Thursday, August 15, 2019

Epstein Judge & NYPD Cop Died as Markets Plummet

The Epstein Distraction is working

Rather than focusing on the coming Depression we are all looking at the latest “Tid Bits” surrounding Jeffery Epstein

Consider that the evidence has been in the hands of the DOJ of over 10 years – or 2,0000 Working Days – Yet NO Arrests - NONE -  ZERO - GOOSE EGGS

VIDEO:::  Epstein Judge & Cop Found Dead As Dow Down 700 Points – YouTube

There is another Pedophile Island on an Island just north of Cuba and one in Sumatra




Chimp said...

Epstein autopsy shows he may have been murdered

Keep in mind, when reading the following article via Zero Hedge that the corpse the mainstream media is claiming to be Jeffrey Epstein’s is actually not Epstein’s body. The MSM wants you to believe that he was somehow murdered, possibly by the Clinton’s or someone powerful who was involved with the 66-year-old sex trafficker but the reality is that Epstein is still alive.

No suicide in 21 years and suddenly they have the most incompetent night in the universe with the most high profile prisoner in the nation

I am going through all of the Epstein files and highlighting the important information. Here are my findings on the first 300 pages I went through today

Epstein Judge & NYPD Cop Died as Markets Plummet

Chimp said...

Bill Clinton Blue Dress and Red Shoes... Member of Red Shoe Pedovore Club???

Deep State Kill Teams Involved In Recent Mass Shootings ?