to bring private industry innovators into government agencies.The hope of this now-extended bill, according to supporters, is to combine the best of Silicon Valley’s technology-savvy thinkers with the slower-moving professional bureaucracies of Washington.

Was Obama Silicon Valley’s President?

The industry pinned its hopes on him early on.

DECEMBER 13, 2016

Ultimately, Google got the most juice, the most clout. As a 2016 investigative report by The Intercept revealed, "Google representatives attended White House meetings more than once a week, on average, from the beginning of Obama’s presidency through October 2015. Nearly 250 people have shuttled from government service to Google employment or vice versa over the course of his administration. No other public company approaches this degree of intimacy with government." Former Googlers who went to work for the Obama administration include current US Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, former head of the White House Office of Social Innovation Sonal Shah, and former deputy chief technology officer Andrew McLaughlin.

Obama really did say those things. Here’s another article quoting Obama:

Obama Blames ‘Far-Right Media’ for ‘Pumping Out All Kinds of Crazy Toxic Stuff’

Earlier this month, Obama floated the idea for "truthiness tests" for media outlets on the internet.

"There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world," he said.

Obama Calls for ‘Truthiness Tests’ for Media Companies

President Barack Obama floated the notion of a test for media organizations, griping about the wide-spread existence of alternative media available in America.

He was critical of the current Wild West online environment where people could say anything on social media or on news websites.

"We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to," he said.



These Prominent People Must Be PANICKING About What the Epstein Case Will Reveal

On July 6, 2019, American financier, "philanthropist," and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was arrested (again). He is charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.

We began covering the story when it broke and will continue to publish updates as more details are released.

To read part 1 of our Epstein coverage, click here: An Unbiased Look at What We Know About the Epstein Scandal So Far

To read part 2, click here: More CONFIRMED Information on Jeffrey Epstein, His Homes, and His Powerful Friends

Some of you may be wondering why a preparedness website is publishing articles about Epstein. There are several reasons we have decided to report on this horrifying case. One is that current events matter when it comes to preparedness. It is possible that eventually, many prominent world leaders and public figures will be implicated in this scandal. This could cause chaos and rioting.

Another reason is that sex trafficking is a growing problem, globally. It is important to understand this so we can all keep our loved ones safe. Awareness is the first step to solving or preventing problems like this.

As a journalist, it is my job to report facts, no matter how unpleasant. Here, I will share all of the documented information I can find on Epstein. I will do my best to report accurately and without bias. (I am non-partisan and my goal is always to expose the truth, no matter how painful).

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail this week.

On Thursday, Judge Richard Berman decided Epstein would not be granted bail. Here is a summary of the reasons the judge made that decision, from Law and Crime:

Government’s evidence that Epstein is a danger to the community is "clear and convincing."

Epstein’s attraction to young girls "appears likely to be uncontrollable."

Defense argument that it’s "not like [Epstein is] an out-of-control rapist" doesn’t fly because, in the judge’s words, "it seems fair to say that Mr. Epstein’s future behavior will be consistent with past behavior." Berman then pointed to the discovery of a "trove" of lewd photos of young-looking women or girls found during the raid of Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.

"Photographic trophies of his victims and other young females" suggests Epstein "poses ‘ongoing and forward-looking danger.’"

Judge bolded evidence of witness intimidation and threats.

Judge notes that, despite the defense pointing to Epstein’s New Mexico behavior, Epstein has "challenged his sex offender ‘level’ in at least one jurisdiction since 2008 in an effort to minimize his reporting obligations." Berman also noted reports saying Epstein was allowed by NYPD to skip mandatory sex offender check-in.

The pretrial service report listed myriad reasons Epstein is a flight risk; judge says Epstein is a "classic" flight risk.

Judge: the Government’s evidence against Epstein "appears strong" for numerous reasons.

Given the "totality of the circumstances," the government has met its burden to keep Epstein jailed. (source)

This morning, it was announced that at least two more accusers have come forward since Epstein was denied bail.

