Tuesday, December 24, 2019

You All Deserve Jail Terms! Rep. Jim Jordan Goes Off on Hillary Clinton & Dumb Aides!



So many dirty politician’s! INSANE that this is not being reported by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!! What does that tell you?

Politicians are nothing more than a group of people that act and feel they are SUPERIOR to all other humans on EARTH !!!!


If all these demoncrats don’t wind up in federal prison or GITMO there is no equal justice in America!!! Time for accountability in America!!!

Oh boy this guy saying Clinton is protected is likely going to commit suicide very soon.

As long as there are no term limits for those in Congress it will just get worse. They need stop lifetime jobs , insider trading and paying for their homes, cars, medical ,travel , and parties. When the average American takes a job in another are they have to BUY their own home or rent. Cut off all the perks and PUBLISH ALL laws and bills they try to pass and WHO signs off on them.

I wish they wouldn’t click bait you by putting 20 minutes ago meaning posted 20 minutes ago. Not news, it’s only a couple of strokes to put posted 20 mins ago happened 2 years ago. Then they change their channel name and do the same BS Maybe 2 or 3 channels with differnt lead ins posting the same BS again and again.

If you all get a jail free card in this life, When you stand before Jesus, in the next, you will not. Seek Him now.

Just a lot of hot air….people have known the truth for literally YEARS now…and NO CONSEQUENCES….nor will there ever be. Sadly the political machine will roll on….

Why was not Lois Lerner prosecuted?????????? Why she’s even getting a pension??? Why the Clintons not prosecuted???????

He appreciates the questions. Isn’t answering them, but he appreciates the heck out of them. Second man isn’t mincing words re: Clinton “matter”. It is past time for the “matter” to MATTER.

This is why Trump is being impeached. The Dems are gonna sacrifice Hillary to get Trump. That’s the leverage they gonna use. Or the impeachment is keeping this out of the news.

CORRUPTION has been in charge and we thank Jordan for exposing THEM

The scary thing is what are the other democratic party’s around the world been up to the same type of criminal insane behaviors we’re they come first and the people second rigging all the voting machines so they are back in to run there trillion dollar money laundering scam’s maybe the swamp Monsters are lurking around other countries leaving a trail of mud and slime 🤔

Nothing is going to be done to hitlery and her buddies that shielded her – including obama the imposter But hey President Trump is so bad and did everything wrong -lets impeach him – what a load of crap!

The IRS guy is cocky and lies under oath, and he is the head and dont know what his department was up to? That means he Knowingly let conservatives be politically punished for supporting Trump!

No body walks away from this and no deal’s and no bounds absolutely no body is above the law almost 4 years of them trying every single thing that they can to impeach our great PATRIOT president who did absolutely nothing wrong they even crossed the line with all the attempts on his life they went after his family and even said ugly things about his son and they still are talking shit so whatever president TRUMP wants to do to all of them in completely fine with it I just know that I would be brutal with it TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I really hope charges is being brought on who ever committed the crimes like money laundering and fraud and abuse of power, cause if it’s someone else in a place of business they would go forward to bring charges. I’m serious. This is terrible and embarrassing. It has been going on for too freaken long. What’s really hard to believe, is that they stick charges on one of the easy target, to distract The crime that has been committed. I’m so glad everything has come out to the light. We want justice for We The People of America. A crime has been committed and we want them to go to Jail.

reports that came out later so we were looking at other things too, which is we created those reports to save our ass. And a minute prior to that he said they were under budgeted underfunded and understaffed so wait a minute either they didn’t have the ability to go look at everybody or they look at a whole bunch of people because they had the ability to do it this guy can’t keep his life straight because that’s all they do is lie you can look at this guy he’s been a professional boot looking liar is whole life

Sick man who never got tired of self aggrandizement and corruption. He played the game right straight to hell. His policies only led to pain and hopelessness on earth. So what are the chances that he’s resting in peace? ZERO. The WICKED only have hell to pay when they die. Elijah Cummings is in hell.

What a farce. The Dems are so unbelievably corrupt.
Only when these criminals are put forth before a firing squad will the stinking mess stop. Leave no stone unturned.



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