Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Airline asks passengers to pee before boarding


The airline believes that empty bladders will equal lighter passengers, which will mean lighter aircraft and therefore a reduction in fuel use, Japan’s NHK television reports.

All Nippon Airways began the strange policy on October 1 as an experiment, which will last one month.

However, it may expand the trial if it’s successful and well-received by passengers.

It hopes to achieve a five-ton reduction in carbon emissions over the month.

This is really nonsense.

The most this could possibly result in is less than a couple hundred pounds or so of weight, not enough to make much of an impact on the efficiency of an airliner.

If it were simply for the sake of efficiency and cost savings, then whatever…. however, notice that “carbon emissions” crap in this article. Is anyone else getting absolutely sick of all this carbon emission nonsense?

These snot-nosed idiots who come up with the numbers of our individual and collective carbon emissions have us emitting carbon that weighs as much as the entire earth itself! Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself sometime. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is a necessary, vital ingredient to our atmosphere, and without it, there would be no plant life on the planet.

On another note, why isn’t there more discussion of charging airline passengers by the pound? Then all this talk of limiting checked baggage, etc., simply goes away.

Also the issue of a hugely obese person paying the same for essentially two seats as a skinny waif or young person. It isn’t right. The costs are actually determined by weight, why not the price of a ticket?


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