During a search of Epstein’s NY home, investigators say they found dozens of loose diamonds, $70,000 in cash and a trove of sexually suggestive pictures. They also found a fake Austrian passport with Epstein’s picture listing an address in Saudi Arabia.

Many questions about Epstein remain unanswered.

Why did he fly back to the US from Paris on July 6? He must have known he’d be arrested. Was a deal of some kind already in the works?

Did he sell one of his jets in June 2019, as his lawyers claim? If so, why?

Little Saint James is home to a very odd structure. No one seems to know what exactly the building is, but there is a lot of speculation going on (as with most things Epstein), as we discussed in a previous article. Up-close drone footage of the structure (and the rest of the island) is viewable here.

Twitter user TheSharpEdge notes that the building looks a lot like a bathhouse in Aleppo, Syria, named Hammam Yalbugha.

Why did Epstein’s private jets criss-cross the globe every third day, most often between airports near his properties in the United States and France? According to an Insider report:

Epstein’s Gulfstream jets flew to Slovakia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom — sometimes for only a few hours

The same flight data gathered by ADSExchange places Epstein’s jets in a number of other countries and cities:

•On January 23, 2018, the Gulfstream IV flew from Paris to London, and returned two days later.

•On March 22, 2019, the Gulfstream GV-SP flew from Paris to Bratislava, Slovakia, and returned 5 hours later.

•On March 27, 2019, the Gulfstream GV-SP flew from Paris to Nice, and returned 4 hours later.

•On April 8, 2019, the Gulfstream IV flew from Atlanta to Durango, Mexico, and returned five days later.

•On April 25, 2019, the Gulfstream GV-SP flew from Paris to Rabat, Morocco, and returned 9 hours later. (source)

It is being reported that the government is going to release 2,000 pages of incriminating documents soon. What will those documents reveal?

In "It’s Going to Be Staggering, the Amount of Names": As the Jeffrey Epstein Case Grows More Grotesque, Manhattan and DC Brace for Impact, Gabriel Sherman writes that "a wave of panic is rippling through Manhattan, DC, and Palm Beach, as Epstein’s former friends and associates rush to distance themselves, while gossiping about who might be ensnared":

The questions about Epstein are metastasizing much faster than they can be answered: Who knew what about Epstein’s alleged abuse? How, and from whom, did Epstein get his supposed $500 million fortune? Why did Acosta grant Epstein an outrageously lenient non-prosecution agreement? (And what does it mean that Acosta was reportedly told Epstein "belonged to intelligence"?) But among the most pressing queries is which other famous people might be exposed for committing sex crimes. "There were other business associates of Mr. Epstein’s who engaged in improper sexual misconduct at one or more of his homes. We do know that," said Brad Edwards, a lawyer for Courtney Wild, one of the Epstein accusers who gave emotional testimony at Epstein’s bail hearing. "In due time the names are going to start coming out." (source)

Who will Epstein take down with him? Will he get a lighter sentence (he is currently facing 45 years in prison, which is essentially a life sentence for the 66-year-old) if he gives up names? Will the names be hidden from the public?

Sherman goes on to explain that we may know more very soon:

Likely within days, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will release almost 2,000 pages of documents that could reveal sexual abuse by "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders," according to the three-judge panel’s ruling. The documents were filed during a civil defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a former Mar-a-Lago locker-room attendant, against Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell. "Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out," said Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies. Another person involved with litigation against Epstein told me: "It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers." (source)

Did all of the people who associated with Epstein know what kind of person he allegedly is? It has been said that Epstein "collected people."

In that article, Sherman details how Epstein "remained a fixture in elite circles even after he was a registered sex offender":

A few years ago, for example, he was a guest at a dinner in Palo Alto hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman for the MIT neuroscientist Ed Boyden. At the dinner, Elon Musk introduced Epstein to Mark Zuckerberg. ("Mark met Epstein in passing one time at a dinner honoring scientists that was not organized by Epstein," Zuckerberg spokesman Ben LaBolt told me. "Mark did not communicate with Epstein again following the dinner.")

