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Fifty Years Ago There Was A Coup d'état In The USA AND NO ONE NOTICED!!!


STREAMING RADIO:  Michael Rivero (WHAT REALLY HAPPENED)  on JFK on The Power Hour this morning.

Video: Dallas Police Threaten Those Who Carry Protest Signs With Arrest

The Death Of John Kennedy - The Media helped sell the lie of the lone assassin.


I never really looked at the photos in that POST. There was no need to. We all knew what had happened in Dallas, or at least we thought we did, having been so informed by the media and our government.

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New photos added, including high-res Altgens photos and a picture of Billy Lovelady taken in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination, proving he could not be the "looks just like Oswald" man in the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository seen in the Altgens photo!

Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream … 50 Years After Assassination

Laurent Guyénot | Who killed Kennedy: CIA, LBJ, or the Truly “Unspeakable”?

Anybody following closely the recent developments in JFK research cannot fail to notice that there are basically two kinds of books on Kennedy’s assassination. I am only talking of books seriously engaged in the pursuit of truth, not those defending the Warren Commission cover-up.

On the one side are books blaming a faction within the Military-Intelligence complex, the most recent and authoritative being: JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He died and Why it Matters, and Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, etc.

 On the other side are books blaming Lyndon Johnson, represented recently by LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination, and LBJ and the Kennedy Killing, by Assassination Eyewitness, etc.

I will contend that these two trails of investigation, if coherently connected, do complement each other, but not quite as two halves of the truth; rather as two thirds of the truth. The remaining third piece of the puzzle is the really “Unspeakable”.

Gerald Ford forced to admit the Warren Report fictionalized

Thirty-three years ago, Gerald R. Ford took pen in hand and changed - ever so slightly - the Warren Commission's key sentence on the place where a bullet entered John F. Kennedy's body when he was killed in Dallas.

The effect of Ford's change was to strengthen the commission's conclusion that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and severely wounded Texas Gov. John Connally - a crucial element in its finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.

A small change, said Ford on Wednesday when it came to light, one intended to clarify meaning, not alter history.
''My changes had nothing to do with a conspiracy theory,'' he said in a telephone interview from Beaver Creek, Colo. ''My changes were only an attempt to be more precise.''

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When you move the reported location of a bullet wound, that makes it LESS precise. Clarity means leaving the facts as they are. Yes, Ford did alter history by moving the location of that bullet wound form the back to the base of the neck to get it to line up with the "Magic Bullet" theory.

Stabilized Footage of JFK Assassination Shows Car Slowed Down Before Head Shot

When it’s bouncing around and playing back at a jittery 18 frames per second, the infamous Zapruder footage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination feels almost unreal. But when it’s stabilized with additional interpolated frames bringing it to a steady 30 frames per second (like we’re used to seeing on TV) it suddenly becomes much more real.

The Death Of John Kennedy - Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment.

Nixon resigned over an obstruction of justice charge (with some of the legal groundwork prepared by a young Hillary Rodham). Nixon resigned gracefully, the media declared the incident over and Gerald Ford declared that it was time to "put the whole affair behind us and move forward". This was done because the last thing anyone wanted in Washington D.C. was an impeachment trial. Even Nixon's worst enemies dared not allow it. The reasoning was simple. Sooner or later, someone would ask the following question.

"Why, when Nixon's re-election was a study in foregone conclusions, was it necessary to break into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate?"

The answer to that question, never asked by politician, never asked by a servile media, was THE dark secret that could not be revealed; the secret that would have brought down the entire government!

KENNEDY ASSASSINATION - Jack Ruby worked for Richard Nixon!


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We are weeks away from the 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination, and already we are seeing a flood of corporate media bovine excrement coming out to support the official "lone nut" Warren Report story, and declaring any who dare question that official narrative to be a wild-eyed kook conspiracy nutcase who should be reviled and shunned by all loyal Americans and bitten by their dogs! Thankfully, I am now too old to care what anybody thinks of me, so I am going to start ramping up posts about the assassination and the cover-up, especially the links to Kennedy's Executive Order 11110, and the presence of banker John J. McCloy on the Warren Commission itself.

Dan Rather's account from November 25, 1963  (VIDEO)

Dan Rather, at the time an unknown newscaster from a small market Texas TV station, viewed the Zapruder film, then described it to America on the CBS network.  As this recording of that broadcast shows, Rather lied to all of America in claiming that the head shot pushed John F. Kennedy's head forward.  Rather makes the claim that Kennedy's head "rocketed forward" at 2:15 in the above video. He also makes a point of saying there were only three shots in total. Rather's meteoric rise to network status and stardom soon followed this broadcast.

When the Zapruder film was finally shown publicly, during Jim Garrison's trial of CIA agent Clay Shaw, Rather's lie was revealed for all to see.


Reversed! Key claim to Warren Commission flipped


Fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Marina Oswald, the wife of the alleged sole assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is making a claim different from what she told the Warren Commission.

Marina Oswald now insists that her husband was innocent of killing the president, a fundamental change of mind from her testimony to the Warren Commission in 1964 in which she said she believed her husband was guilty of both the JFK assassination and an attempt on the life of right-wing firebrand Gen. Edwin Walker.

Researchers demand sealed files about JFK assassination be made public on eve of fiftieth anniversary


 JFK: A Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Everything you wanted to know about the JFK assassination in under 5 minutes. The Warren Commission: connecting the dots so you don't have to!

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