Tuesday, December 17, 2019

After First Democrat Switches Parties Over Impeachment, More Dominoes Come Crashing Down! Great Video


The ones abandoning are only trying to save their career..not because they like Trump .Just trying to save their own skin,and their selfishness.

They are getting scared now Switching partys because they know the demonrats are going down the drain LMAO

The Democrats as they were once are gone and by letting stupidity take over the party has destroyed it, and made many multiple generations of us change to the Republican Party I know I have and so has all my kids, grandkids

high life acting like low life..isnt that nice,,power tripping gone bad ,,go trump

the question is are they leaveing the democrat party or are they just trying to claim they are and still vote for democratic views

I am sure Nancy and the Left crazy’s are making serious threats to anyone leaving or not voting with them.

This is your captain.speaking abandon ship.it’s about to sunk

Do none of these people know clinton made a treaty with ukraine to share info about people we needed to know about. WHY HASN”T THIS BEEN RECOGNIZED ????

We’re still waiting to see what out Democratic representative from New Mexico will do. She hasn’t made it clear yet it she’s going to go a long with this impeachment sham. Many of us are waiting and watching, she promised a lot during her campaign. But if she doesn’t follow through, we’re ready to vote her out,!!

That’s right they stick together and now they are leaving the Demonrat party. I don’t believe that they are. (really? leaving their party and joining the Republican Party) I believe they are infiltrating the Republican Party Just an after thought After all fraud is fraud no matter which way it turns, keep a watchful eye on this switch over.

Perhaps committing Treason is one step to far for some. Watching members of their party do and say what they do, would make any real american sick.



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