Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CIA trained Guantanamo detainees to be double agents (VIDEO)

The CIA once ran a secretive program called "Penny Lane" at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba, according to an Associated Press report.

Penny Lane referred to a special detention facility with the sole focus of turning Al-Qaeda connected detainees into double agents for the US.

Once trained by the CIA, the operatives were returned to their home countries and told to infiltrate terrorist groups to help the US capture and kill Al-Qaeda operatives.

The CIA believed it was an acceptable risk that the operatives might renege on the deal, the AP report said.

It went on to note, "At the same time the government used the risk of terrorism to justify imprisoning people indefinitely, it was releasing dangerous people from prison to work for the CIA."

RT's Ameera David gets some perspective on the program from Col. Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor at Gitmo.

CIA reveals it turned Gitmo prisoners into double agents in exchange for millions of dollars cash, the promise of safety for their families and PORN

  • Prisoners were put on the CIA payroll and sent back to their home countries to help kill terrorists

  • The CIA used a top secret payment system codenamed Pledge to pay out millions to the former prisoners
  • The newly uncovered program was carried out at a secret facility at Guantanamo known as Penny Lane

  • Officials revealed that Penny Lane double agents helped kill some of Al Quaeda's top operatives, but the CIA lost touch with others

  • The program ended in 2006 (???)

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