Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Clapper: “We Don’t Need Another Investigation of Investigators…Barr Should Wait for IG Report”

James Clapper, in an interview with John Berman on CNN, was asked about the attorney general appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham for the job to investigate how the “FBI Russia Investigation started”.

“You’re going to have to stand in line and take a number to do an investigation of the investigators” said Clapper.

“There is a substantial investigation, which as I understand it, is nearing completion, being conducted by the Justice Department Inspector General,” Clapper said. “I’d wait for the outcome of that to determine if there needs to be more investigations.”




skidder said...

Both Clapper and Brennan are up to their eyeballs in operation "Hammer" where they spied on Trump, millions of americans, 159 article 3 judges, Chief Justice Roberts and dozens of politicians.
Dennis Montgomery gave over 600 Million documents proving this charge to Comey back in 2015, prior to Comey testifying to congress that Trump had no proof that Obama spied on him, which is perjury.
Brennan, Clapper and Comey will be among the first sent to prison.

Dave Diesel said...

Clapper and company are Traitors within, The worst kind and the most difficult
to get rid of as their cancer spreads to every part of the government and
becomes the government it self along with control of Tv news.
It is doubtful the country or Trump will survive them.
They are also servants of israel and the cia.