Sunday, August 25, 2019

5G Kills Bees Now, Will Sterilize Entire USA for Chinese!

5G is killing bees now!  See the proof in the video above.

I’ve already decided that I will never own a 5G capable phone.  It’s my line in the sand since we now know from the following interview that Eric Schmidt did a deal with the Chinese where the 5G would be used to sterilize everybody in the USA and then the Chinese would send in his indestructible Atlas robots to take our guns.  This plan has NOT been stopped by Trump.

There is no “good” version of 5G!   I urge all patriots to let their carriers know that they won’t be buying any 5G phone or paying for any 5G services.  If you buy a 5G phone and don’t warn others, you’re the reason we keep getting abused by these demons!    If you’re not willing to go without 5G then just join the Illuminati!


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