Sunday, November 24, 2013

Marijuana: The Medical Miracle (VIDEO)

Published on Nov 22, 2013 
BOSTON | Proponents of marijuana legalization are promoting new studies showing the drug may prevent or cure a number of diseases. Some of these even include forms of cancer.

Some research supports the idea that marijuana may help treat asthma, along with other diseases.

Critics of medical marijuana claim there are no proven health benefits from the plant. The Federal Government has made it nearly impossible to study the possible benefits of cannabis in the United States. Studies conducted in several other countries, however, show significant effect on a number of disorders.

A measure requiring the labeling of GMO foods also recently failed in Washington state and California. Both Proposition 37 in California and Prop 522 in Washington were defeated.

Both bills also faced significant opposition from political groups. In all, opponents of the measures spent $22 million defeating the plans.

Robert Scott Bell is an investigative journalist. He is host of his own radio show, The Robert Scott Bell Show.

On his program, he features stories about health freedom. Corporate and government organizations limiting health freedom are frequently exposed during the show.


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