Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for NOT being President George W. Bush


"How come I didn't get one of those there noble prizes?"

Can you imaging what it must be like to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Former US President Jimmy Carter and former US Vice President Al Gore know what it is like to have one of these babies at home on a shelf to dust off.

Now, the Nobel Prizes committee has decided to give current United States President Barack Hussein Obama the honor of winning the world's most coveted humanitarian award.

Americans, however, are up in arms this week as they are really wondering, "What for?"

But, the world in general, was happy with the news.


The Nobel committee pretty much said that Obama got it FOR NOT BEING GEORGE W. BUSH. The world was so screwed and tired after 8 years of the American tyrant, that they spelled "r-e-l-I-e-f" by giving this prize to Obama.



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Yep, no brainer...the prize too.