Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Marry Teenage Daughter of Ex-Girlfriend: Report

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly considered marrying Celina Dubin, the young daughter of his ex-girlfriend and his business partner, while Celina was still a teen, according to Business Insider. Dubin is the daughter of former Miss Sweden Eva Andersson-Dubin—who dated Epstein for 11 years—and hedge-fund manager Glenn Dubin. As recently as 2014, the now-deceased financier told associates he would marry Celina if he ever decided to wed. At the time, Celina was 19 years old.

While Business Insider noted there was no evidence of a physical relationship between Epstein and Celina, the accused sex trafficker wanted Celina to inherit his fortune and marriage would have allowed him to avoid inheritance taxes.

Epstein reportedly put Celina as a beneficiary of a trust in 2014, but removed her in 2015. It’s unknown how much was in the trust at the time but a source told the website it was worth $50 million in 2019. Celina is now a 24-year-old medical school student who graduated Harvard in 2017.

Epstein—whom Andersson-Dubin once described as Celina's “godfather”—also reportedly told friends that he was at the hospital during Celina's birth and that the girl, who called him “Uncle Jeff,” was “the only one who never failed him.”

The Dubins denied knowing about the trust, and a family spokesperson said Eva and Celina Dubin accepted “less than a handful of invitations to gatherings” that included Epstein.

“The Dubins are horrified by Jeffrey Epstein's despicable conduct. Had they been aware of it, they would have cut off all ties instantly,” the spokesperson said. Meanwhile, Glenn Dubin has been accused in court documents of having sex with one of Epstein's victims, and the couple allegedly employed as a nanny an underage girl whom Epstein had solicited for sex on his private island. The Dubins have denied all allegations against them.


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