Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Breaking!! President Trump Announces Criminal Indictments! This Is Huge!



Could be shaping up to be a beautiful New Year. However, I won’t be satisfied till I see Obama, Hillary, Biden, Soros an a few other big names being hauled away in handcuffs and fitted for their prison orange jumpsuits.

Special Interest Money is not this countries Judicator. Congress is corrupt. Both sides.

Let’s pray guys for this country and the president. We are under attacks from great dark forces. Forces all around us and everywhere. Please, just believe and pray.

The Clintons and her cronies are above the law. Nothing will happen to them

Whips and leaders control our Congress by lobbyist money. Both sides. And that’s no way to legislate.

Sound like an early Christmas present for the American people…Heavens know we have been waiting for this for so long.God Bless our President and God bless America..

They have no business taking foreign money . Criminals 💯✅ this is want caused Americans to suffer so much.



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