In an email, Elon Musk responded: "I don’t recall introducing Epstein to anyone, as I don’t know the guy well enough to do so, Epstein is obviously a creep and Zuckerberg is not a friend of mine. Several years ago, I was at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoon with Talulah [Riley], as she was curious about meeting this strange person for a novel she was writing. We did not see anything inappropriate at all, apart from weird art. He tried repeatedly to get me to visit his island. I declined." (source)

Musk’s comment about Epstein repeatedly trying to get him to visit his island leads me to this question: Did Epstein invite Musk to visit his island so he could later blackmail him?

How many other high-profile people were invited to Epstein’s island but declined the offer, one has to wonder?

Vicky Ward, the journalist who wrote the 2003 Vanity Fair profile of Epstein, told Slate that "You got the feeling that his friends weren’t real friends — he owned them — that he was the kind of man who collected information about people and then used it over them." Ward has also offered a more scathing assessment, saying, "What is so amazing to me is how his entire social circle knew about this and just blithely overlooked it … all mentioned the girls, as an aside."

In her 2003 profile of Epstein, Ward wrote the following (emphasis is mine):

A few of the handful of current friends who have known him since the early 1980s recall that he used to tell them he was a "bounty hunter," recovering lost or stolen money for the government or for very rich people. He has a license to carry a firearm. For the last 15 years, he’s been running his business, J. Epstein & Co.

Since Leslie Wexner appeared in his life—Epstein has said this was in 1986; others say it was in 1989, at the earliest—he has gradually, in a way that has not generally made headlines, come to be accepted by the Establishment. He’s a member of various commissions and councils: he is on the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of International Education. (source)

And, in that article, Ward mentions another prominent name that may be familiar to those who are following recent sex trafficking cases:

In 1981 the S.E.C.’s Jonathan Harris and Robert Blackburn took Epstein’s testimony and that of other Bear Stearns employees in part of what became a protracted case about insider trading around a tender offer placed on March 11, 1981, by the Seagram Company Ltd. for St. Joe Minerals Corp. Ultimately several Italian and Swiss investors were found guilty, including Italian financier Giuseppe Tome, who had used his relationship with Seagram owner Edgar Bronfman Sr. to obtain information about the tender offer. (source)

Is Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking operation linked to NXIVM?

Edgar Bronfman Jr is listed in Epstein’s infamous Little Black Book. Back in April, his sister, Clare Bronfman, "pleaded guilty in a sensational case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group’s self-anointed spiritual leader," CBS News reported:

Clare Bronfman admitted in her plea in federal court in Brooklyn that she harbored someone who was living in the U.S. illegally for unpaid "labor and services" and that she committed credit card fraud on behalf of Keith Raniere, the lead of a group called NXIVM.

As part of a plea agreement, Bronfman agreed to forfeit $6 million from a fortune prosecutors say is worth $200 million. She faces more than two years in prison at sentencing on July 25.

The plea means Bronfman will avoid going to trial early next month with Raniere, who’s facing conspiracy charges alleging that his inner circle of loyalists created a secret society of women who were forced to have unwanted sex with him. Prosecutors say some of the women were branded with his initials as part of their initiation.

An accountant for the group, Kathy Russell, also pleaded guilty on Friday to a fraud charge. She joined three other NXIVM insiders besides Bronfman who have also pleaded guilty. (source)

Twitter user TheSharpEdge also noticed the possible Epstein-NXIVM connection, noting that Bronfman Jr’s listing in Epstein’s Little Black Book says "Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Lexa Partners, LLC." TheSharpEdge tried to find information on Lexa Partners, LLC and came up rather empty-handed:

Just upon my initial search, very little is known about Lexa Partners.

It’s described as a management venture capital group based in NY City.

