Tuesday, December 24, 2019

You Are All Liars! Rep. Devin Nunes Wipes the Floor with Hillary Clinton!


Trump knew how corrupt D.C. politicians are. That is why he decided to run for President. It’s like attacking a beehive. The Libs are pissed off and the Media is mad.

If nothing happens to these people it’s far worse than we thought.

Only taxpayers can save America – by refusing to fund the crimes of our employees. Our Constitution is our barrier between ourselves and the natural proclivity of people in power to abuse what we have given them and to enrich themselves while doing so – all at our expense. So save America people and put the power and wealth of America back in our own hands = stop paying taxes and stop the crimes.

Liars ? ….That doesn’t even begin to describe those involved in this ongoing TREASON. Put the Wall on Hold; BUILD THE GALLOWS !

wipe that deer in the headlights look off yo face, Mueller, and Merry Christmas chump.
Dems look mighty scared eh. They cant do jack about it either. KAG everyone

All held accountable should be held in jail and charged with defamation against the President and attempts of impeachment, coupe, treason and other crimes.

No matter how obvious the dirty dealings of the democratic party are, none of this will ever convince the dems that their party is corrupt. They continue to hate Trump and want the criminal Joe Biden as their president.

Hillary and the rest goons use mueller as bait. He looks like he’s ready to have a breakdown, he looks sad so so sad. They are terrible. I say he was a follower and they set his as up. Hillary also pay $750,000.00 to 2 females to attack and say trump rape them that how terrible she is setting up people to her advantage. She needs to be in Jail and Pelosi and Maxine too.

Trump is the only man for the job of draining the swamp! He is strong enough to take all the crap, he fights back harder x 10, he still keeps working for the people even for those that oppose him! He could have had a quiet life but he chose to save the country he loves from the demons that would destroy it! GOD BLESSED AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS POTUS AND FAMILY!! MERRY QMAS!!!



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