Thursday, November 7, 2013

Man sues cops for forceful anal probe (VIDEO)

In January, New Mexico police pulled David Eckert over and asked him to get out of his car for a routine traffic stop after he failed to yield to a stop sign. But what happened next was anything but routine.

Police decided Eckert was standing in a suspicious manner - namely "clinching his buttocks" and got a search warrant for his anal cavity.

Without his consent, doctors performed anal proves on Eckert, gave him three enemas, forced him to defecate in front of them while they searched his stool and even sedated him and perform a colonoscopy, court and medical records show.

Despite the invasive and exhaustive search, the doctors didn't find any drugs. Eckert is now suing the Deming Police Department. RT's Meghan Lopez speaks with Eckert's lawyer Joseph Kennedy about the lawsuit.

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