And the only known staff member I can find was Edgar Bronfman Jr himself (Chairman, CEO)


TheSharpEdge also posted this image, which depicts the possible ties between Epstein and NXIVM:


The Bronfman family’s story goes way back, as chronicled by Whitney Webb of Mint Press News in Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case. Here’s a brief excerpt from that report:

Years later, Samuel Bronfman’s children and grandchildren, their family’s ties to the criminal underworld intact, would later go on to associate closely with Leslie Wexner, allegedly the source of much of Epstein’s mysterious wealth, and other mob-linked "philanthropists," and some would even manage their own sexual blackmail operations, including the recently busted blackmail-based "sex cult" NXIVM. The later generations of the Bronfman family, particularly Samuel Bronfman’s sons Edgar and Charles, will be discussed in greater detail in Part II of this report. (source)

Are the Clintons involved with sex trafficking?

According to Law & Crime, "In total, people connected to NXIVM reportedly donated $29,000 to Clinton’s presidential campaign."

It is no secret that Epstein and the Clintons know each other – quite well, in fact. Epstein donated money to the Clinton Foundation even after his conviction. Former President Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on Epstein’s infamous jet, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the "Lolita Express" — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged partner-in-crime, attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Epstein once claimed he co-founded the Clinton Foundation, FoxNews reported:

Attorneys for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein touted his close friendship with Bill Clinton and even claimed the billionaire helped start Clinton’s controversial family foundation in a 2007 letter aimed at boosting his image during plea negotiations, has learned.

The 23-page letter, written by high-powered lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt, was apparently part of an ultimately successful bid to negotiate a plea deal before Epstein could be tried for using underage girls in a sex ring based in Palm Beach, Fla., and his private island estate on the 72-acre Virgin Islands home dubbed "Orgy Island." Epstein spent 13 months in prison and home detention after agreeing to a plea deal in which he admitted to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

"Mr. Epstein was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative, which is described as a project ‘bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges," read the July 2007 letter to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Florida. "Focuses of this initiative include poverty, climate change, global health, and religious and ethnic conflicts."

Attorneys describe the foundation, which has undergone name changes since its formation in 2005, as designed "to convene world leaders, forward-looking CEOs, and philanthropists to commit to take action on pressing global challenges." (source)

It has long been speculated that the Clintons are involved in human trafficking. Investigative journalist Corey Lynn has put together a timeline of the Clintons’ child-related activities and suggests that readers "use their own discernment in determining what they believe to be truth, or until further information is revealed." To read her report, click here: Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

One Clinton associate listed in Lynn’s report – George Nader – was arrested yesterday:

George Nader, a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, has been charged in a new federal indictment with transporting a 14-year-old boy for sex, child porn, and carrying obscene materials into the United States. (source)

Who else knows the truth about Epstein?

On July 9, The Washington Post reported that "Even as dozens of women were looking to police, prosecutors and courts to hold Epstein to account for his alleged sexual abuses, a stunning list of contacts and, in some cases, defenders across the worlds of Hollywood moviemaking, medical research, diplomacy, finance, politics, and law."

Epstein’s black book of contacts — the printed phone directory that his Palm Beach butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, stole and that later was obtained by the FBI — includes Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger; more than a dozen aides to Clinton; other celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, Naomi Campbell and Jimmy Buffett; media titans such as Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black and Michael Bloomberg; business magnates such as Richard Branson, Steve Forbes and Edgar Bronfman Jr.; Kennedys, Rockefellers and Rothschilds; lords and ladies; ambassadors and senators.

The book lists 16 phone numbers for the Duke of York and his aides, and 18 for the Duchess of York and her court.

There are Democrats and Republicans, movie stars and movie moguls, an Israeli prime minister (Ehud Barak) and Saudi royals (Bandar and Salman), prime ministers and fellow billionaires. The list includes Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel and sex counselor Dr. Ruth Westheimer, comic John Cleese and director Julie Taymor, and TV journalists Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace. (source)

Yesterday, Bloomberg Businessweek published a report that diagrams a partial accounting of Epstein’s entanglements. To read that report and view the diagrams, click here: The Complicated Orbit of Jeffrey Epstein

In his Vanity Fair piece, Sherman writes,

In the absence of much other information, the reigning theory on Wall Street currently is that Epstein’s activities with women and girls were central to the building of his fortune, and his relations with some of his investors essentially amounted to blackmail.

