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WHITE HOUSE ADMITS THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE: 'Common-sense test' holds Assad responsible

Obama proof Asaad used chemical weapons is "Common Sense"?

So now the White House admits they don't have actual evidence against Assad. All they have is evidence of an attack (which nobody disputes).  The White House, urged by Israel, is saying it is just "common sense" that Assad did it.   Of course, "common sense" make for poor policy.

"Common sense" once said witches had to be burned.

"Common sense" once said slavery was acceptable.
In the case of the Syrian gas attack, Common Sense in fact points in a different direction.

Does it make any sense that Assad would allow UN chemical weapons inspectors into Syria and on the very day they arrive unleash a chemical weapons attack, not against the leadership of the hired mercenaries trying to oust Assad, but against women, children, and some of Assad's own soldiers, right in front of those inspectors?

Of course it doesn't. It makes no sense at all. Assad is winning the war against the covert coup d'├ętat using conventional weapons.

He has no need to use chemical weapons. And knowing that the US has been straining for an excuse to invade, Assad has every reason NOT to use such weapons.

What is missing from the official US "Common sense" story is a MOTIVE for Assad to carry out the attack. There is no military purpose to gassing women, children, and his own soldiers. And certainly Assad would have nothing to gain politically from such an attack. Common Sense says Assad didn't do it.

Last January, leaked emails from a British Defense cont5ractor, Britam, revealed there was already a plan, approved by the Obama White House, to give chemical weapons to the hired mercenaries to use on civilians, to blame Assad. Last March, when there was a chemical weapon attack against civilians in Syria, the White House claimed it was Assad until the United Nations inspectors confirmed it was the rebels.

Common sense tells us that this latest attack is just more o the same; the carrying out of the plan leaked from Britam. Common sense tells us that if the White House was wrong last spring, it is wrong again today.

Dozens of videos on YouTube show the hired mercenaries deploying chemical weapons, Turkey has caught the hired mercenaries with chemical weapons.

The victims of the chemical attack say it was the hired mercenaries. Even the hired mercenaries are saying it was the hired mercenaries.

There is no common sense at all in the White House claim that Assad carried out this attack.

There is only the list for war and the necessity to push forward into a global war as a distraction from the coming economic crash.

Why? Because it worked twice before! Crash of 1907, WW1. Crash of 1929, WW2. Crash of 2008. Common sense tells us the same bloody fix for the failed financial experiment called private central banking is being tried a third time. It is important to recall that prior to the creation of the federal Reserve, there was no such thing as a world war. Common sense tells us that is not a coincidence.

In 1898, President William McKinley lied when he claimed the Spanish had sunk the USS main in Havana Harbor, to trick America into war with Spain. Both the Captain of the Maine and later an investigation by admiral Hyman G. Rickover confirmed the ship had been lost to an on-board fire.

In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson lied when he claimed the Germans had attacked and sunk an innocent civilian passenger ship, the Lusitania, to trick America into WW1. Germany claimed Lusitania was carrying arms and was therefore a legitimate target of war. In 2008, divers entered the hold of the Lusitania and found military cargo.

In 1964, President Johnson lied when he claimed North Vietnam had launched torpedoes against the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin on august 4, 1964. The initial report of torpedoes was a mistake, instantly rescinded by the Captain of the Maddox, but John used that report to trick Congress into escalating the Vietnam war.

In 2003, President Bush lied when he claimed Saddam Hussein possessed nuclear weapons to trick America into war against Iraq. None were ever found, and the "Yellow Cake" documents, referred to by Bush in his 2003 State of the Union, were later exposed as forgeries by former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, which led to the Valerie Plame scandal.

In short, the United States has a long history of lying to trick the American people into wars. Isn't it common sense that the story about Assad is just more of the same?

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