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REPOST: Who Killed Seth Rich? The Democrats!

As many of you know my Team has been working almost two years on the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. We have uncovered more than any group in America in this investigation. This is a thread and rundown of our findings to date. With some theories added at the end.
Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party (DNC)

 He was shot in murdered in the early hours of Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016.

 Many, including our team believe he was the Wikileaks Source.

 All evidence points to this.
Seth Rich according to reports was at Lou's City Bar on Irving Street in Washington, D.C. before he was shot and killed walking home. We'll tell you exactly what we know in this thread, where he was, where he went, and all data we can release at this time. #SethRich
According to Joe Capone, the General Manager of Lou's City Bar Seth Rich was at the bar that night, and left around 1:30 AM in the morning hours.

 According to Capone, he was headed somewhere else that night, but didn't say where. #SethRich
Joe Capone stated that he offered Seth Rich a cab ride home.

 Capone also states that he told Seth that he could hang round, and Capone would take him home when they were finished closing the bar down.

 He claims that Seth declined all of those offers that night. #SethRich
In a September 2016 Crime Watch TV Show Interview, Capone stated that he was at the bar the night that Seth Rich was murdered, and he gave the story above as he recalled it. This is where Capone's story changes dramatically.. Fast Forward to 2017 and the spring.. #SethRich
Capone months later on under cover video and audio would tell multiple people that he was in fact not even at the bar the night that Seth Rich was murdered.

 He claims now he was on vacation in Virginia with his family..

 That's a hell of a conflicting story now isn't it?
According to our Licensed Private Investigators, Homicide Detectives, LEO's, Former Agents, and Military Intel folks on our team, Joe Capone is now a person of interest.

 What do you call someone who lies in a murder investigation? A person of interest.
There were rumors that Seth Rich had went to the Wonderland Ballroom the night that he was murdered. For quite some time we had wondered if this was true.

 In the last month America First Media has confirmed that Seth Rich did indeed go to The Wonderland Ballroom that night.
America First Media Group can also confirm that Seth Rich went to a nearby McDonald's after leaving The Wonderland Ballroom. We have requested security video, and have now sent letters not allowing them to destroy video or evidence from that night. #SethRich
If Seth Rich went to his Girlfriends house, it was about a 1.8 Mile walk to his home. It's highly likely he could of been in that area, because she only lived 2 blocks from The Wonderland Ballroom

 According to the GM of the Wonderland Ballroom, Seth was a regular
We are not revealing the McDonald's that he went to at this time because we have a Evidence Preservation Letter out to the Restaurant. As we can reveal more we will. This is all part of running a proper investigation.
If Seth Rich had of walked home from Lou's City Bar, it would have been about a 1.7 Mile walk.

 The best route to take would have been walking right by MedStar Hospital as well.

 We walked it during the day, and late at night.
In late June of 2017 America First Media after talking to family members of Seth Rich would uncover that he and girlfriend Kelsey Mulka were in fact broken up at the time of the murder.

 We have text messages, and email documents to prove this, but will not dox his family.
Which brings the question, why was she at the press conferences following the murder?

 It's always been an interesting scenario and a question mark in our investigations. We're continuing to work this side of the case as well.
CIC-Shotspotter, a high powered program in major metropolitan areas alerted police to the shooting. At approximately 4:19 AM shot spotter picked up gun shots.

 Police arrived at southwest corner of Flagler Place and W Street Northwest in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. #SethRich
According to the initial police report, Seth Rich was shot in the back and had multiple gun shot wounds to the back... We'll elaborate more on this later.
America First Media Group in July of 2017 would speak to the Chief Medical Examiner in Washington, D.C. who did the actual autopsy on Seth Rich. His office would send us this brief and short email to Bill Pierce, Licensed Private Investigator on our team. #SethRich

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