Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Finally Admits It (VIDEO)

"Toronto mayor Rob Ford admitted on Tuesday that he had smoked crack cocaine "about a year ago", probably in a "drunken stupor".

Allegations over his drug use have swirled around Ford for months amid rumours of the existence of a video that showed him smoking crack.

He previously denied such a video existed, but Toronto police last week said they had recovered the video...".

Great video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitting to LOVING crack cocaine  (FUNNY VIDEO)

Howard Stern talks Rob Ford   (VIDEO)

Add satellite radio shock jock Howard Stern to the growing list of major entertainers who have weighed in on the video scandal encircling Toronto's mayor.

Stern and longtime sidekick Robin Quivers riffed on audio clips of Rob Ford as they devoted a few minutes to the topic on Monday's edition of "The Howard Stern Show" on SiriusXM.

"This Toronto mayor is the best," Stern said before playing a recording of the mayor angrily screaming at journalists to get off his property outside his Etobicoke home last Thursday.

Toronto Crack Mayor Rob Ford - Daily Show - November 4, 2013 (VIDEO)

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