Saturday, November 30, 2013

CNN accused of censorship - CNN denies it (VIDEO)

Journalism professor believes CNN censored story to change meaning of interview (VIDEO)

Since Time Warner take over of CNN reporting has become sloppy believing it's been done on purpose (VIDEO)

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations claims that CNN censored his interview with Christiane Amanpour. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin says the news network made significant cuts to the lengthy interview that aired Tuesday night.

The interview that aired cut out most of his comments on the situation in Syria, Churkin said. "The Amanpour team conducted a lengthy interview, making it clear that it was taped and would be cut down for length and time on-air. This is normal practice for taped interviews.

We would never do anything to an interview that would alter its meaning," CNN said in a statement. RT's Meghan Lopez talks with Georgetown journalism professor Chris Chambers about the controversy, and whether or not the controversy will help the network's flagging ratings.

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