Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Suspected El Paso Walmart shooter’s appearance gets ‘darker’ in mainstream media posts. Same individual? PSYOP?

Mainstream media psychological operations appear to be working in full force as Operation Mockingbird comes to a head: Gun control on the way.

EL PASO, Tex. — Shockingly, yet to no surprise, several pictures of the suspected Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius published by the New York Post in two separate reports show stark differences raising questions concerning the validity of such mainstream reports following last Saturday’s shooting which left 20 dead an dozens injured.

The first report published by the New York Post on August 4 titled El Paso Walmart shooting suspect Patrick Crusius charged with capital murder shows a picture of the alleged shooter Patrick Crusius sourced from Facebook.

Via the New York Post:


Screenshot via New York Post

The alleged shooter has a pale complexion as seen in the photo above.

However, in a second New York Post report dated Aug 4 titled Prosecutors will seek death penalty for El Paso shooting suspect Patrick Crusius the alleged shooter also identified as Patrick Crusius appears to have a much darker complexion and a different facial structure an appearance altogether as seen in the screenshot below.


Screenshot via New York Post


Can somebody please explain what is going on here?

Additionally, related intel reveals eyewitness to the Walmart shooting was given "orders" to "delete everything."


Screenshot via @broglennn/Twitter

Send this to you state representatives and spread this vital information far and wide.



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