Similarly, DC is on edge. "Epstein bragged about his contacts in Washington," Boies said. Reporters are likely to dig into why the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Epstein and kept the deal secret from his victims. One theory circulating among prominent Republicans is that Epstein was a Mossad agent. Another is that the George W. Bush White House directed Acosta not to prosecute Epstein to protect Prince Andrew on behalf of the British government, then the U.S.’s closest ally in the Iraq war. "The royal family did everything they could to try and discredit the Prince Andrew stuff," Boies told me. "When we tried to follow up with anything, we were stonewalled. We wanted to interview him, they were unwilling to do anything." (Prince Andrew could not be reached for comment).


Confirmed: Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother to cheat immigration system as White House petition demands investigation into her “loyalty” to the U.S.

The various controversies surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) just won’t go away, thanks to some old-fashioned intrepid reporting from some gumshoe journalists.

You may recall that around the time Omar was elected in November to her first congressional term, rumors/reports swirled that she actually married her brother as a way to "skirt immigration laws," according to the Star Tribune newspaper serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.

In June the paper reported that new "investigative documents" that were released by a state agency reignited "lingering questions" about Omar’s "marital history." The paper noted:

Omar has denied the allegations in the past, dismissing them as "baseless rumors" first raised in an online Somali politics forum and championed by conservative bloggers during her 2016 campaign for the Minnesota House. But she said little then or since about Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, the former husband who swept into her life in 2009 before a 2011 separation.

Questions surfaced again last month during a state investigation of alleged campaign finance violations indicating that Omar filed federal taxes in 2014 and 2015 with current husband Ahmed Hirsi, but she was still legally married to, but separated from, Elmi.

As further noted by The Gateway Pundit, based on sources and additional reporting, the marriage certificate involving her and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi lists his birthdate as April 4, 1985 (Omar was born in 1982). The marriage took place on Feb. 12, 2009. PJ Media’s Dave Steinberg further reported that official student enrollment records belonging to St. Paul Public Schools, as well as the state of Minnesota, notes that an "Ahmed N. Elmi" was enrolled as a senior during the class of 2003 at Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul between Sept. 6, 2002 and June 10, 2003.

The enrollment record says that Ahmed N. Elmi was born on … April 4, 1985:

Both Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage documents and her 2017 divorce proceedings state that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was born on April 4, 1985.

After an extensive background search, I have not been able to find any other person named "Ahmed Nur Said Elmi," "Ahmed N. Elmi," or even "Ahmed Elmi" with the birthdate April 4, 1985. The man Ilhan Omar married and the 17- to 18-year-old who attended Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, MN, in 2002-2003 are one and the same.

This woman is a walking scandal

Also, The Gateway Pundit added, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi’s name is nearly identical to Omar’s father, Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.

Americans — and especially Minnesotans in her district — deserve some answers.

According to Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars, a new petition has been filed at the website demanding an investigation into Omar by Congress.

Titled, "Conduct an Immediate Congressional Investigation Into Ilhan Omar," the petition asks Congress and POTUS Trump to determine if she should be expelled from the House.

"Rep. Omar’s oath of loyalty to the United States is in serious doubt," the petition states. "Omar made light of the September 11 terror attack by referring to the atrocity as ‘some people did something.’"

The petition also notes she has been videoed laughing about and "making light" of Muslim extremist terrorism and the threat posed to the United States by al Qaeda.

She has also refused to condemn a recent domestic terrorist attack by an avowed follower/supporter of Antifa — Willem Van Spronsen, who recently attacked an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington, with firebombs before he was killed by police, the petition states. (Related: CNN celebrated Antifa firebomb attacker as one of ‘the good guys’ during segment praising left-wing ‘activism’.)

No one expects her to be expelled from Congress, however. Under the Constitution, expulsion requires a two-thirds majority concurrence from all members, and since Democrats who control the House have been covering for and defending her, fat chance they’ll do the right thing.



