Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mad Maxine At It Again! Says Trump Impeachment ‘Is Inevitable’ – And His Immigration Plan Is Racist

Democrats say the darndest things and California Rep. Maxine Waters is usually the star of the show.

While appearing on CNN on Friday, Mad Max said that President Trump’s “impeachment is inevitable.”

From Breitbart:
Waters said, “If we look at Mueller’s report and see where he clearly defines that he’s obstructed justice, people will increasingly come to the conclusion that impeachment is inevitable. This president has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment and the Constitution basically gives us the power to deal with someone who has not acted in the best interest of this country. Who is unfit to be president. So I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi is moving closer, but I suspect the information is becoming overwhelming.”

About Trump’s immigration plan being racist – via Newsmax:

President Donald Trump is using immigration reform to “promote himself in a campaign” and that comes off as “very racist” to Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

“There should be comprehensive immigration reform and not immigration reform based on exciting and inciting those people who have negative thoughts about others coming across our border, and basically working to use that information to promote himself in a campaign,” Waters told CNN’s “New Day” host John Berman on Friday. “And I think some of that is very racist.

Not only has Waters already claimed that supporters of POTUS Trump are “unpatriotic,” but now she’s doubling down.

Where’s the logic?


I received some criticism b/c I said Repubs supporting Trump -after his crimes & work w/ Russians – are unpatriotic. Yes I said it! How can you know the enemy Russia is undermining our democracy & say & do nothing? If you don’t care, I do. We must impeach Putin’s president Trump!

From American Mirror:

The tweet came a few days after Waters dismissed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s detailed report that found no evidence of collusion during an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sunday, when she offered posts on her social media pages as evidence the career investigator got it all wrong.

“We dubbed them the ‘Kremlin Klan,’” Waters told host Joy Reid, referring to the “allies and the people who were connected with him and with Putin and the Kremlin and with the oligarchs of Russia.”

“The Kremlin Klan as identified as been on my Face page, on Tweeter for almost two years!” the 79-year-old exclaimed.

President Trump is an “expert criminal,” according to Waters.
From American Mirror:

During an interview Friday night on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes, Waters discussed the Democrats’ latest push to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

After suggesting that the president still may be compromised by a foreign entity, Waters called the president “an expert criminal who knows how to do everything possible to protect himself.”

Waters noted, “Well, first of all, it has been stated over and over again that so many other presidents released their tax returns, that everybody expects that the president of the United States would follow suit, and he would release his returns. He’s lied. He said that they’re under audit. He never intended to release them.

She added, “He is not going to release them until we make him, until we force him to do it. He thinks now, that if he goes to court, if he ties it up in court, if he makes it go on long enough, that he’ll get to the Supreme Court, he thinks he owns enough votes in the Supreme Court in order to be protected.

This president is an expert criminal who knows how to do everything possible to protect himself. And all of those people who get in the way, who happen to be hired by government, will be fired. He attacks any government official who denies him what he wants to have.


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