Monday, October 19, 2009

30 Senators Gang Rape Justice


Behold, 30 U.S. senators who don't give a damn about battered women

We turn our gaze to the gaping hellmouth that is the U.S. Senate, that drab cauldron of grumpy old men, defeminized women and tiny handful of rebellious dissenters, all of whom claim to have your best interests at heart but mostly only really give a damn about which lobbyist will help them best make their next boat payment.

Do I sound a little bitter? I cannot imagine why. Let us watch the senate and see if we can figure it out.

Look at them shuffle and sneer, hem and haw!

Watch as they willingly eat their own souls with an ice pick and some turpentine, then step up to the media microphones and try to sound ennobled and magnanimous when in fact they only make everyone within earshot feel lost and fatalistic.

So cute.

It's the same old spectacle, isn't it?

There they go, tossing around the health care reform issue like it didn't affect millions of humans every single day, throwing in massive compromises and snags just so the GOP can fellate its pals in the insurance industry and a gaggle of aggrieved Democrats can get their egos fluffed and you still won't be able to get a decent dental plan for your family.

But now, just for fun, let's take it a step further. Or rather, darker.

Let's go ahead and step right onto one of those large, rusty nails sticking up from the senate floor, so painful as to make your stomach turn, a bit of your lunch jump back into your throat.



Unknown said...

There is a good video out of these fuckwits on YT. I posted it on Sirens Chronicles:

Chimp said...

Thanks, Dusty. I will post it. "Profit before justice", should be their motto.

Unknown said...

Oh hell yeah Chimp..that IS their motto as far as I am concerned.