Friday, July 19, 2019

New Epstein Documents Reportedly Name ‘Staggering’ Number of Elites

Wall Street financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has shaken America’s elitist class to the core: they don’t want to be remotely close to the nuclear explosion of names and dates that will inevitably be released.

According to Vanity Fair, the U.S. Court of Appeals is set to release nearly 2,000 documents related to Epstein, which may uncover rampant sexual abuse by the disgraced financier and his many associates.

The judges stated that "numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders" may be on the incriminating documents.


David Boies, a lawyer for Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Guiffre, said, "Nobody who was around Epstein a lot is going to have an easy time now. It’s all going to come out."

Another individual involved in the litigation against Epstein, who opted to remain anonymous, told Vanity Fair, "It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. It’s going to be contagion numbers."


Even after Epstein became a registered sex offender in 2008, he still remained popular among his colleagues and friends.

Vanity Fair reported that Epstein was a guest at an event that honored Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist Ed Boyden, which was hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg were also present.


While some report that Musk introduced Epstein to Zuckerberg, the Tesla founder denies that ever happened.

"I don’t recall introducing Epstein to anyone, as I don’t know the guy well enough to do so, Epstein is obviously a creep and Zuckerberg is not a friend of mine," Musk wrote in an email to Vanity Fair.

"Several years ago, I was at his house in Manhattan for about 30 minutes in the middle of the afternoon with Talulah [Riley], as she was curious about meeting this strange person for a novel she was writing. We did not see anything inappropriate at all, apart from weird art. He tried repeatedly to get me to visit his island. I declined," Musk continued.

The island Musk referred to is called Little Saint James, Epstein’s private residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where countless elites escaped from the public view.

It has been dubbed the "Island of Sin."


According to the New York Post, Steve Scully — Epstein’s IT guy who set up a communications network on the island in the early 2000s — said he was forced to quit after concerns about dozens of nude, underage girls present on the island.

Scully also noted that there were "photos of topless women everywhere," adding that he saw them in Epstein’s office, on his desk, and in his bedroom.


The Bible says that "your sin will find you out." And Epstein’s sin has been finding him out for decades.

If Epstein genuinely believed he could get away with sexual abuse of minors for years, he’s got another thing coming.



Tom Fitton: State Dept is at Center of Abusive Targeting of Trump by Obama

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton appeared on “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel to discuss the emails showing dossier-linked State Dept. officials discussing meeting on ‘Russia matter’ in 2016.

View Article

Arkancide? Murder of Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith linked to Epstein pedophilia and sex trafficking scandal

New information is surfacing to suggest that the unsolved murder of Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith may be connected to the public unveiling of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his child sex trafficking ring.

While the details are still forthcoming, CD Media is reporting that a "confidential source that has been accurate consistently" recently came forward with proof tying Collins-Smith’s mysterious death to her involvement with blowing the lid off an alleged child sex trafficking ring in Arkansas.

Collins-Smith, a Republican, had also been working to expose "massive corruption in the local and state government" in Arkansas, which suggests that she may have been "Arkancided" for getting a little bit too close to the truth.

According to CD Media‘s "confidential source," the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently investigating this alleged link, which potentially also implicates Bill and Hillary Clinton, after which the term "Arkancide" was first coined.

Is it possible that Collins-Smith is simply the latest casualty of the "Clinton Body Count" phenomenon, in which individuals who are on the verge of blowing the lid on some Clinton crime suddenly end up "suicided?" It certainly is, and this would seem to be where the FBI probe could be headed.

As it turns out, Collins-Smith had been in the process of investigating corruption within her state’s Department of Human Services, or Child Protective Services, just prior to her death, which only adds to its suspicious circumstances.

Was Bill Clinton involved with Arkansas’ child sex trafficking rings?

Kathryn Hall, a key witness who testified about all of this, says that she and Collins-Smith had been working together on the case, and had garnered evidence proving that a child sex trafficking ring was being run within the state government. She had also planned to release information proving that the state’s judicial system was massively corrupt and engaged in a huge money-laundering scheme.

