Saturday, August 24, 2019

Wikileaks death: Dutch hacking expert 'had kayaking accident'

Arjen Kamphuis disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the Norwegian Fjords and his body has never been found. Police now say he most likely died in an accident and his remains are lost at sea.

Norwegian police said on Friday they have ended a year-long probe into the disappearance of a Dutch cybersecurity expert, concluding he "most likely" died in an accident.

Arjen Kamphuis was last seen on August 20, 2018, when checking out from a hotel in Bodoe, just north of the Arctic Circle. A few days later, a kayak with a hole in the hull and an oar were found on the shore of the fjord, as well as some other personal items.

Those circumstances and his work, which involved advising governments, firms, journalists and activists groups on how to prevent hacking attacks, fueled speculation of possible foul play.


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