Saturday, May 18, 2019

New Zealand Police are Now Making Personal Visits to People’s Homes that Oppose Certain Views

Supposedly this guy made Anti-Socialism comments on his Facebook and then the NZ Police paid him a visit to discuss this with him, but wouldn’t agree to discussing while on camera. Looks like the precursor to Orwellian Thought Policing live and direct.
Scary times folks


Unknown said...

Hey New Zealand thought police.... why don't you come to my home in North Carolina and see how far your thought policing gets. We don't cotton to folk telling other folk how or what to think.
Dr. RW, clinical neuropsychologist

BlueyBlogger said...

Simple act of making a 'Claim of the Live-Life' treaty document, after learning the process, will keep EVERYBODY away from you.

Go learn, then read it and weep, knowing you CAN take charge of your life.

A Fiction entity CANNOT touch a FACT, so, Become a FACT. Police will never touch you, or bother you.

Scotoz said...

Port Arthur in Australia and now Christchurch. Result draconian gun laws and thought police as well as Arden drumming up crushing free speech across the globe. Arrange how brave men and women who blow the whistle are silenced in so called free countries. Wake up and take our countries back from these globalist scum.