Monday, August 12, 2019

Robert David Steele: Epstein Not Dead, on His Way to Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

I’m being bombarded with interesting "Conspiracy Theories" about what actually happened this morning to Jeffie boy Epstein……..hours later, Facebook & Twitter exploded with "Conspiracy Theories," which justifies the ‘Phoenix FBI Report’ that ONLY Right Wing Extremists are spreading "Conspiracy Theories" and is an "act of domestic terrorism." So…..a majority of Americans are now "domestic terrorists," interesting….wouldn’t ya say FBI ? How convenient was the FBI report a week ago and today Epstein is either dead or alive ?

I cannot feasibly copy/paste the different emails pointing to specific facts about how Epstein is NOT likely dead and the various ways it could have been arranged, contrary to the [again] "official story" that fakestream media states in unison with ONE SCRIPT NARRATIVE for all to read and consume as "good citizens" should, "he hanged himself, no guards saw anything" and since he was dead, why bother pounding his chest all the way to the hospital?

Bullsh*t again like WTC 7 (not struck by a jet) fell in it’s own footprint in less than 7 seconds as a result of "flying computers and burning furniture from the other towers."

This Epstein [cover-up] is HUGE and as important as 9/11……because Epstein [is] the "Keystone" that could embarrass and/or implicate extremely powerful people around the world, let alone….cause foreign relations with other countries to suffer, including the exposure of how the Israeli Deep State via their intelligence service [MOSSAD] have colluded together with [our] CIA and MI-6 to effectively control various world governments, instigate wars, manipulate the Federal Reserve, the World Banking System, trade agreements, and anything you can imagine through BLACKMAIL tactics used by Mossad’s Jeffery Epstein’s child /sex worldwide trafficking and his network of associates facing indictments soon.

Our friend, former CIA whisteblower Robert David Steele asked me to post his latest comments on tonight’s eBlast for you to understand (see below). Robert knows the right people to justify his report.

MOSSAD wanted their boy back, and how that was accomplished from that prison (in my professional opinion) was an EASY operation at 4am.

The next question I am putting forth to X22, SGT Report, Dave Janda, Lisa Haven, etc…..use your sources to determine / research every private jet leaving the New York area early Saturday morning on this date, August 10th, 2019 with the primary (final) destination to Tel Aviv or any country or location where CIA [Black Sites] exist, but more importantly, check the registration of all private (long range) jets heading east and who owns those jets. For instance…..if the jet is registered to any government agency BINGO, but if they were smart, they could have placed him in a cargo igloo on a cargo jet heading to wherever. The crew would never know….

Before 9/11 when I flew for Gemini Air Cargo, as a First Officer on the DC-10, I often witnessed extra passengers a.k.a. cargo security personnel we carried, go back and forth to a cargo igloo and thought nothing of it. Years later, I learned that Gemini, owned by the Carlyle Group (GHWB Board of Directors and employer of Edward Snowden via the sub-level affiliated company Booz Allen Hamilton)….Gemini had contracts with the State Department (and the CIA), involved with using our flights as rendition flights to move al Qaida terrorists from one location to another where CIA Black Sites exist[ed] at the time…..mostly to Dubai (IMO).

Patriots are aware and awake, stating this Epstein event appears to be another false flag. There is no way Mossad (or the CIA) would allow Epstein to begin bringing down the world’s most important power players in the Deep State, therefore, it is highly probable the perp is actually dead, but not from suicide….or they are grateful for his years of blackmailing and are giving him a new face lift and name change.

Time will tell and we will eventually know……

For those reporting "the Epstein case against the most powerful is now history," not quite ! Conspiracy to facilitate blackmailing of government Prime Ministers, Presidents, etc let alone facilitating the trafficking and enslavement of children for sex and [death] #Pizzagate will be adjudicated. Watch the 5 min special report video from SGT REPORT.

—Dave Bertrand

Robert Steele: Epstein Not Dead, On His Way To Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51?:

OPTION A: Epstein will be taken to a plastic surgery center in Switzerland run by Khazarians to have some work done on his ears, teeth and face. Wexler ran the op and Ghislain was his handler. This is a MEGA run op, one of many. Research MEGA and you will understand. Since MEGA has total control over US LE, the USDOJ, and the CIA and FBI, no real investigation will ever occur.




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Robert David Steele: Epstein Not Dead, on His Way to Israel? Or Now in the Presidential Suite in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) at Area 51? - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

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