But Collins-Smith was silenced before she was able to fully come forward with everything she had acquired, which reeks of politically-connected foul play.

Hall, in case you aren’t aware, is an "Angel Mom" whose daughter was killed by an illegal alien not long after Hall’s granddaughter was "abducted and sold by the state."

Just two hours after Hall gave an interview on an Arkansas radio station immediately following Collins-Smith’s funeral, Hall was arrested in Bentonville, Arkansas, home of Walmart, on charges of running a "drug house" in town – even though Hall doesn’t even live in Arkansas.

Arkansas politics sure is dirty

If Collins-Smith were still alive, she would have already come forward with proof that sitting judges in Arkansas are guilty of conspiring to steal children from poor women via the Department of Human Services, in order to sell these children to wealthy buyers.

"The source also disclosed that Collins-Smith believed the perpetrators were using illegal aliens to facilitate the crimes which included murdering the mothers of the stolen children," CD Media reported back in June.

Right around the same time that Collins-Smith was found dead, another politician, former Oklahoma state Senator Jonathan Nichols, was also found murdered in his home in Norman. CD Media‘s insider sources say that the two murders are connected and that the rabbit hole on this developing story runs very deep.

"Epstein and Clinton … could Bill Clinton’s fingerprints be anywhere near this?!" asked on CD Media commenter in response to the news.

"Another case of that nasty disease, Arkancide," commented another.

For more related news about child sex trafficking, the Clintons, and political efforts to hide the truth from the public for as long as possible, be sure to check out, and


Hacked Emails: Hillary Campaign Monitored News about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton

Not only was President Bill Clinton a frequent flyer on registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous jet, but Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff regularly monitored the news media for associations between the former Democrat president and pedophile hedge fund manager, emails published by Wikileaks reveal.

An email sent February 5, 2015 to Clinton’s campaign staff titled, "HRC Clips" referenced an article warns a local New Orleans publication ties Clinton to Epstein.

"There’s a story going around the tabloids and the trashier parts of the mainstream media that could spell trouble for the presumed Democratic frontrunner in 2016," the article culled to the Clinton campaign from the Times-Picayune newspaper notes. "It concerns a certain (as he would be listed on Louisiana ballots) William "Bill" Clinton."

"The story involves Clinton palling around with the very shady (and very rich) Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, a convicted pedophile who would later donate somewhere between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Presidential Library, reportedly flew with Clinton and a couple of babes to visit the Sultan of Brunei back in 2002."

An email sent to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta from Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, notified the Clinton campaign of an article published by Buzzfeed in 2015 titled, "Plenty of Innuendo, But No Hard Evidence of New Clinton Sex Scandal."

The subtitle of the article reads, "Much-discussed documents in Jeffery Epstein affair don’t live up to the hype."

"Good." Flournoy responded.

The Democratic National Committee’s staff also diligently monitored stories and social media posts linking Epstein to Clinton, the trove of emails published by WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign exhibits.

Clinton, who has been accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick and sexual assault accusations by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and other women, maintains he has "never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida."

However, a multitude of emails were forwarded to the Clinton campaign from DNC staff warning leading Republicans were circulating an article published by Fox News titled, "Flight Logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender’s jet much more than previously known.

In an email titled "2016 GOP on HRC," the campaign and DNC official cautioned the article affirms the former president took at least 26 trips abroad the "Lolita Express" and even ditched his Secret Service detail on at least five of those occasions.

Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims in an affidavit that she saw Clinton on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her claim has not been corroborated.

Bill Clinton’s office issued a statement last week maintaining the former president was entirely unaware of Epstein’s alleged crimes involving sex trafficking and minors.

"President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York," Clinton’s press secretary Angel UreƱa said in a statement.

One of Epstein’s accusers claims in a 2017 lawsuit Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of a British media baron, was "the highest-ranking employee" of the hedge fund manager’s enterprises and allegedly managed his household and sex life.

Photographs reveal Maxwell was a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.