Wednesday, October 28, 2009

“9/11” The Beginning Of The New World Order


"By tomorrow at 5:20 PM, building seven would be their graveyard. The timers had been set."

Fiction by Chimp

“Finally, just one more day and over 20 years of planning will bring us into complete control of our nation and the world”, thought Dr. Fred Dome.

He was standing in front of a group of 100 men, all chosen over years of exhaustive background personal and psychological search to find the correct patriotic model.

All held very high positions within their fields. All the military services, all the branches of government, all the intelligence services were represented in these 100 men.

Each of these men had specific jobs coming to culmination in just another 12 hours, on the morning of September 11.

The planning had been exhaustive. Many public figures had no idea that they would each play an important part in this world-changing venture.

Dr. Dome represented the CIA and General Star represented Israel’s Mossad and Mr. Gold representing the Pentagon, standing in front of these 100 saviors of the American way of life.

They were meeting for one last time on the non-existent 13th floor of World Trade Center building seven.

They all had dual passports, travel documents and cash on hand to travel to hidden destinations throughout the world. All had access to unlimited wealth in offshore banks.

After this last meeting, they would be taken by helicopters from the roof of this building to various airports throughout the New York City metropolitan area including civilian airports in Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Of course, that’s what they thought. Dome, Star and Gold knew otherwise.

They would never leave the 13th floor of the WTC building seven. By tomorrow at 5:20PM, building seven would be their graveyard. The timers had been set.

As the three secret leaders of the New American Century stood in front of these American martyrs, a completely odorless gas was being discharged by the converted sprinklers in the ceiling of the large room.

The “Three” had special nose breathing apparatus and inoculations to prevent the fate of the “100”.


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