Sunday, September 29, 2013

The NSA has been creating maps of American citizens similar to how the FBI links organized crime families together



  • The NSA has been mapping American citizens' social networks since 2010

  • The mapping efforts include the gathering of phone, email, Facebook, travel, banking and other records

  • At one point, one mobile phone operator was providing the agency with over 1billion phone records per day

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Comment from Michael Rivero ( )

This has "Boondoggle" written all over it for a wide variety of reasons. Setting aside the blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, this data sweep is producing vast amounts of total garbage.

First off, people (especially politicians) love to brag about how many Facebook friends they have, and just add them willy-nilly as the requests come in.

Being somewhat prominent in the independent media, I just automatically click "connect" without even reading the names. and I certainly do not know these people or associate with them.

There is no way to discern my true friends whom I do associate with from that Facebook friends list.

Second, people often lie on social media, especially if they are single and trying to find a hot date. So as a whole, social media is unreliable as a source of raw intelligence.

Finally, as any IT expert or mathematician will tell you, new information is linearly additive, but the correlation of all information is an unlimited expansion. Collecting all the social media and phone calls and texts on all 330 million Americans presents an unsolvable problem for the NSA.

They simply do not have the manpower to evaluate all that mass of data, and as mentioned above, the vast majority of that data is worthless junk.

That may be why a recent episode of South Park lampooned the NSA by suggesting they had kidnapped Santa Clause and were relying on him to tell them who is naughty or nice. And, the failure of NSA to thwart either the Boston bombing or the Nairobi attack proves the system does not work as described.

One more terror attack, of any scale, anywhere in America will hammer that point home to an already skeptical American people.

Unbelievably Massive New NSA Revelation In Tomorrow's New York Times—Explained In 2 Minutes  (VIDEO)

Unbelievably Massive New NSA Revelation In Tomorrow's New York Times  (VIDEO)

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