Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Massive UFO Recovered Intact with Occupants in Aztec NM, Major Cover-up, Latest

You hit the nail right on the head Rex…..Awesome job, in search of the TRUTH! I’m right on board with you with what I’ve studied! The little Grays are just A/I, who worked for the mothership, with low IQ’s.
The Nazi’s were more involved with the Dracos, who guided them with alien technology in the making of the glock and flying saucers! The little people seem like they were interdimentional, and were a peaceful species! Charleen Sampson
Got to love it when a Channel actually talks about different things, oppose to beating a dead horse (Roswell re told over n over 😂.) Keep up the great work, I love tuning in. This was a good one. Later man, u got my thumbs up 👍🏾SB

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