Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did The CIA Have More Motive than Oswald To Kill JFK?


For the life of me, I still don’t understand what Lee Harvey Oswald’s motive was for killing President John F. Kennedy.

The lone-assassin theorists say that he was a lonely and disgruntled communist sympathizer who sought glory and fame for killing someone as powerful as the president of the United States.

But if that’s the case, why would Oswald deny that he killed the president?

Why would he claim that he was “a patsy,” i.e., someone who had been set up to take the fall?

Why wouldn’t he proudly admit that he had killed the president of the United States?

If he were seeking glory and fame, how would that be achieved through a successful denial of having committed the act?

Moreover, if Oswald intended to deny commission of the offense, I’ve never understood why he would leave such an easy trail behind him, such as the purchase receipt for the Carcano rifle found in the Texas School Book Depository.

If he was going to deny killing the president, wouldn’t he have been better off simply going to a gun shop and purchasing a rifle with cash? There were no background checks back then.

I’m no expert on the Kennedy assassination but it seems to me that many of the things that people point to in support of Oswald’s guilt are also consistent with his having served in a deep undercover role for the CIA or other U.S. intelligence, as many people have alleged.

In fact, early on there were assertions that Oswald was a federal undercover agent.

According to a biographical sketch of Waggoner Carr, the Texas Attorney General who led the investigation in Texas into the assassination and worked with the Warren Commission, “Carr testified that Lee Harvey Oswald was working as an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was receiving $200 a month from September 1962 until his death in November, 1963.

However, the Warren Commission preferred to believe J. Edgar Hoover, who denied Carr’s affirmations.”

Yet, the problem is that Hoover could be expected to lie about such an association and thus, his denial is meaningless.

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